Robert Saleh on trade deadline: We’re not looking for a fire sale

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The Jets made a trade with the Eagles this week in order to bring veteran quarterback Joe Flacco back to the team and most would expect them to be the sellers in any other trades they make this season.

At 1-5 with a rookie quarterback recovering from a knee injury, the Jets are unlikely to make a charge up the standings to compete for a playoff spot this season. That could make dealing players for draft picks an appealing option and head coach Robert Saleh was asked on Wednesday how he and General Manager Joe Douglas are approaching the deadline.

Saleh didn’t rule anything out, but said that the team isn’t in a rush to ship players out before Tuesday’s deadline.

“I’m in complete lockstep with Joe with regards to making every decision that we need to make that’s in the best interest of this organization and the future of it and the direction we’re trying to go,” Saleh said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “So, if it’s something that will help us, great. If it’s not, great. Forcing things is not Joe’s forte, he is very deliberate, he communicates with us all the time. So, I love the way he goes about his business and I love his process. But I’m with Joe. If it’s something that’s going to help us, awesome. But I also know we’re not looking for a fire sale either.”

The Jets’ record is reflective of their talent, so there aren’t a ton of players who are likely to be coveted by others. Safety Marcus Maye, who is playing out this season on a franchise tag, may be one exception and we’ll know in a few days if the Jets decide to do anything.

5 responses to “Robert Saleh on trade deadline: We’re not looking for a fire sale

  1. A prerequisite to having a fire sale is having assets worth selling. So no, the Jets will not be having a fire sale.

  2. Trade Maye and Crowder and give the other players more playing time.
    Get some assets because both will be gone after the season.
    Even if The replacements aren’t as good it will help the team in the long run getting additional assets and giving potential young players for playing time.

  3. rickfol says:
    October 28, 2021 at 10:37 am
    From coaches to the qb, they are in over their heads
    Actually, from GM to coaches to the QB, they are in over their heads. I’d include the owner, but why acknowledge he exists?

    Trade Crowder and Maye. Fire Lafleur. Play Mims. Saleh needs to show some ability to coach this season. He has not yet. If team was not so cheap, I would say he might be gone at season end. He has been bad enough to warrant that so far.

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