Jameis Winston on facing Bucs: It’s not revenge, it’s a divisional opponent we need to beat

NFL: NOV 08 Saints at Buccaneers
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Sunday’s game won’t be the first time that Jameis Winston has faced the Buccaneers since he joined the Saints.

Winston completed a pass for 12 yards against the Bucs in the regular season last year and he threw a 56-yard touchdown against them in the playoffs, but he didn’t start either of those games for New Orleans. Winston will be starting this weekend and that made facing the team that took him first overall in 2015 a popular topic at his Thursday press conference.

Winston said that “too much emotion can lead us to a place where we don’t want to go” when asked about his calm approach to facing his former team and that he sees the game as “a division opponent that we need to beat” rather than a chance for revenge.

“Sure I’m playing against the old squad, but I love this game,” Winston said. “I’m trying to go out there and beat everybody we play, not matter who it is. You talk about growth, I’ve learned in this league, it’s about winning games. Anyway I can do that, win games, I’m up for that and yes this is an opponent where I’ve been there and done that with this team, but I want to win football games and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the next opponent and that’s who we need to beat. It’s good for us that I get to beat an opponent that I played for, but we need to win, that’s it.”

The Saints beat the Bucs twice in the regular season last year, but lost to them at home in the playoffs. A win this Sunday would make it likelier that they make it back for another crack at a postseason win.

5 responses to “Jameis Winston on facing Bucs: It’s not revenge, it’s a divisional opponent we need to beat

  1. If the Saints D can pressure Brady and the offense shows up then the Saints have a decent chance of winning.

    Having Ingram back won’t hurt either!

  2. Happy Friday everyone! Let’s hope the wide receivers come to play for my Saints otherwise it’s going to be a long day for us. Jameis is doing what Coach is asking of him but the skill players not named Kamara have to step up, period! Welcome back Mark! Where ya’ at #13? Good luck everyone. Geaux Saints! Who Dat Nation; let’s being it!

  3. Saints record against the bucs last year was with an almost totally different offense (much better) except for offensive line. Tampa remains virtually unchanged. Big difference, no comparison.

  4. I hope Jameis carries on with this redemption act. He took the humility of being benched with stride, spent a year in the world of the backup qb, hopefully learned a thing or two from Brees and Payton about cutting down on the turnovers & is making the most of his second chance. Not all number 1 picks that didn’t pan out have the mental strength to get it done. Good for him.

  5. What’s Jameis supposed to prove? The Bucs changed the QB and won the Super Bowl. Bucs I’m sure feel they made the right move no matter how Jameis plays on Sunday. He was with the Bucs for 5 years and couldn’t get the team to the playoffs. That’s why he’s not there anymore.

    Best thing for Jameis to do is let it go and move on. The Bucs certainly have…

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