Kyler Murray says he isn’t hurt after limping off field following Cardinals’ loss

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals
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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray appeared to hurt his ankle late in Thursday night’s loss to the Packers, but he said after the game that he’s fine.

Murray limped off the field following the game, but he told reporters afterward that he would be fine.

“Yeah, I’m good. Guy rolled up on me, but other than that it’s just unfortunate to lose like that,” Murray said.

Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury said after the game that he hadn’t talked to Murray but was “assuming” Murray would be fine because he would have been informed if his quarterback had suffered a significant injury.

It was a brutal Thursday Night Football game filled with injuries on both sides, but Murray appears confident that after three extra days of rest, he’ll be good to go for the Cardinals’ next game, November 7 at San Francisco.

8 responses to “Kyler Murray says he isn’t hurt after limping off field following Cardinals’ loss

  1. Bummer of an ending of the game. Murray play and Kingsbury’s playcalling in the first half were both terrible. The defense line was blown off the ball most of the night and didn’t understand the soft coverage on the receivers all night. With that said, they still had a great chance to win. I liked the play call and the pass to Green to win the game. Just thought Green would have known the pass was coming his way. He looked like he was blocking… I would have taken 7-1 in a second if you asked me before the season, but I really wanted that 8-0…

  2. It was Big Ben like – whenever he throws a pick or something bad happens, out comes the limp. It’s annoying.

  3. He will be on the next injury report. Joint injuries almost always seem to worsen the first day or two as swelling is slow to stop and the pain response increases. You often hear players state being ok immediately after the game only to wind up with extended rehab or surgery required when injuries involve joints.

  4. That was awful execution and clock management in the last 1 minute of the game. A running play with no timeouts and I believe 28 seconds left in the game. The Cardinals deserved to lose that game.

  5. How the Jones touchdown at the end was reversed is mystifying.

    – – – – – –

    And good luck getting the league to release the video that clearly shows the dude down before the ball breaks the plane

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