Mike McCarthy: Dak Prescott sore, decision about more than one game

NFL: OCT 17 Cowboys at Patriots
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Bettors flocked to the Vikings on Thursday after Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott told reporters that he wouldn’t know if his calf would be well enough for him to play on Sunday night until Saturday and Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy’s comments on Friday are unlikely to swing things back the other way.

McCarthy said that Prescott is sore after ramping up his activity at Thursday’s practice. McCarthy said that Prescott continues to work toward playing, but noted that there’s a bigger picture to consider than this weekend’s game.

“It’s more than just one game. We’re obviously in our seventh game, so there is a ton of football left to play,” McCarthy said, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News.

Cooper Rush will make his first NFL start if Prescott is ruled out for the matchup with the Vikings. Will Grier would serve as his backup.

11 responses to “Mike McCarthy: Dak Prescott sore, decision about more than one game

  1. Given that the Cowboys are one of the better teams in the league, aren’t they risking everything blowing up by not having a better backup QB? There are guys out there who can be had (Nick Foles, among others).

    I don’t know what their cap situation is. But you’d think a guy who can keep them afloat for 2-4 weeks would make a ton of sense.

  2. The Cowboys can afford to rest Dak until he heals. Look at the rest of the NFC East. If they play him against the Vikes, they are foolish.

  3. I hope they do sit him. Lean on the run game and hopefully the defense continues to make turnovers.

  4. You need him to beat the vikings but if hes hurt don’t do it. The Vikings lead the NFL is pressures and sacks.

  5. If it’s Cooper Rush you better pray for Zeke and Pollard to rush for 300 yards and Diggs to take one to the house. Otherwise you aren’t winning this game

  6. Jerry is afraid even with Prescott playing they would lose to the Vikings and he does not want another lose on Prescott’s record this early in the season. So he is still crippled.

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