Robert Tonyan tore his ACL Thursday night

NFL: OCT 10 Packers at Bengals
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Packers head coach Matt LaFleur sounded like he was expecting bad news about tight end Robert Tonyan‘s knee injury after Thursday night’s win and it came on Friday.

Tonyan’s agent Jack Bechta announced that his client has suffered a torn left ACL. The injury will end Tonyan’s season.

Tonyan had three catches for 49 yards before getting hurt on Thursday. He had 18 catches for 204 yards and two touchdowns over the course of the season.

He is playing out this year after signing a restricted free agent tender, so he’s set for unrestricted free agency after the season.

Marcedes Lewis, Dominique Dafney, Josiah Deguara, and Tyler Davis are the other tight ends on the 53-man roster in Green Bay.

17 responses to “Robert Tonyan tore his ACL Thursday night

  1. Man, that’s terrible to see. He’s a good player that literally started at the bottom. That trademark knee grab is usually a sign of an ACL injury. Hope he comes back better and stronger next season.

    GB, at least, is in the fortunate position they have a decent stable of TEs to fill in.

  2. A guy could make a killing if someone could figure out how to protect the ACL from these non contact serious injuries. With all the technology its crazy it hasn’t happened yet.

  3. Too bad. Solid player. They should trade for Evan Engram. I’d bet Rodgers and LaFleur could unlock some of that potential.

  4. A guy could make a killing if someone could figure out how to protect the ACL from these non contact serious injuries. With all the technology its crazy it hasn’t happened yet.


    these guys work out too much and their ligaments are literally stretched too tight. that is your issue right there.

  5. Big fan of his. This hurts.

    Curious if this may get ESB on the field more? He’s big enough that they may be able to use him on some of the movement/shift plays.

    The running game may be even more effective with Lewis on the field for longer stretches.

  6. Hate it for big Bob but the Packers have solid depth. They showed it last night in AZ.

  7. Watching that play live I was wondering what happened. He seemed to stumble shortly after the catch and then started running again. But his knee buckled weird on the tackle.

    Having torn an ACL before, I’m wondering if the tear happened on the stumble and the buckle of the knee was because the ACL was no longer supporting his knee making it unstable.

  8. I was hoping it was just a hyperextension but sadly, it wasn’t. Hope he recovers well. Hate to see young men lose their dreams to something like this.

  9. Seems like non contact injuries go up over time.
    Muscles get stronger, ligaments and tendons don’t.
    Someone will figure out how to balance the muscle tendon ratio and get rich.

  10. When Rodgers said that this team was beginning to remind him of the 2010 squad, did he realize he was casting Robert Tonyan as Jermichael Finley?

    Snark aside, this is terrible news all-around. Here’s hoping that Tonyan makes a complete recovery, and that either the Packers or another NFL team treats him right on his next contract.

  11. Huge loss, for him and the Packers. DeGuara had his chance curtailed last year. Now is the time. Next Man Up.

  12. Great kid with an incredible football story. Hope the surgery and rehab go well and he’s back in Green Bay next year where he belongs.

  13. He started very slowly this year – maybe was not into the offseason program as much as he needed. But was gradually getting better and better. Loved some plays from Degurara last night and guessing that is his time to take over for Tonyon’s role. Also some nice blocks and special teams from Dafney – Would love to see Lafleur use both Lewis and Dafney in a jumbo package to get those 3rd and 4th and one pick ups. If Tonyon follows Bak’s progress he should be back by next August – 10 months.

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