Sean McVay on whether Tutu Atwell can replace DeSean Jackson: “We’ll see”

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The excitement that accompanied receiver DeSean Jackson‘s decision to sign with the Rams has disintegrated into a trade request. Coach Sean McVay confirmed the situation with reporters, while otherwise trying to tiptoe around it.

At one point, McVay was asked whether rookie receiver Tutu Atwell can replace DeSean Jackson in the L.A. offense.

“I think we’ll see,” McVay said. “He hasn’t done anything. DeSean is a potential Hall of Fame player that’s got a resume that speaks for himself. When you look at it, [we] feel really good about the guys that have played a lot of snaps for us. You look at Cooper [Kupp], you look at Robert [Woods], I think Van [Jefferson] is an ascending player, [Tyler] Higbee, our backs. Some other guys might be asked to step up. [I] feel good about that and always want to try and make decisions that I think are in the best interest of our team, and also with consideration to our players. This is one of those. And again, what I would say to you guys is, this is all very quickly developing. So, there’s stuff that we’re recently just kind of working through. And I genuinely do want to be able to let us work through a couple of things over the next couple of days to be able to fully answer your guys’ questions. But what I can say is, as it affects our Houston Texans preparation — which is where my focus and concentration is — [Jackson] will not play in that game.”

Trading Jackson entails significant risk. If Kupp, Woods, and/or Jefferson get injured, the Rams need someone to step up. Jackson could have been that someone.

Jackson presumably wants out because he’s not getting enough opportunities; he has 15 targets and eight catches in seven games. His other option would be to enjoy the ride and wait for the possibility of injuries.

McVay already has a simmering situation with Woods, whose unhappiness with his lack of targets resulted in a spike in touches in Week Five against the Seahawks. Since then, however, the pendulum has swung back to Kupp.

The situation becomes even more pronounced if Jackson goes and the Rams develop a need at the position. Perhaps they’ll balance it out by trading for a tight end, such as Eric Ebron of the Steelers. That would reunite Ebron with quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Either way, it would be better for the Rams if Jackson wanted to stick around. Then again, if he can’t accept his current role with one of the best teams in football, maybe the Rams will be better off if he’s gone.

15 responses to “Sean McVay on whether Tutu Atwell can replace DeSean Jackson: “We’ll see”

  1. What does DeSean expect? He’s proven that he can’t stay healthy, so why would he think that the Rams would count on him to be a primary receiver?

  2. One target on average per half is pretty low … and probably frustrating to a wide receiver wanting the ball. I do agree that he should just ride out the storm and wait for an injury or no injury.

    Then again, he is probably looking at his last year in the league and wants to make the most of the last hurrah. 34 is a little old for a receiver … and perhaps there is a team he could help … while he’s still healthy.

  3. You know he’s going to get traded to a non contender and the Rams will go on to win the Lombardi. He’s never been a team player and would rather stroke his ego than stick it out for a final championship run

  4. I won’t be surprised when the Rams “can’t find a suitable partner” for a DeSean trade and he has to stay in LA next week.

  5. DJax thinks it’s 2007. They were limiting him so he wouldn’t get injured…again. He’ll be chillin with JJ Watt in the tub in a few weeks after he signs elsewhere. Good riddance.

  6. As a receiver I don’t think anybody can replace him . DeSean has speed and quickness nobody can duplicate and I don’t think you can over throw him because he is so fast.

  7. I dont understand Djax here. He’s on a team where he has a legit shot at a ring and maybe also scoring in a Super Bowl – enjoy the ride and hope for the best!

  8. Tutu was my WR14 in the draft, so I was a little surprised when the Rams took him. Especially considering their lack of a 1st. Time will tell.

  9. Did anyone think Djax at this point is a top two wr on an NFL team? Honestly. He was great and still has some juice left. But for real? If anyone thought he was a top WR in the NFL in 2021, well that sounds delusional to me to be honest.

  10. Trade D-Jack BACK to the Philadelphia Eagle ONE MORE TIME, let him have his ONE 1 TD 125 yard game, pull his hammy .,put him on IR ,….and then let him retire. I love watching the movie.

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