Should the NFL rid itself of Daniel Snyder?

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The NFL continues to take body blows over the chronic misconduct of the Washington Football Team on Daniel Snyder’s watch and the league’s bizarre handling of the investigation. It’s fair to wonder whether the league will realize that the easiest solution to its current problems is to simply rid itself of Snyder, once and for all.

When the conclusions regarding the WFT investigation first emerged, with zero facts that supported them disclosed, it became obvious that the NFL was protecting not Snyder but the rest of the owners. If those facts were to come out (and they still could), it will be as untenable for Snyder to continue as the owner of the Washington Football Team as it was for Jon Gruden to continue as the coach of the Raiders. And then a roadmap will be available for any current or former employees of other teams who may want to make accusations that become formal allegations that become a critical mass of contentions that spark an independent inquiry and then that owner may end up being forced to sell, too, if the facts come to light.

The best protection against that outcome would have been to simply push Snyder out of the club. Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post, in a biting, insightful, and generally brilliant column, shows that the NFL is getting what it deserves for not giving Snyder what he has long deserved.

With Congress on the case, it may be too late for the NFL to quietly throw Snyder overboard — even if it could. (He’d surely fight, tooth and nail, any effort to oust him.) While publication of certain facts relating to the investigation could be enough to create sufficient public outcry to force a sale, the precedent that could bring down other owners would be established and irreversible.

Plenty of owners are likely wishing they’d gotten rid of Snyder, or had never let him join Club Oligarch in the first place. As explained by Albert Breer of, Tanya Snyder (who is running the team during her husband’s “voluntary” indefinite exile) spoke to the other owners this week, and one person who heard her comments called them “tone deaf.” Two other owners, per Breer, agreed with that assessment.

And while Tanya Snyder insisted that neither she nor Dan Snyder leaked the emails, Jenkins points out that Snyder’s international crusade to inflict judicial vengeance for a false story that linked Snyder to Jeffrey Epstein placed some of those emails into the public record. Although a separate and subsequent leak seemed to trigger the downfall of Gruden, it arguably would have become much easier to justify leaking emails that already are hiding in plain sight.

Per Breer, Tanya Snyder also claimed that Daniel Snyder doesn’t have an email account. While that, if true, would suggest that the trove of 650,000 secret Bruce Allen emails includes no messages to or from Snyder, it’s irrelevant to whether Snyder or someone working on his behalf leaked either the Gruden emails or the Bruce Allen-Jeff Pash messages, or both.

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  1. Really.. Snyder who has played General manager for the last 20 years dose not have a company email address??

  2. If Snyder really doesn’t have an email account, how much is he actually involved in Football operations?

    Maybe he’s not involved and the people around him are just bad.

  3. Roger Goodell got paid $128 Million dollars, by the owners, for just the last 2 years. There is no way that hew will do the right thing. He is owned by the team owners and he does what they tell him to do.

  4. Just think 20 plus years ago the NFL owners chose Synder over Howard
    Milstein to let purchase the team from the Cooke estate.

    Thanks a lot !!

  5. I am not a fan of Daniel Snyder but is he any worse than some other owners? The NFL needs to either punish him or do nothing and move on. Trying to force him out could result in legal problems on top of the potential one they are looking at in St Louis and I firmly believe that should they suspend Deshawn Watson they will have another one there. I am sure St Louis would love to get a look at the Washington/Allen/Snyder e-mails.

    As to the regret that owners had letting Snyder into team Oligarch they are probably the same ones that now regret letting Kroenke into team Oligarch.

  6. If they try to force him out of the NFL I would expect a scorched earth policy from Snyder. I mean, that’s what I would do.

  7. radar773 says:

    October 30, 2021 at 3:28 pm

    Roger Goodell got paid $128 Million dollars, by the owners, for just the last 2 years. There is no way that hew will do the right thing. He is owned by the team owners and he does what they tell him to do.
    Your not too bright are you? What you just described is called Goodell’s job description, he works for the owners, to go against their wishes would NOT be the right thing to do. Some people smh….

  8. The relentless goal of getting Jeff Bezos an NFL team is never ending! And the Washington A to Z’s would please all those swamp dwellers!

  9. If Dan Synder committed no crimes himself, then the NFL owners will not force him to sell the team. The last thing any of those owners want is investigations into front offices becoming a regular occurrence. The WFT emails were not an anomaly and all the other franchises have emails like those floating around on their servers, so expect the owners to bury this story and move on.

  10. It’s 2021 and America is just being America. Nobody is perfect. Far from it. We’re very divided, so anything you do is loved by half and hated by the other half. We say we’re forgiving. I guess it depends on what side you’re on. Half are forgiving, and the other half aren’t. It depends on who’s asking for forgiveness. Lots of people are miserable, and we’re taking our misery out on each other. And of course, half the people blame their misery on the other half, and vice versa. It’s not going to stop. Divisiveness sells. There are a lot of competing interests out there, and the best way to get attention is to be divisive. Half are going to love you, half will hate you. You can make a good living off half the people.

  11. Why did they fire Richardson and not Syder? I know the answer, but I think it’s funny the average NFL fan is so confused by how Goodell cheats.

  12. How could you just slip in that Daniel Snyder doesn’t have an email account, but not pounce. The investigation to misconduct only looked at email, no other form of communication. How then could they accurately asses his part? Really. Is this the Kangaroo court here or what? What do we believe. He didn’t have an email account as the owner of a billion dollar corporation or that they didn’t looked into cell phones where people were actually harmed, but they wanted cell phone info to prove that it wasn’t just that the NFL doesn’t understand physics.

  13. Panthers owner was forced to sell his team for far less. Dan Synder must be the teflon don, nothing sticks.

  14. No. Why should he be forced out. Because someone got their little feelings hurt?

  15. Depends a lot on how much he knew. Did he simply allow for a toxic work environment or did he know about the many allegations and did nothing, and/ or cover it up? Whether or not he leaked emails is a separate issue. Mark Cuban survived a similar type of scandal but it was pretty apparent he didn’t know about it so he survived. My guess is eventually the truth will come out and Snyder will be gone

  16. Solution: the NFL needs to add two teams including one to appease St Louis after Kroenke moved the Rams. Washington is not well liked even in Washington. Bezos wants a team. Move the WFT to St Louis as a new team. Give Bezos the new Washington franchise as a new team. Add the new Austin team. Ideally you just boot Snyder but that’s going to be a mess. This at least solves a lot of it.

  17. Depends, are we “ridding” ourselves of the commissioner, other owners, coaches, and lastly players who don’t follow the rules or moral standards. How do you rid yourself of someone with poor morality yet ignore those who break the law?

  18. Goodell has been paid a kazillion dollars and for that he’s made the owners multiple kazillion dollars. The problem he has is the PR side where his bumbling efforts always look hamfisted and worthy of a giant eyeroll…

  19. And if you own a map you’ll see that Austin is 3 hours from Dallas. Never happen.

  20. Yup but Goodell is protecting him and those emails. He caters to the owners so he can keep his cushy job. If those emails are ever made public I think a lot of high-level people are going to face what happened to Chucky.

  21. Florio got one important thing right that most fans forget and media members (conveniently or otherwise) fail to mention…we are dealing with a self-serving oligarchy here that, by definition, serves the interests of the cabal members first and foremost.

    No action will be taken against Snyder until and unless the interests of the rest of the oligarchs is put in jeopardy. Period.

    Suck it up, WFT fans. Your screwed. Again.

  22. 22 years of ownership.
    6 playoff appearances
    1 playoff win
    6 playoff losses, 5 in the Wild-Card Round, 1 in the Divisional Round

    Snyder arrogantly commented upon assuming ownership of the Skins, that running a football team was no different than running any other busines.

    … says the man who built his fortune during the internet run-up years when many arbitrary people were also becoming millionaires and more simply by being in the right place at the right time and making lucky fortunate decisions.

    Apparently Snyder’s not as good of a businessman as he seems to believe that he is.

    Just sayin’.

  23. steelchampions says:
    October 30, 2021 at 4:24 pm
    Daniel Snyder = Not going anywhere, anytime soon.


    “We’ll never change the name. It’s that simple. NEVER—you can use caps.” DAN SNYDER

  24. This is why the teams and the league should swear off any investigations of misconduct that is not illegal. If it is illegal let the legal authorities handle it and pass out punishment after the legal system makes its decision.

  25. So Snyder wasn’t a good owner. Snyder hired terrible people to run his team – and the results showed on the field. But choosing the wrong people doesnt mean that he did anything criminal. I have known leaders of large companies (or municipalities) that had almost zero technical knoweldge. (I remember doing a presentation around the year 2000 for one, in which during the presentation, I had to stop to explain the difference between a CD and a computer hard drive. He also thought his computer crashed when he used his wireless modem in the year 2000, and every time he would go from cell tower to cell tower it would drop the signal, and he was on the phone with IT about why his computer crashed.). But you know what, they have people who work for them who can do the technical stuff. Is it unusual that he might not have had an email account. Yes. But based on my experience, not impossible. It also is a good defense when crap like this breaks – no proof of his involvement. Unlike Richardson who was personally guilty of the bad behavior, there isn’t proof that Snyder was. Big difference. Now if there is such evidence that someone has, that proves his guilt – come forward, and show it. There is no way there is a smoking gun email that exists, and no one else can testify to bad acts. The behavior should be able to be corroborated without the emails – and since they haven’t come forward, it is less likely that there is an email. Time to move on.

  26. Put the pitchforks down. For people who despised Trump, however, this call for his scalp is understandable.

  27. Interesting that you should bring up Epstein. He was smart enough to protect himself by having log books of clients or guests on both his plane and his island retreat.
    The one on the LADY S should provide some interesting reading.

  28. I don’t understand why everyone is ready to give Bruce Allen a free pass on all of this

  29. trollingforjustice says:
    October 30, 2021 at 6:59 pm

    I don’t understand why everyone is ready to give Bruce Allen a free pass on all of this


    Bruce Allen is unemployed.

  30. Well at least Dan Snyder didn’t fire his Super Bowl winning coach 3 years after winning the Super Bowl and then go hire a high school coaching staff just so he could control them.

  31. pummer says:
    October 30, 2021 at 2:34 pm
    Is the sky blue?
    Only for about half the day.

  32. Are my pants green and gold…..why yes they are. Guess that means what it means and the nfl rids what it wants. A couple “owners” shaking their fingers are really just looking in the mirror. Nothing to see here but the emperor without his clothes.

  33. Anyone that thinks shady behavior is limited to Snyder and the WFT is delusional. That’s one of the primary if not THE primary reason the 600k emails are not being released. It’s the reason that the owners are ignoring the supenas In the ST Louis lawsuit. Goodell could not care less about the well being of the victims from the WFT debacle. He cares only for himself and protecting the “Shield”. How many players have been involved in domestic violence but been given a free pass until irrefutable evidence finally forces the leagues hands?

    Everything is about the money and the Shield. I won’t go so far as to call it evil but it’s getting close. The owners and the NFL are in this for the money, the players, NFL employees, fans are nearly pieces they move around and manipulate to put more coin in thier pockets.

  34. It’s too late to make excuses. Our culture won’t allow it. This is about accountability. Personal accountability. And counting cash. If there’s a conflict, money always beats ethics. And therein is the rub of our society. Perhaps the downfall of our country. Perhaps humanity itself. It’s sickening.

  35. While they are at it, can they get rid of Chargers owner Dean Spanos? The guy they would also like to go away might be Rams Owner Stan Kroenke, who the other owners colluded with to move the Rams from St Louis back to LA, breaking their own bylaws, and making the NFL liable for a few billion dollars in penalties payable to St Louis City and County.
    Dan Snyder is small potatoes compared to the bill that Kroenke is gonna bring down on them.

  36. People shouldn’t be canceled for any reason, let alone because they offend someone. This bizarre culture has gone on long enough. Let’s cancel wokeness instead. That is the real problem.

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