Baker Mayfield felt “pretty comfortable” playing with left shoulder injury

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield returned to the lineup against the Steelers in Week Eight after missing Week Seven with a left shoulder injury that is likely to require surgery at some point down the road.

Mayfield was 20-of-31 for 225 yards, but the team lost 15-10 to their AFC North rivals. After the game, Mayfield said that the team “just didn’t make the plays we needed to,” but that his shoulder was not the reason for their inability to come out of the home game with a win.

“I felt pretty comfortable from the beginning. No setbacks, so that was one positive,” Mayfield said, via 92.3 The Fan.

Other small positives for the Browns on Sunday are that the Bengals suffered a shocking loss to the Bengals and that the Ravens had the day off, so they didn’t lose as much ground in the AFC North as they might have in other circumstances. They’ll face those Bengals in a crucial Week Nine game.

19 responses to “Baker Mayfield felt “pretty comfortable” playing with left shoulder injury

  1. I have to admit Mayfield is right.The shoulder isn’t why they lost.He just isn’t good enough when it matters most.

  2. I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so Browns fan. Maybe one day. your delusional opinions on your team will end. I told you Stefanski was a joke. I told you Mayfield was a joke, I told you the Steelers would win. Im undefeated vs you

  3. With all the weapons the Browns have on offense Mayfield has 6 touchdowns and 3 interceptions in 8 games. This team is past the disappointing stage of the season

  4. He should feel pretty comfortable that the Steelers D put it on him today in his house. Big Ben and the O came up well in the 2nd half as well.

  5. Chubb only getting 16 carries & Mayfield even playing was a huge advantage for the Steelers. Either Chubb was still not 100% or the Browns offensive coordinator drank too many beers before the game.

  6. Well……at least you’re getting your money’s worth out of Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry when it comes to clutch time.

  7. Somebody help us…please.

    We literally gotta be the only football team in existence…in any age group…in the history of football…ALL football from all over the world…that fails at getting any productivity at all out of a talented player like OBJ.

    However, our coach and qb never see it as a problem. Sorry but that is complete incompetence.

    Baker has weapons out the wazoo and still can’t get a td when it counts.

    Something is seriously wrong here.

  8. Stefanski failed his first big test as a Head Coach. There’s no way you put Mayfield back in after Case Keenum wins games for you. Mayfield might have a better arm…but he cannot see the field. He has to roll out, which I’m sure his linemen hate because it tires them out. The linemen are then so gassed that they can’t run block as well. Stefanski needs to right this ship before it sinks to the bottom. Either bring in Cam Newton (before someone else does) or ride it out with Case Keenum.

  9. Browns lost…not because of Mayfield IMO.
    They did not run enough, and they dropped 6 passes. Few teams can win when they can’t catch the dang ball.

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