Carson Wentz: I beat us today at the end of the game

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
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Colts quarterback Carson Wentz threw interceptions at the end of the fourth quarter and in overtime against the Titans on Sunday and they were the opening topic of conversation at the press conference after the 34-31 loss.

Wentz’s fourth quarter pick saw him try to throw the ball away with his left hand while under pressure and Titans defensive back Elijah Molden returned the ball for a touchdown. Wentz called it a “terrible play” and said he was just trying to get rid of the ball. In overtime, he was picked off by safety Kevin Byard and said he thought he tried to do too much when he had a checkdown available.

“I beat us today at the end of the game,” Wentz said.

Colts head coach Frank Reich said the play call on the first interception was “terrible” and said he told Wentz to go make it right after the touchdown. Wentz was able to lead the Colts to a score that forced overtime, but another mistake sealed the team’s fate.

The Colts will be back on Thursday against the Jets and Wentz said he welcomed the quick turnaround as a way to shake off a painful AFC South loss.


21 responses to “Carson Wentz: I beat us today at the end of the game

  1. Everyone already knew that Wentzy, but thanks for having more awareness AFTER the game than IN the game.

  2. I haven’t seen an interception like the one he threw in the end zone since my nephew was 4 playing his first season of flag football. How an NFL QB makes that throw I will never know.

  3. This is truly unprecedented. I never thought I would hear “Carson Wentz” and “interceptions” used in the same sentence.

  4. The one Tom Brady who threw an interception to loose to the Saints, who didn’t have their starting qb?

  5. Wentz has always been an odd combination of being average to slightly above average but arrogant. Same as Baker Mayfield. Gotta back up the swagger with actual consistent play.

  6. Poor eagles fans thinking hurts is their savior at QB is hilarious. Such a bitter loser fanbase

  7. chicagolandcolts says:
    October 31, 2021 at 8:14 pm
    Poor eagles fans thinking hurts is their savior at QB is hilarious. Such a bitter loser fanbase


    Remembering that this is how Wentz finished in Philly and pointing that out is not even close to the same thing as thinking Hurts is our savior.

    No matter how bad Hurts is, we’re mostly glad that Wentz — and the kind of mistakes we witnessed today — are gone.

  8. Wentz is the farthest thing ion Eagle fans minds these days….we have Hurts to evaluate, and if need be ,run him out of Philadelphia.

  9. Wentz threw that ball because he HAD TO. TN was getting a safety if he didn’t. If anything, it was a bad call by the coach.

  10. Indy, whatever you do you better not bench that man-child

    lol, Philly doesn’t miss him

  11. I may be wrong but I don’t think Wentz is playing as bad as everyone makes him out to be. He has 3 INT’s on the season. His only horrible game was when he was injured. I think he has shown promise, and I think ultimately he has found a home in Indianapolis. It might not end in a deep playoff run, but I think he will be a good NFL QB for them for a while.

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