Deshaun Watson has not met with Dolphins or any other team

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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As the clock tick towards the deadline for 2021 trades, the biggest question continues to be whether the Texans will trade quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Here’s an answer to one question that some in league circles are asking. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Watson has not yet met with the Dolphins or with any other team.

Earlier today, Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reported that the Texans actually refused to give the Panthers permission to speak to Watson earlier this week.

With so many questions lingering regarding Watson’s legal issues arising from allegations of sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions, it’s hard to imagine any team pulling the trigger on a trade without first sitting down with Watson and asking him some basic questions about off-field considerations. The topics of those questions could include, but not be limited to, the steps he plans to take to ensure that he has experienced a full and proper reckoning for the behavior that sparked the legal issues, from a habit of securing massages via social media to, as his lawyer has admitted, having some of the massage therapy sessions become consensual sexual encounters.

Those and any other questions may have to be resolved before a trade can be accomplished, and there’s roughly 50 hours left to resolve them. If Dolphins owner Stephen Ross hopes to meet with Watson to address those issues before the deal is officially done, they need to set something up ASAFP.

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  1. The guy is a sexual predator. Anyone think that a move to South Beach will cure him of this? The Dolphins would be crazy to trade for him- eventually the Texans will either give him away for much less or cut him.

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