Eagles humiliate winless Lions

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions
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The line on the Lions so far this season had been, “They stink, but at least they play hard.” Today, the second part of that changed.

Detroit put up one of the most embarrassing performances of this NFL season, getting absolutely destroyed at home, 44-6, by a mediocre-at-best Eagles team.

So dominant were the Eagles that quarterback Jalen Hurts was pulled after throwing only 14 passes, with the Eagles leading 38-0. Hurts went 9-for-14 for 103 yards passing and also gained 71 yards on seven rushing attempts.

Backup Gardner Minshew got the work in the fourth quarter.

Former Lions cornerback Darius Slay played well in a revenge game, picking up a fumble and racing to the end zone for a touchdown, but the story of the game was less the Eagles’ defense than the Lions’ pathetic offense. Jared Goff could do nothing, and he wasn’t helped by his teammates, particularly an offensive line that had Goff constantly scrambling around trying to buy time.

The win improves the Eagles to 3-5, and although they’re playoff long shots, they’re not giving up on this season just yet. The 0-8Lions aren’t playing for much other than the first overall pick in the draft.

26 responses to “Eagles humiliate winless Lions

  1. We send our condolences to the Lions fanbase. 0-8 and on track to have another winless season.

  2. And with the hapless Dolphins losing, Philly now holds the 2nd overall pick…

  3. leading up this week everyone thought detroit would win. “because they play hard”. these people haven’t watched the Lions. Real Lions fans knew this was going to happen. Maybe no one saw it being this bad, but those who follow the team know we just don’t have the talent or coaching to compete with a team like the Eagles.

  4. I thought Detroit would win but man was I wrong. I guess the Eagles finally discovered their run game with Myles Sanders out. Goff is awful might be the worst number 1 pick since Ryan Leaf.

  5. Well maybe they can be relegated like in Soccer? They are terrible, fire everybody and start over again!

  6. “I thought Detroit would win but man was I wrong.”

    Lane Johnson had lots of fun out there.

  7. Based on the Lions schedule, they may run the table. They will be an underdog for the rest of the season. They maybe the only franchise that goes 0-16…twice.

  8. As a Lions fan I hope you enjoyed the comedy that we put on today. Only thing missing from my Lions performance was clowns and circus music. Apologies to those of you who wasted even a second watching that bleep.

  9. This isn’t only about how bad Matt Patricia’s staffs recruiting was.

    The Lions are not good… but sorry, I’m not buying that the Lions are ‘that’ bad.

    I’m not buying that under Patricia, they’d be winless at this point.

    Campbell and his staff should not be let off the hook.

  10. I do not understand Detroit. They get a top five draft pick for what seems like 20 consecutive years, yet they can’t get it right or figure it out. Absolutely baffling.

  11. “Goof sucks”

    Insulting someone by intentionally misspelling their name says more about you than it does them.

    His last name is Goff, goof.

  12. Eagles fan here. To the Detroit fans, we will picking somewhere near you at the top of the draft board in April.

  13. I’ve been saying this all season….0-17. Goff Is bad but my goodness look at the receiving corps he has…. Pathetic .

  14. Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn had a foundation of success in place that has been flushed. Lions would probably be in contention with a little more patience. Now knee-biting Campbell is overseeing this toxic dump of a team.

  15. I thought the Lions may use that Rams game as a rallying point. Instead it appears that loss took what was left of their heart.

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