Report: Texans are “prepared” to keep Deshaun Watson


The Texans will trade quarterback Deshaun Watson. Unless they don’t.

That’s the gist of the Sunday Splash! report from Adam Schefter of regarding the status of the talks between Houston and Miami. They’d like to trade him, but they’re prepared to keep him.

Here’s what should have been the real headline. Per Schefter, owner Cal McNair wants to trade Watson, but the owner is leaving the decision to G.M. Nick Caserio, who has held firm in his desire for a premium package of picks and players. If Caserio wants to stay with the Texans for as long as he can, he’ll give McNair what he wants. Few owners order a Code Red; many of them will simply hint at it. It’s then up to the people who work for the owner to realize the wisdom of doing what the owner wants them to do.

Some in league circles think that Caserio is holding out for the best possible package because he fears doing a deal that will secure the disapproval of Caserio’s former boss, Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Caserio’s current boss may want to consider that dynamic when deciding whether or not to give a direct order to take the best offer from Miami on Tuesday.

This specific deal has many moving parts, and the parts haven’t moved much in the past week. As we explained last week, the legal issues loom over the situation. Although the criminal complaints can’t be resolved by anyone but a grand jury at this point, the 22 civil cases can be resolved at any time.

Earlier this year, a settlement became derailed by the question of whether the details would be confidential. That issue usually doesn’t arise until there’s an agreement on the financial amount that will be paid. Unlike most cases of this nature, Watson wanted transparency; the lawyer representing the 22 individuals did not. If Watson changes his position, the cases can be settled — in principle — by Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET.

The cases will settle, or they won’t, by Tuesday. Watson will be traded, or he won’t, by Tuesday.

And, yes, if the Texans don’t trade him they must be “prepared” to keep him, because the only option at that point would be to cut him. There’s one specific wrinkle that potentially applies in that situation. Stay tuned for another item that looks into one specific thing that could happen if the Texans don’t trade Watson by Tuesday.

23 responses to “Report: Texans are “prepared” to keep Deshaun Watson

  1. They were prepared to keep him the entire year. No one is offering anything for a guy who may not suit up again.

  2. Miami sends Texans a bunch of picks that former coach O’Brien gave away. It’s the only way the Texans will be able to rebuild what O’Brien tore down. Take the picks and move on. That current coach is just a fill in IMO.

  3. Seems absurd to me that Caserio would have left Pats but still make his decisions based on pleasing Belichick.

  4. Caserio is successful on his own, ridiculous that he would factor in what Belichick thinks regarding a trade of any kind.

    Even if the Texans get rid of him, he will not stay unemployed for very long.

  5. One of the big reasons that Watson stated he wanted to go Miami was he wanted to play for Flores. The funny thing is that if Watson is not traded till the off-season, Flores may no longer be the coach in Miami. I mean the Dolphins should really be 0-7 this season, and would be if Harris doesn’t fumble the football for New England. This team could very well go winless the rest of the way and if that happens I can’t imagine Flores will still be the coach next season.

  6. It will look good on the Texans if they refuse a first and second round pick then have to cut him. Get what you can by Tuesday because no one is giving you 2-3 first and a bunch of other picks for Watson. Keep dreaming.

  7. Of course they’re going to keep him for a while. Way too much uncertainty, both for the Texans and any potential trading partner.

  8. It makes sense to wait until after the season is over. If you trade him now, Miami wins more games and the draft picks will not be as high for next year.

  9. If Caserio is concerned about what BB thinks then McNair should fire him and bring in a competent GM–which is what he should have done in the first place. The Texans are so poorly run it boggles the mind.

  10. The NFL of today is hard to get when they say they want to clean up league, just a laugh. Character is not equal to sports world

  11. I do not understand why they are still paying this guy. $16 million is a lot of leverage to tell a player to play or go home without a salary.

  12. fortworth100 says:
    It makes sense to wait until after the season is over. If you trade him now, Miami wins more games and the draft picks will not be as high for next year.

    Deshaun Watson won all of four games in Houston last year. What makes you think he’ll win that many games in Miami?
    The Dolphins are a hot mess, Watson hasn’t taken a snap in anger in 10 months, and he’d have to learn a new offense and get used to new players he doesn’t yet have a rythem with. He has to be mentally distracted by his his legal troubles — distractions that could bleed over to his new team.

  13. Keeping him this year costs them alright, but next year will be a cap hit for a cool $40 mil. Anyone really think they’ll cough up that kind of money to let Watson sit and play video games?
    Texans don’t have leverage now, wait until next year and they’ll be paying someone to take him off their hands, just like Clowney and Osweiler.

  14. If Belichick is in any way, shape or form affecting a trade between the Texans and his division rival Dolphins he needs to be thoroughly investigated.

  15. I guess I’m strange. If I was the GM I’d just tell him you demanded this no trade clause, so we will honor your no trade clause. Unless you waive it in its entirety. None of this I’ll only waive it for this team or that team crap. Could be said for anyone, unless it was a mutual agreement to move on like Stafford and the Lions.

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