Robert Saleh: Mike White starts Thursday, “anything is possible” long term

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets
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Jets quarterback Mike White had one of the more unexpected performances in recent memory on Sunday.

Playing in place of the injured Zach Wilson and without wide receiver Corey Davis in a Jets offense that has underwhelmed all season, White threw for 405 yards and three touchdowns as the Jets beat the Bengals 34-31 in his first NFL start. After the game, Jets head coach Robert Saleh said in his press conference that the team had confidence in White amid criticism that they should have had a more experienced backup and that the quarterback “proved it” against Cincinnati.

Saleh also said that White will start for the Jets against the Colts on Thursday night. That’s not going to raise any eyebrows, but answering a question about whether White can take the job for the long term by saying “anything is possible” will guarantee Saleh faces future queries on that front.

Wilson’s timeline for recovery from his knee injury was given as two to four weeks, so he’ll have to get healthy before there’s any serious thought about who to start at quarterback later this season. That gives time for White to show if future impressions are as impressive as his first one.

22 responses to “Robert Saleh: Mike White starts Thursday, “anything is possible” long term

  1. Can we seriously get the league to addres that call by Tripp Sutter that cost the Bengals the game? A call that bad means that official has no business officiating.

  2. I’m sure Jets management won’t be too happy about that “anything is possible” remark.

  3. DK Metcalf > N’Keal Harry

    Calling Wilson a Bust is a bit premature. It took the Jets 3 years to finally give up on Darnold.

    If White continues to play well, at least Jets don’t have to rush Wilson back.

  4. If I’m the HC Wilson is on the bench until White gets hurt or has a few bad games.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Wilson is what you get when you draft a QB that had one great year in college against a marshmellow schedule! Zach isn’t ready for the NFL, he’s no where close.

  5. I totally understand player safety but the call by Sutter was awful. I just turned off football for the first time in 30 years because of the wrong personal foul calls in this game and now the Tampa vs NO game.

  6. Not a fan of either team but the Bengals got screwed. That call was tantamount to blaming the victim. The other guy was obviously leading with his helmet. Like Belichick says, they should be able to use their challenges for everything.

  7. Jets have to keep playing this kid! Wow he looked really good today, a Great team win for the Jets which we cant say very often.

  8. It was great to see an underdog win today. However that call at the end was trash. Ty has done that a few times this game and it was never called. Why now when it actually mattered?

  9. Yay for Mike White! That’s how you take your opportunities. Let’s hope he keeps it up and Wilson off the field.

  10. Hey Touchback, jets did not pass on herbert lol. he was picked 6th and jets had the 11th in 2020. nice try.

  11. sadjetsfan1991 says:

    October 31, 2021 at 6:15 pm

    Hey Touchback, jets did not pass on herbert lol. he was picked 6th and jets had the 11th in 2020. nice try
    Its usually best to just ignore him as half the stuff he spews is make believe or he yells “cap hell” because hes confused in general and doesn’t understand the cap. In other words talking to him is almost like running head 1st into a wall, only difference is there are times the wall serves a purpose.

  12. Waiting for the right-wing New York Post to have back page headline of “WHITE POWER” Monday morning.

  13. dolphins2cool says:
    October 31, 2021 at 5:33 pm

    Mike White > touchback6


    Fill in the blank > touchback6

  14. Just be happy the Jets got the win, and enjoy the performance of Mike White. He might not have another game like that if he started every game the next 15 seasons. Or he could be another Kurt Warner. Nobody thought Warner was going to the HOF after his first great performance. Tomorrow will take care of itself. I’m just happy Mike White had this experience. It can never be erased from the books.

  15. SenorUgati says:

    October 31, 2021 at 7:13 pm

    dolphins2cool says:
    October 31, 2021 at 5:33 pm

    Mike White > touchback6


    Fill in the blank > touchback6

    Its Halloween so in the spirit of Halloween

    A flaming bag of crap on your front porch > trollback6

  16. Bad call at the end, sure, but remember the Bengals were awarded a 25-yard catch at the 2 in the first half on a ball that hit the ground. They cashed that one of for a touchdown. With good QB play, the Jets edged out the Titans and the Bengals. Parity is real.

  17. I think White’s play verses Wilson’s is a classic example of why young QBs need to sit and NOT get thrown to the lions (and I don’t mean Detroit).

    Yes it was White’s first NFL start but he has years of film study in the QBs room. He has heard what was discussed in there about what worked and why or why not. He has practiced and practiced and PRACTICED against NFL defenses.

    He has learned his job and matured. Wilson hasn’t had his chance to do those things yet.


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