Broncos trading Von Miller to Rams

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Once again, the Rams are going all in.

According to multiple reports, Los Angeles is acquiring Von Miller from the Broncos in exchange for second- and third-round picks in the 2022 NFL Draft.

After missing the entire 2020 season, Miller has started seven games so far in 2021. He did not play in Sunday’s win over Washington after he didn’t practice all week with an ankle injury. He’s recorded 4.5 sacks, seven tackles for loss, and nine quarterback hits in 2021.

Miller departs the Broncos as one of the best players in franchise history. He is Denver’s all-time leader with 110.5 sacks and was the MVP of Super Bowl 50, which the Broncos won over the Panthers.

This is the second time in three years that the Rams have made an in-season blockbuster trade to solidify their defense. The club brought in defensive back Jalen Ramsey just before the trading deadline in 2019.

While the Rams are No. 5 in points scored and total yards after trading for quarterback Matthew Stafford in the offseason, they’re currently 10th in points allowed but 21st in yards allowed. Putting Miller on a unit with Ramsey and three-time defensive player of the year Aaron Donald should help improve that unit.

Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Broncos are paying $9 million of Miler’s remaining $9.7 million salary.

68 responses to “Broncos trading Von Miller to Rams

  1. The next time the Rams are on the clock on draft day will be the 5th round of 2026 🤣

  2. Just before I had to worry about him regaining his in time for the Chiefs/Broncos games. Thanks McVay!

  3. Now it’s just getting silly. Trading the farm for the animals is eventually going to leave them with nowhere to go but down.

  4. Von Miller and Chander Jones will be LIT to watch on Monday Night Football in December at Glendale, this reminds me of Denver bringing in DeMarcus Ware to win a title. Not bad to get something out of an older player who still has a good 3-5 seasons left. If the Rams fail to win the Super Bowl, then sacrificing picks will hurt them.

  5. The Rams still have picks left to trade???? I thought they used them all already.

  6. Wow, draft picks are for the dumb if you can trade them all for over the hill stars. How you build a tem is thru the draft.

  7. The Rams remind me of myself playing madden franchise. Trading all my picks for players, cause in that scenario, I don’t need them.

  8. Thats a lot for a player that still doesn’t get you over the hump in the NFC maybe not even in your own division. Rams really hate the draft

  9. Bittersweet as a Broncos fan. Von will go down as one of the all time greats but Broncos get a great deal and need to rebuild.

  10. Remember him a few games ago against the patchwork/injured Browns offensive line?
    “I will play well in this game. … I’m going to have a great game. … I don’t know who the tackle I’m going against is, but I’m going to kill him.” – Von Miller End of game= 2 tackles 0 sacks

  11. Get to know your 2022 Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams. It’s gonna be a jailbreak between Donald Lewis Miller and Floyd to see how gets to splatter Brady, Rodgers Murray and Prescott in the playoffs

  12. Well done, Mr George Paton. Miller may be washed up now, but he certainly won’t last 3 more years. In the mean time good draft picks like that can last a decade, and a rookie prices.

  13. We can put those Aaron Rodgers to the Broncos rumors to rest for good now too! There is no way he would go to that dumpster fire! Like I didnt call that 7 months ago. lol

  14. At this rate rams won’t have any draft picks until 2030 and it will be only a 7th rounder then.

  15. I wonder how long the RAMS can keep this going. This is 1972 George Allen all over again. Trading all of your high draft picks for veterans. When it finally catches up to you, it sucks and you have no draft picks to help turn it around.

  16. Do the Rams have any draft picks left at this point? They give them up like if it was going out of style.

  17. Knew this was coming. Thanks for everything Von and best of luck. George Payton finally doing something Elway refused to admit they are rebuilding. Now trade Teddy back to the Saints, Melvin Gordon to Tennessee or Baltimore and Kyle Fuller anywhere and get enough picks to get Russell Wilson finally out of Seattle like he wants

  18. The Rams’ strategy of mortgaging their future to get expensive players just past their prime continues.

    The league looks like a total free-for-all this year, with every good team looking mediocre in a given week, so at least for this year, it may not be a bad strategy.

  19. This directly has the Bucs in mind. They watched that game yesterday and how the Saints got after Brady. I know they beat them earlier, but the playoffs are a whole other level.

  20. Wow they gave up a lot. They better hope Stafford can get them to the SB with all the picks they dont have any more.

  21. Miller got worked by a backup RT a few weeks ago. He will benefit from the LA defense but he can’t be worth more than a 5th round pick at this point.

  22. Miller is a free agent at end of year. A 2 and 3 for 8 games is a lot, especially for a player who is well past his prime. Rams got fleeced.

  23. Not a bad deal on either end… Denver picks up 9 mil of Miller’s 9.7 mil salary. The Rams trade a late 2nd and 3rd rounder… If Miller finds a spark, that defensive line could be scary

  24. Von at one time heck of a player, but when Brando Parker of the Raiders holds you to zero sacks or tackles, you’re done

  25. Les Snead is out of his mind. I can’t remember a more audacious GM.

    There is nothing he won’t do.

  26. No one can accuse the Rams of “just trying to be good.” Yes, there will be a price to pay eventually, but at least they are shooting for the top.

  27. If Stafford goes down – this team will implode spectaculary. I don’t want to see him get hurt but these things happen.

  28. Good deal by Denver. Im surprised what they got for him. The Rams are definitely SB or bust.

  29. You have to assume they give something like picks 60 and 90 in the 2022 draft. If they use him for 15 snaps on third down, in the next 3-4 years, he is worth the investment, especially in the playoffs where you expect the Rams to be anyway.

  30. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    Elway fleecing the Rams. SMH. Von is done.
    Like the Lions fleeced the Rams when they traded Stafford for Goff?

    I’m very excited about this. I’ve been waiting for a big move since the Kenny Young trade was announced. Von Miller is exactly what we need. Our defense has been suspect this season. This change fixes a lot.

    Draft picks are all about potential. The same folks criticize us for trading away draft picks are also the first ones to call rookies busted draft picks.

  31. Like the LA Lakers, the Rams are subject to injuries because they are a bunch of senior citizens.

  32. I’m not saying LA real estate prices are too high, but that $9.7 million will get Von a 1960-era 1200sf ranch style house in Compton. Maybe even Inglewood or Culver City.

  33. The Broncos get a 2nd and a 3rd for Miller and BB gets a 6th for Gilmore. Denver is playing chess and BB is playing with himself

  34. VisionTim says:
    November 1, 2021 at 1:53 pm
    If Stafford goes down – this team will implode spectaculary.

    The same could be said for pretty much any team if their starting QB goes down

  35. I’m guessing half a Von is good enough when you have Aaron Donald on the same side of the line. A two and a three, though? o_O

  36. Rams gave up 2 day 2 picks. Sounds a lot, but I suspect that should Von walk they are hoping for a high compensatory pick which offsets one of those picks.

    Add in the salary being paid by the Broncos and it is not the worst deal in the world and could be an excellent addition to the Rams.

  37. If Stafford goes down – this team will implode spectaculary.

    Good thing for the Rams he’s one of the toughest QBs in teh League.

  38. Desperately need to settle the ownership situation and get stable senior managment in running the Football team, so that John Elway is completley out of the picture. The idea of Manning involvement is intriguing.

  39. This directly has the Bucs in mind. They watched that game yesterday and how the Saints got after Brady. I know they beat them earlier, but the playoffs are a whole other level.

    34-24, Bucs trailed 31-14 deep into the 3rd.

    Maybe the Bucs will have 3 good corners appear out of thin air. Thats the only chance they have to hang with the Rams.

  40. Miller will look good, he still has it when he is allowed to rush the passer or attack the ball carrier. Fangio has made him look worse than he is by making him cover WRs like claypool at times.

  41. Sad to see Von go but I am really liking all the moves from George Paton this year. Rebuild time…it was bound to happen but at least with Elway not making the moves it is hopeful.

  42. The Rams are the guy at the casino who keeps asking the pit boss to raise the limit while he gets advances on his credit cards. I just don’t see this ending well.

  43. At first I was surprised they only got a 2nd and a 3rd round pick. However, he’s a free agent so this may be nothing more than a rental. He’s probably going to want more money in the off-season than the Rams may want to pay. That’s pretty good return on a guy they were only going to have for eight more games.

    The Rams must think they have a chance to win it all this weekend. If he can stay healthy he’s going to cause havoc on quarterbacks. There is no way they can double him and Aaron Donald.

  44. Rams traded for a player they hope will get them over the hump. Instead they get Von Miller, who is merely over the hill….

  45. Rams give up a 2nd and a 3rd, and will likely get a 4th round comp pick for him eventually. Not bad.

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