Dan Campbell: I have not lost confidence

Philadelphia Eagles v Detroit Lions
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The bye week has arrived for the winless Lions after getting embarrassed with a 44-6 loss to the Eagles on Sunday.

While Detroit is 0-8, most of its games have been competitive this season. The club gave the Rams all they could handle in Week Seven, though the Lions still lost 28-19.

But Sunday’s game was a blowout from cover to cover. Detroit gave up 236 rushing yards and was down 41-0 before scoring a cosmetic touchdown with 7:14 left in the contest.

In his Monday press conference, head coach Dan Campbell said he heard from Titans head coach Mike Vrabel with a message of staying the course. And Campbell also expressed how much he still believes the current team can be competitive.

I have not lost confidence, because I still know that we’re not the team that played yesterday,” Campbell said. “That’s not who we are — I don’t believe that one bit. So we’re good enough to beat teams in this league. And I just bring this up again, we’ve got to do more as a staff and we’ve got to demand more out of these players. And [if] for us to win, it’s got to be damn near perfect — well you know what, then we need to play damn near perfect. And that’s on us. We’re charged with that as coaches.”

It won’t be easy, but there’s a reason why it’s rare for a team to go completely winless. The Lions have games at Pittsburgh and at Cleveland coming out of the bye.

17 responses to “Dan Campbell: I have not lost confidence

  1. Bla Bla Bla.
    How many ways are there for you to say that you have no idea what you are doing?

  2. Jared Goff should have lost confidence. Jesus, he got destroyed. I was surprised he got up after the one sack when he fumbled the ball.

  3. It’s easy to put on the faux tough guy routine in the off season. That act wears awfully thin at 0-8. He’s making Matt Patricia’s time as the HC look successful by comparison.

  4. I guess once the rest of the league adjusted to the “bite their kneecaps” tactic Campbell just ran out of ideas.

  5. As a Lions fan again apologies for anybody who watched that bleepity bleep show. Doesn’t get much uglier.

  6. When is he going to bench Jared Goff? Find me another NFL quarterback who throws the ball out of bounds on 4th down. Goff has already done it twice this season.

  7. All that knee cap talk is for high school – did Campbell really think other teams weren’t also going to play hard? Pro teams need a coach who can scheme and teach. The players want accountability more than motivation.

  8. Easy to be hard on a coach with a roster this bad. Give Campbell a season or two with a legitimate roster after they use the 21 picks they have in 22 and 23 ( 10 in the first 3 rounds ) and some of the 40 plus million in cap space in 2022, then see if he’s clueless. Detroit is in full blown rebuild mode and it’s ugly. But, there is light… Give it time to shine

  9. If the Lions moved to St.Louis in the middle of the night,would anyone in Michigan notice?

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