Facing Patriots means “a lot extra” to Stephon Gilmore

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons
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Cornerback Stephon Gilmore made an impact in his Panthers debut on Sunday.

Gilmore intercepted Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan in the fourth quarter to help put the finishing touches on a 19-13 win and the South Carolina native said it “was a great feeling” to make that play for the team he grew up rooting for. Gilmore said he felt he played “OK” overall and that he will “just take care of my body and try to prepare for next week” in the coming days.

Next week brings a matchup with the Patriots, who traded Gilmore to Carolina earlier this year after opting against giving him a new contract. Gilmore was asked if the game means a little extra because of who will be on the other side of the field.

“A lot extra,” Gilmore said, via Darin Gantt of the team’s website.

Sunday’s win snapped a four-game losing streak for the Panthers and anything Gilmore can do to get them a second straight victory will be much appreciated by his new team.

15 responses to “Facing Patriots means “a lot extra” to Stephon Gilmore

  1. Some of these guys have such fragile egos. The Pats made him I think the highest paid corner at the time they signed him. Got him a Super Bowl ring. Paid him millions and millions of dollars by the time they traded him.

    Yet boo hoo mean ol’ Pats.

    He should be grateful to them not upset.

  2. He was part of a Super Bowl winning team and made a lot of money with the Patriots. Stephon, was it really that bad in New England?

  3. what right has he to feel bitter? the patriots set the market with his contract,,, won a super bowl with him. the panthers havent given him more money than the pats. what a dumb dumb

  4. The Pats made his career and here he is thinking he’s owed Xavien Howard money at 32. Hilarious. Good luck, Carolina.

  5. I don’t get the hate that Gilmore has for the Pats. He is playing under the same contract with the Panthers and seem to be quite happy. Gilmore would have been much better off giving his all for the Pats this year and then hitting free agency next year. As for the Carolina-Pats matchup I doubt that Gilmore will make a big difference. Who is he going to take away?

  6. I’ll never forget Gilmore’s many great plays with the Patriots, but I don’t get the bitterness. He got paid in a big way in New England and it’s not like the Panthers said hey, yeah, you’re right, you deserve to get paid more money.

    Be careful about trash talking the Patriots. It’s amazing how many guys end up returning. Ask Jamie Collins, Kyle Van Noy, Ted Karras, Brian Hoyer, Brandon Bolden, Patrick Chung–and going back further, Doug Flutie, Tully Banta-Cain, Deion Branch, Sam Cunningham, Andre Carter, and more.

  7. Gilmore said this game will “mean a lot extra”. He was complementary to the Patriots when he was traded. I don’t see the hate and bitterness many of the above posts assume.

    I do agree he would have been better hitting free agency after returning to the Patriots for half a season. He’ll be fine if he plays well for the Panthers. In effect, the Patriots traded him for the opportunity to sign Jaime Collins and a 6th round pick. Malloy, Seymour, Vrabel and now Gilmore were all great Patriots that were surprised Belichick would move on without them. I suspect Brady was as well.

    Gilmore will be back in the Pats Ring of Honor and likely as a NFL HOF inductee.

  8. Gilmore is a baby, they signed him to massive contract got him a ring and raised his salary last year. He wanted a salary raise again this year despite being in his contract year. There was zero reason to extend or give him a raise. Great player but a baby.

  9. I hope he does well in Carolina. Mostly because it’s the team he grew up rooting for, which probably doesn’t happen often.

  10. Everything I had to say has been said by everyone who commented. There is ZERO reason for him to be bitter. He was paid TOP dollar upon arriving in NE. He should be thankful for the time he got to play here not talking nonsense about this game vs the Pats meaning a LOT extra, like he was disrespected or ripped off. Infant.

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