Fight over Stan Kroenke indemnity agreement would be resolved by Roger Goodell, in theory

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The litigation arising from the relocation of the Rams to Los Angeles has created significant potential liability for the NFL. Last week, Club Oligarch learned that Rams owner Stan Kroenke is considering reneging on the commitment to cover all expenses arising from the lawsuit filed against the league.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the indemnity agreement includes a provision that requires all disputes to be resolved by the Commissioner. That obviously benefits the other 31 clubs, since Roger Goodell would be naturally inclined to resolve the language in favor of the league. Indeed, Goodell’s lawyers (led by NFL general counsel and former Bruce Allen e-penpal Jeff Pash) previously represented to the teams that the indemnity agreement is ironclad.

For that reason, Kroenke may try to do what the Saints players did in 2012, filing a separate legal action to force Goodell to delegate the authority to make the decision to someone else. Then, Goodell handed the baton to former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, who promptly scrapped the player suspensions Goodell had imposed. Now, a judge could decide that Goodell can’t be impartial and unbiased when it comes to interpreting the language.

Too much is at stake for Kroenke to not try everything he can to avoid responsibility for the potentially massive liability and foist it onto his partners. If he’s successful, that’s when the possibility of an expansion team in St. Louis slides to the front burner.

10 responses to “Fight over Stan Kroenke indemnity agreement would be resolved by Roger Goodell, in theory

  1. As a fan of the St. Louis Rams and someone who hates Kroenke I don’t know if I would be more excited to see an expansion team in St. Louis or to see Kroenke lose billions of dollars to St. Louis. The truth is I would like to see both things happen!

  2. Bet old Stan is off the Christmas card list for the rest of the owners now.

    Seriously, billionaires fighting is some highly entertaining stuff.

    Would be pretty amusing for the league to force Kroenke to sell.

  3. So who builds the St Louis expansion team a stadium?
    Kroenke wanted some public funding and St Louis balked till it was too late. Then lo and behold Stan builds a stadium in LA with his own money.
    If he was serious about staying in Missouri he could have built it there with his own nickel. St Louis is a dead NFL market.

  4. If he’s successful, that’s when the possibility of an expansion team in St. Louis slides to the front burner.

    Crazy to think that StanK could actually help the STL get an expansion team if he is able to wiggle out of the indemnification agreement.

  5. Supposedly the Chargers leaked the data to St Louis about Kroenke and the NFL colluding to not follow their by-laws to approve relocation of the Rams from St Louis to LA. If this is found to be true, how soon before Kroenke tells the Chargers to pack sand and get the hell out of the stadium he built and paid for? The Chargers haven’t exactly been equitable partners and have only sold a fraction of the PSL’s needed to help fund the stadium. Kroenke originally budgeted $2.5 B but the stadium cost $6B to build. Mark Davis and Dean Spanos sure weren’t able get a stadium built.

  6. St louis has proven multiple times it does not want to support a nfl franchise. Why would they want an expansion team after multiple fails?

  7. I really have not seen a news story regarding “what” the owner of the Rams did in regards to breaking the law, contract, etc in the relocation.

    Not saying he didn’t, but it would be helpful to understand why it is reported that the NFL has a weak position

  8. If he does renege I think they should force HIS team to be the one to return to St Louis, since the indemnity was material to allowing the move in the first place. He’d look pretty silly sitting in that nice new stadium all alone.
    Obviously that wont happen, but he should pay dearly. I wonder what kind of dirt they can dig up on him to compel him to sell.

  9. Stan finally has got caught. He never wanted to be in St. Louis, and he has now trying to negotiate another deal to save his wallet. He should contribute the funding of a new stadium in St Louis and pay for their expansion fee.

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