Kevin Stefanski: I need to do a better job of getting Odell Beckham Jr. involved

NFL: OCT 31 Steelers at Browns
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The situation with the Browns and receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has progressed well into the weird.

The former Pro Bowl receiver has not been a factor for Cleveland this year since returning from his torn ACL. He has just 17 receptions for 232 yards.

Beckham’s lack of chemistry with quarterback Baker Mayfield appears to be part of the issue. But Beckham received only one official target in Sunday’s loss to Pittsburgh, catching a 6-yard pass. Mayfield threw to him once more but the play was negated for a roughing the passer penalty.

In his Monday press conference, head coach Kevin Stefanski said it’s on him to get Beckham more involved.

“I would tell you first and foremost, I need to do a better job. I really do,” Stefanski said, via Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan. “I need to make sure that I put him in position to make some plays, and I did not do a good enough job certainly yesterday.”

Stefanski noted Beckham gets plenty of attention from defenses and that can open up plays for other receivers, like Jarvis Landry. But when asked directly if Beckham fits in the offensive scheme, Stefanski again said he has to do a better job.

Still, the head coach said he feels Beckham is a dynamic player.

“I do. Yeah, I do based off of what I see from him each week,” Stefanski said. “Again, I just think he can affect the game. That is where I am really making sure that myself and coaches we have to put him in position to make some plays.”

With the trade deadline on Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET, there’s a possibility Cleveland could send Beckham elsewhere. But for a team that hasn’t reached 20 points in four of its last five games, the Browns could certainly use an explosive offensive player like Beckham has been in the past.

It just seems like Beckham won’t be that player again for his current team.

16 responses to “Kevin Stefanski: I need to do a better job of getting Odell Beckham Jr. involved

  1. For whatever reason, OBJ has never developed any chemistry with Mayfield. The potential seems to be there, but they just haven’t been able to put it together. The Browns might be better off to seek a trade.

  2. Trade him if you can find a taker. He has 500 yards combined the last 2 years and is making $15 mill/yr

  3. He says this every week. He finds ways to get Landry the ball and he’s not even close to the talent that OBJ is. Trade him to a team that will actually throw him the ball.

  4. Just trade him already, jeez enough with the excuses. He had 1 great catch almost 10 years ago.

  5. OMG, Freddie Kitchens said the same thing. Just trade him as it’s not working out with this organization. Everyone needs a fresh start.

  6. Stefanski needs to also run the ball more. Stefanski is incompetent, Mayfield is awful, and the WRs were awful yesterday

  7. In the you cant make this up column, must be some pissed off Browns fans on Sunday, Ravens LB Malik Harrison who went to Ohio St, was hit by a stray bullet Sunday night when in Cleveland during the Ravens bye week. Browns fans must have taken the day off of work today too. Jersey Mike’s is normally crowded when I go to lunch, the parking lot was almost empty. Poor Browns Fan, if you would just listen to my predictions, you wouldnt be so frustrated.

  8. Its very telling how ignorant Browns fans are, that a vast majority wanna keep a below avg QB in Mayfield, but cant wait to get rid of OBJ. LOL. I will guarantee, a real QB wouldnt have any problem getting OBJ the ball.

  9. He is averaging 20.8 yards a game and has been given 30 million so far. That’s not even talking about the injury portion of this toxic relationship. These are the things that nobody speaks of while crowning the Browns in the off season.

  10. baker stinks
    stefanski stinks
    we stink
    love stinks

    even with all that – steelers barely beat us

  11. Baker may not be the answer, but if the WRs, including OBJ, just do their job last Sunday, we’re having a very different conversation this week.

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