Mike White: Zach Wilson might have been more excited than me about our win

New York Jets Mandatory Minicamp
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Jets backup quarterback Mike White stepped in for the injured starter Zach Wilson on Sunday and led the team to a shocking upset over the Bengals, leading to plenty of talk that White, not Wilson is the best quarterback on the team. But Wilson wasn’t jealous.

Instead, White said today, Wilson was his No. 1 cheerleader.

“Zach was awesome,” White said. “He was the first person in the hall when I got off the field to congratulate me. He gave me this huge hug. I was real nervous that I hit his knee and banged him up. He honestly might have been more juiced up than me. He was texting me during the game. Every play during the game he was texting my phone. Obviously I wasn’t answering. He’s like, ‘Oh, my God, that was awesome.’ Then had a big, long congratulations text for me.”

White said Wilson’s support was exactly what he was expecting.

“That’s who Zach is,” White said. “It’s super genuine, the kid just loves football and loves being around the team and it shows every day, whether he’s on the field or off.”

11 responses to “Mike White: Zach Wilson might have been more excited than me about our win

  1. Gotta give White a lot of credit, he can actually get to his 3rd & 4th read unlike Zach who might get to his 2nd….. maybe. It seemed Cincy was confident that they could just disguise coverage instead of disguise the blitz…. It didn’t work, should have realized that by halftime or at least by the time 7:00 was left in the game and you had an 11 pt lead….

  2. The NFL is littered with one hit wonders ,Pump the brakes ,then pump the brakes some more then pump them again !

  3. Listening/watching ZW interviews/pressers, and hearing stories like this, I can’t help but think he’s a genuinely good dude.

  4. Every draft pick by any other team than the mighty 4-4 Pats is a bust. That 230 million in spending is REALLY paying off.

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