Once again, Carson Wentz tries to do too much


For many of the quarterbacks who are injury prone (or, more accurately, prone to getting themselves in position to be injured) or who make dumb mistakes and inopportune times, there’s a common thread.

They try to do too much. They try to do more than they can.

It’s been an issue for Jameis Winston. And it’s definitely an issue for Carson Wentz.

Every play becomes the last play of the Super Bowl, clock ticking toward zero. Every play becomes the opportunity to transform a season in one glorious moment.

And so the quarterback holds onto the ball for too long, ignoring the moment when the play should be aborted by throwing the ball away or running out of bounds or sliding or taking a seat. On Sunday, Wentz did that in the end zone on a screen pass that the Tennessee defense quickly diagnosed.

Watch the play. He considered firing the ball to the ground in the vicinity of a couple of receivers, but he decided to try to do too much. So he stopped himself and extended the play. Then, when he was devoured by the defense, he tried to unload the ball with his left hand to avoid a safety. Instead, he gift-wrapped a Tennessee touchdown.

After the game, coach Frank Reich tried to take the blame for the blunder.

“That was 100 percent my fault,” Reich said after the game. “It was a bad call. . . . It was a screen to Mo, and they were sitting right on it. . . . I’ve been around too long to know that you don’t call a screen backed up in that situation. . . . It’s too risky. There’s too many bad things that can happen.”

Many believe Reich was simply covering for Wentz. And maybe Reich was; he was surely the driving force behind trading for Wentz.

Or maybe the most honest truth is that Reich failed to factor into his decision the fact that Wentz is too prone to trying to do too much. Thus, in that spot, Reich invited disaster.

Regardless, Wentz had a quick escape hatch and he should have taken it. It’s a chicken-and-egg question of whether Reich is to blame for putting him in that situation or Wentz is to blame for doing it. Moving forward, Reich needs to do more to coach Wentz away from trying to do too much.

Unless Wentz can be coached away from trying to do too much, he’ll never achieve as much as he could in the NF.

11 responses to “Once again, Carson Wentz tries to do too much

  1. I’d rather have Tom Brady, but there is only one of those guys. But among everyone else, I’d much rather have a guy who does too much, trying to make plays, than a guy that checks down and basically concedes the win because he’s more concerned with his stat sheet than winning games. At least Wentz has what it takes to be a winner. He’ll get there some day. He’s on the right track.

  2. Something Wentz and Jared Goff have in common: they looked great for years behind strong OLs, and because they hadn’t played much behind weaker lines teams didn’t know how they would handle such a situation. Thus, they were taken as safe “franchise” QBs before they were more widely tested, especially in adverse circumstances – and once adverse circumstances hit, they were exposed as struggling to handle pass rushes. Some people like to chide the Rams and Eagles for paying these guys “too soon” (somehow at the same time chiding the Cowboys for “waiting too long” to pay Dak Prescott, even though all three became eligible for extensions at the same time), but those people were not cautioning about going too fast at the time. It’s mostly retroactive. Meanwhile, some people (cough) tried to caution to hold judgement until these guys were tested in tougher situations, and were ignored. Well, now we see the full story. With Wentz, either he didn’t have a chance to learn how to handle a pass rush due to the years behind a wall or else he never had it in him to handle a steady pass rush.

  3. The last play was the worst. Taylor was open right in the middle of the field. There wasn’t a defender within 15 yards. Huge play for the taking. Instead he throws into double coverage.

  4. There is going to be a new qb drill at the combine. It will be known as “The Wentz Drill”, and will involve throwing while flat of your back and crossing the fingers on your non-throwing hand….

  5. Hes never been the same since he was hurt in Philly. He was the MVP for sure and then he got hurt and his mechnics changed , his footwork, he takes off when he shouldnt because he cant really run. REgressed big time.

  6. Name one hall of fame NFL player that went to North Dakota STATE? Wentz never played against THE BIG BOYS in college, and it shows in the NFL.

  7. seems like the nfl gets faster, every season. sometimes, QBs probably have to make several decisions / second. offense would be easier, if every team had an RB like henry. right?

  8. Certainly isn’t the first time he’s done that this year. I remember earlier this year he had a shovel pass intercepted. How do you have a shovel pass intercepted????

  9. Of course Wentz should’ve thrown it away, but he’s got a moron of a play caller in Reich. You have the 2nd best RB in the league in Jonathon Taylor and you call a screen when the QB is in the end zone? Inexcusable!!

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