Saints confirm ACL tear, MCL damage for Jameis Winston

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
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The season is officially over for Saints quarterback Jameis Winston.

The team has announced that Winston suffered a torn ACL along with MCL damage, during an illegal horse-collar tackle by Buccaneers linebacker Devin White.

The injury comes only 4.5 months before Winston becomes a free agent. It necessarily complicates his career, likely forcing him to sign a one-year deal after he’s healthy, with New Orleans or someone else.

It also underscores the uncertainty that the Saints will have at the quarterback position. Taysom Hill, who suffered a concussion in Week Five, is expected to be cleared to play this week. Trevor Siemian performed well on Sunday, in place of Winston.

As PFT has reported, the Saints won’t be pursuing Cam Newton. It appears that they’ll opt for a next-man-up approach.

They beat one of the best teams in football without Winston. Now 5-2 and led by one of the best coaches in the league in Sean Payton, the Saints should be taken seriously even without Winston.

31 responses to “Saints confirm ACL tear, MCL damage for Jameis Winston

  1. Lets remember Payton and Brees only got to one Super Bowl. Everyone is so quick to jump on the Packers for this but these two get a pass.

  2. Too bad. Hope he gets better. He wasn’t having a bad year either. Have to keep things in perspective that he probably made more money last week then I did in ten years of 40 hrs a week when I worked for a living. I think he will find work but probably wont play until at least the fall of next year.

  3. It’s time forthe nfl to stop all tackles by pulling down from behind. The severe injury rate is way too high. Push them forward or out is fine if the defender is behind, but pulling down has got to stop. Anyone who’s watched the nfl for a few years has seen this. If you tug pull or grasp a back of a jersey it’s a penalty and if you do it two times in 8 weeks you are suspended 1 game. There is no reason to allow these type of tackles to continue.

  4. Except it wasn’t a horse collar tackle. White clearly grabbed him by the shoulder.

  5. Call me crazy but perhaps this will be an improvement for New Orleans, literally any other QB would help a good team get better.

  6. When someone is injured on a play that draws a penalty for a horse collar or some other form of banned contact, the player who administered the injury should be suspended without pay for so long as the injured player is out. That would send a strong message.

  7. I’d be on the line with Vegas making an offer on Mariota. After what he did with Winston, just imagine what Paton could do with Marcus!

  8. That was such a dirty play. By a dirty player. Way to jeopordize a mans career because you cant tackle properly.

  9. If Sean Payton can bring Jameis Winston back to relevance, stands to reason Siemian can find success as well. That being said, if Rivers is willing to give it one more shot and he’s in playing shape, he might be a game changer in that offense.

  10. Maybe the Saints should trade for Teddy Bridgewater. The Broncos aren’t going to make the playoffs and Bridgewater played well for the Saints when he was on the team.

  11. You could tell on the replay that the outcome wasn’t going to be good. His leg bent very awkwardly when he was grabbed by the collar. I don’t know how anyone can watch the replay and say that this was not a horse collar tackle. It most certainly was. Tough break for Winston. He worked hard for another chance at starting.

  12. When a player has to leave the game due to an injury sustained during an illegal hit, the player who applied the hit should have to leave the game as well. Said player should not be allowed to return to action until the injured player has been cleared.

  13. It was obvious that his knee was seriously injured. Why the hell did they keep showing it. Troy couldn’t get enough of the replay.

  14. Good week for Taysom Hill to be coming back. He doesn’t need to worry about taking a hit from the Falcons “pass rush”.

  15. This is sad news. I watched him all those years in TB, he seemed to be playing pretty good yesterday. I hope he can recover quickly

  16. When Bruce Arians was in Arizona he said that players should be suspended for illegal hits for the same amount of time that an injured player is out. Wonder if he’s reconsidering that?

  17. Do people not know what a horse collar is!?! This was NOT a horse collar. White grabbed JUST the jersey outside of the pads. Educate yourselves.

  18. I’d be on the line with Vegas making an offer on Mariota

    Marcus dislocated his shoulder reaching for the phone….

  19. baily123 says:
    November 1, 2021 at 1:16 pm
    It’s time forthe nfl to stop all tackles by pulling down from behind.


    Yeah….maybe they should just play flag football

  20. The horse-collar tackle is an American football maneuver in which a defender tackles another player by grabbing the back collar or the back-inside of an opponent’s shoulder pads and pulling the ball carrier directly downward violently in order to pull his feet from underneath him.

    Analysis: Devin White did not do anything mentioned in the above paragraph. No horse collar on the play.

  21. No player shall grab the inside collar of the back or the side of the shoulder pads or jersey, or GRAB THE JERSEY AT THE NAMEPLATE OR ABOVE, and pull the runner toward the ground. NFL rules…

    It was a horse collar tackle.

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