Saints won’t pursue Cam Newton

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
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With Saints quarterback Jameis Winston likely lost for the year, one of the key ingredients for a landing spot for Cam Newton has fallen into place. Since the chances of Newton joining a new team as a backup are low, he’d need to sign as the replacement to an injured starter.

But the team that has an injured starter has to want him. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Saints will not be contacting Cam Newton about joining the team.

That’s a telling snub. The Saints dealt with Newton for most of a decade. Coach Sean Payton knows what he can do, what he can’t do. And if Payton isn’t interested, that says something.

The Saints apparently will stick with who they have. The question is whether Taysom Hill, who is expected to be cleared to return after a Week Five concussion, will be the starter or the jack-of-all-trades option with Trevor Siemian serving as the No. 1 option.

As for Newton, eight weeks have unfolded with only one phone call, from the Seahawks. As teams enter the final stages of the season, the question becomes whether (if a starter is injured) the team will prefer to elevate the backup who knows the offense over bringing in a stranger to the team.

28 responses to “Saints won’t pursue Cam Newton

  1. When The Hoodie decided that he preferred a raw rookie over one more year of Cam, it told you everything you needed to know. Your point is a fair one – if Sean Payton isn’t interested even given his dire situation, it’s hard to imagine anyone signing him.

  2. I like Cam, but I think this is the right choice for the Saints. There is nothing that Cam can do at this point in his career, that Taysom can’t do.

  3. Why would they? They have a reliable backup in Hill and Siemian performed well too. And they both know the offense.

  4. Payton and Belichick are friends, quite sure Sean knew Cam was done quite awhile ago.
    Seriously, Newton couldn’t hit simple passes last season for the Pats. He’s done. Add that there seems to be alot of angst against the dude, I am not in that camp, as a Pats fan I’m just saying he’s done.

  5. Given how he’s played recently- anyone pursuing Cam is likely to catch him without getting winded.

  6. Cam didn’t fully learn the play book in NE over an entire season….there’s no way he’s doing it in time to help NO.

  7. Sean is 13-3 over the last three seasons without Brees. There’s enough talent on this team to support whoever the QB is.

  8. I think it would be very disrespectful for a coach to try to show up Bill Belichick by attempting to do something he couldn’t do. Belichick is regarded as the greatest coach of all time, and he was unable to win with Cam Newton. Everyone realizes Tom Brady had a lot to do with New England’s 6 super bowl wins, but I still think Bill is extremely well respected. If you’ve ever coached, you know winning your first super bowl is easier than winning the next one. And Bill was able to win six. And besides, New Orleans already has a couple QB’s on their roster who know the system, and have already won big games for them. New Orleans is one of the most stable franchises. This would be so out of character for them. Sean Payton would only respond to this out of respect for whoever asked the questionable question.

  9. Anyone who saw Cam’s appearance on Gruden’s QB Camp show when he was a draft prospect can understand why he’s not being picked up. The offense has to be tailored to him and he’s not great at picking up new offensive schemes. He is a player that relies mostly on his raw physical talent and with age and the punishment he has taken, that ability has diminished. Around the time he was released there were stories coming out of NE that Mac Jones was helping Cam learn the offense. All this points to a likely view that he would struggle to come in mid season and pick up an offense not tailored to his skill set in time to save a team’s season.

  10. They just dont get it. Cam and Kaperdink make a pain of themselves, no one will touch them.
    Cam could have played for someone talent wise but its not worth it.

  11. The greatest obstacle to Cam Newton getting another job at Quarterback is archived footage of Cam Newton attempting the job of Quarterback.

  12. Taysom Hill about to be exposed! He will never live up to the hype. Not his fault. he is a nice player, but is not an NFL caliber starting quarterback. Saints should sign someone else or play Siemian and let Taysom stay the overpaid gadget player.

  13. Makes no sense that a former MVP of the league is out of work. Newton, Kamara and Hill would have been a nightmare to defend and most likely would have brought the Saints their second super bowl title. What a damn shame!

  14. Hill could be a sufficient QB for the season but the Saints should use this time to be looking for their long term starter…
    It was obvious Payton did not trust Winston passing because Siemian did not just throw screens and check downs with the same receivers…

  15. Cam and his aura want to go to a team with a chance to start long term. The Saints have Jameis as their long term solution.

  16. Sad for Jameis maybe this work out better for Saints he would have taken them to playoff and his next contact would have been 20 million per year now they may not offer him that much it helps them on salary cap.

  17. Looks like Cam got vaccinated for no reason as teams still won’t touch him.

    Maybe it will sink in to him that he is washed up.

  18. Cam became full of himself…then he lost his mojo. He had the potential to be one of the greatest, but his ego became bigger than his legend

  19. Cam is not an accurate passer and no use to the Saints unless they start running the triple option wish bone offense as a back up to Taysom. Cam’s career is over unless he is willing to be a camp arm at league minimum.

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