Dolphins first got permission to speak with Deshaun Watson on Monday night

Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans
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Many will say that the absence of a trade of quarterback Deshaun Watson from the Texans to the Dolphins means that a trade was never going to happen.

Undermining that view of reality is the fact that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross received permission to speak to Watson.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that permission was granted on Monday night. Obviously, the Texans would have had no reason to authorize such communications if there was zero chance of a trade happening.

As PFT has reported, the two sides were closing in on a deal last week. Then, the Texans caught wind of a potential settlement of the 22 civil lawsuits pending against Watson — and they drove up the price. Talks cratered, and the two sides never reached a deal.

The fact that permission was granted to the Dolphins to speak directly to Watson shows that, as of last night, a deal was still possible. Ultimately, the two sides couldn’t come together on an agreement.

As a result, Watson will remain with the Texans, at least until March 16, 2022, the first day of the next trading period.

9 responses to “Dolphins first got permission to speak with Deshaun Watson on Monday night

  1. Houston just missed their greatest opportunity for a trade. In the off-season Rodgers and Wilson could be available, maybe others as well. Watsons legal issues probably won’t be resolved by March. Teams will go after QB’s without legal troubles first. Plus Miami may have high draft picks, they could sign another veteran and possibly draft a rookie.

  2. If watson has a no trade clause and he said he would only waive it for miami it seems watson and the dolohins have all the leverage why would they trade? He is due 32 million next year and wont play a down no way houston can eat that, they will try to trade him he will reject the trades houston wont have any choice but to release him and falls in miamis lap…maybe wishful thinking idk

  3. The real problem in Miami is that the new league year has just begun and Grier is still their GM! Miami’s defense is solid and can be made great with a defensive end! Right now there are GM candidates that would love to have that job in Miami! Miami has a lot of cap space,and enough draft capital the next two years to turn it around! Gesiki at tight end Parker and Waddle at receiver,the Dolphins need a running back,a tackle and a guard to be competitive and maybe a quarterback. The right GM can turn it around fast but it isn’t Grier! He has to go,and now is the time!

  4. The Texans did not mess up – it is all on DeeShawn. They need to hold him accountable for any losses. He has decreased his value and the Texans are owed some significant cash.

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