Joe Judge: Giants have had problems with headsets not working in every game this year

Carolina Panthers v New York Giants
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Giants coach Joe Judge says his team had to use timeouts it didn’t want to use against the Chiefs on Monday Night Football because the headsets weren’t working and they couldn’t get their plays called.

In fact, Judge says the Giants’ headsets never work.

It’s happened in every game so far,” Judge said, via Newsday. “We deal with the league and they keep telling us there are different software updates, but we had to call two timeouts today because we’re trying to send the deals in personnel-wise and we have half the headsets aren’t getting any reception . . . Whatever the issue with that is, the people involved with that had better get it fixed fast.”

Judge said he doesn’t know if league or Giants employees are in charge of getting the headsets to work but that it “better be fixed fast.”

It should have been fixed after the first time. That it still hasn’t been fixed nearing the halfway point of the season is bizarre, and one of the strangest complaints we’ve heard from an NFL coach this season.

43 responses to “Joe Judge: Giants have had problems with headsets not working in every game this year

  1. No worries, Joe. Black Friday specials just around the corner. Stock up on some better gadgets – at discount prices. Make sure to use the coupon codes at checkout.

  2. Former Patriots coach complaining about headsets not working properly. Welcome to the rest of the NFL.

  3. “Yessssss….our evil plan is working…..” – every NFL team not named the Giants.

  4. The Lions coaches have said the same thing – timeouts called because of headsets not working. I figured this was just the Lions, but now this story makes me think there are other problems.

  5. Even without a headset everyone, including the opposing defense, know what the play call will be. That’s the brilliance of a Jason Garrett led offense.

  6. This guy is a horrible head coach, go back to being a special teams coach make some good money and accept it. He couldn’t coach a High School team, most of the coaches in the league just flat out stink.

    Now that cat up in Green Bay well now he can flat out COACH!

  7. Really coach?? Blaming the headsets?? How about blaming your coaching and those 12 year old outbursts on the sidelines for your problems. Really…… the headsets????

  8. I’m old enough to remember when the Patriots were accused of jamming opponents headsets at every game.

  9. That is pure incompetence on Judge’s part. Talk to people. Make some calls. Get it fixed. And if you aren’t techie enough to understand the instructions, find someone who is. This isn’t difficult and the fact that he can’t even handle that is telling.

  10. And they haven’t played the Patriots at all… maybe it was never a BB scheme in the first place?

  11. This happened to Belichick in a Super Bowl and instead of whining about it he just trained the team and the coaches to work without headsets.

  12. The Giants, who along with the Jets have the worst record in the NFL in recent years, should not have purchased their headphones from a clearance sale @ Radio Shack. Way to go John Mara.

  13. The timeout with 3:27 left in the 4th was immediate and had nothing to do with headsets. Right when the Chiefs got a first down and you only had one left. That was called because Judge is incompetent. Not because of head sets.

  14. One would think that if it happened every game then they should be expecting the poor reception and have a work around 8 weeks in…

  15. Problem: headsets often don’t work
    Solution: wait until after game 8 to say something

  16. It’s the garbage Bose products they use. No high, no lows, it must be Bose.

  17. From what I witnessed last night the Giants coaching is a much bigger problem than any headset.when the game is almost in the rear view mirror,time running out and you are close to the goal line with a first down and you throw the ball three out of four times and stop the clock when you need it running thats bad coaching.when your player gets a stupid taunting call when your team can least afford it,thats bad coaching.cant see the Giants winning much this season and there will be a new coach next season.

  18. “NFL Tech Support, how can I help? …OK, your headset is not working. I can help with that. Have you checked to make sure it’s plugged in and powered on? …I’m glad that solved the problem. Is there anything else I can help you with today? …No, sorry, I can’t call offensive plays for your team.”

  19. If this has happened in every game, how has he not asked to clarify whose responsibility it is to fix it? Isn’t he the HEAD coach? Should he not be demanding answers after it happens once, or at least by the second time?

    The sign of a bad leader, in any industry, is one who will complain but not actually look into the issue to make sure that it gets fixed, or to find a work around and be able to function if the headsets do go out.

  20. pftmember says:
    November 2, 2021 at 6:04 am
    No worries, Joe. Black Friday specials just around the corner. Stock up on some better gadgets – at discount prices. Make sure to use the coupon codes at checkout.
    You obviously haven’t been trying to get your kid a PS5 or Xbox, bots are gonna grab up all the headphones now and Judge will have to go to eBay for the scalper version.

  21. The Giants have had problems with headsets for a decade. Don’t forget that Eli Manning had to use walkie talkies at one point. There’s more to this one. These communications issues seem to plague only the Giants. Jets never have the issue so it’s not stadium related.

  22. No ax to grind here – even if Judge is right, it’s just a bad look, He comes across as Alibi Ike (a story my dad made me read as a kid, about a kid who always had an excuse). Point being – it’s adversity. Deal with it. If you can’t, the Giants need to get someone who can

  23. Since they have not played every game on the road, that eliminates the other team as an excuse. Looks like the team is poorly managed from top to bottom and a problem like this that goes into consecutive games shows incompetence in coaching and management. I think you are making this up or your folks have yet to figure out how to plug in a headset or to make sure the batteries are charged.

  24. A billion dollar league that can’t manage their equipment properly. Embarrassing.

    Congress needs to ask him about these sorts of things, too.

  25. It’s got to be the Patriots…still salty over the 2 SB losses to the Giants. They must have made a pact with the Chiefs to sabotage the headsets.

  26. Well, they could use cards like colleges do. Or messenger guards like Paul Brown did 60 years ago.

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