LeBron James wants Browns to #FreeOBJ

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As a wise man once said, once is an accident. Twice is a trend.

With the clock ticking toward the trade deadline, an apparently organized effort has emerged to get Odell Beckham Jr. out of Cleveland.

Earlier, Odell Beckham Sr. posted a video showing all the times that OBJ was open but quarterback Baker Mayfield failed to get to ball to Beckham. Now, Cleveland icon LeBron James has chimed in.

OBJ will show again why he’s special,” LeBron tweeted. “WR1 #FreeOBJ.”

James and Beckham are friends. They communicate. Although Beckham has kept his thoughts private as to whether he’s happy in Cleveland, how can he be? He’s still getting open, but the quarterbacks aren’t getting him the ball.

The team’s offense has evolved away from Beckham. They don’t need him. They’re better off without him, and he’d be better off without them.

Here’s the problem. Who’s going to make an offer for Beckham and his eight-figure salary? The better question is whether, after today, the Browns will release Beckham and hope that someone will claim him on waivers, absolving them of any further financial obligation. Otherwise, they’d likely have to pay a large chunk of his remaining salary to even get a low-round draft pick.

53 responses to “LeBron James wants Browns to #FreeOBJ

  1. Well, OBJ may be “keeping silent”, but obviously he’s not. Just cut him. He’s never going to be happy unless he’s the star on a team – and he’s likely never going to be a star again, anywhere.

  2. Browns could’ve drafted Josh Allen. Best option for Browns is get Deshaun Watson and send Baker to the Texans and keep OBJ.

  3. Let OBJ sign a paper letting the Browns out of his contract completely and they’ll let him walk out the door in 5 minutes. Funny how making $20 million a year and people feel bad for ya. Rich kid blues

  4. A team would be crazy to allow this spoiled diva into their locker room. Throws QB’s inder the bus like TO used to. He’s not a team player and injury prone. Let him go hang out with LeBron.

  5. I am sure Browns would happily obliged if OBJ forego’s what guarantees are remaining in his contract. #obj-over-rated…

  6. Why is the most overrated player in NBA history opening his yap about another sport? Seems his team has issues he needs to be working through. If this guy would ever play defense and not impersonate a statue when an opposing player goes to the basket UNCONTESTED!

  7. Nobody wants an aging, injury prone WR with the ego of a guy who thinks he’s still the best WR in football. The good teams don’t need the headaches and the bad teams have enough problems already. The Browns do just as well, if not better, when he’s not playing than they do when he is playing. That’s a red flag the size of Alaska.

  8. LeBron should stick to basketball matters, but the Browns should move OBJ today. Not sure what they’d get for him though.

  9. I’d buy the Cleveland Browns and 10 minutes later trade Odell Beckham for a bag of peanuts if would mean LeBron James would just shut up.
    Much like Geraldo Rivera befor him, James — armed with a high school diploma and a giant ego — apparently believes himself to be on of the “wise men of his generation,” offering unsolicited opinions on virtually every subject under the sun.

  10. LeBron has spoken…let a trade be done. Come on, now. This is ridiculous. Jr. needs to grow up. Who else will we hear from on this matter today?

  11. Beckham Jr not worth the $, headache, or locker room distraction. You’ll have to modify your offense around him to keep him happy. We have a track record of seeing this with him now.

    Who wants to try a third time for such a high price?

  12. Serves the Browns right. What a waste. Look at DeErnest – he lit it up in replacement of Hunt and then the very next week…barely gets any carries but STILL manages to score a td. Stefanski wouldn’t know talent if it fell from the sky onto his head. Embarrassing.

  13. Not surprised at all that LeBron James and OBJ are best friends…


  14. Maybe LeBron would like to reimburse the Browns for OBJ’s contract. Then the Browns could just release him, and he can excel wherever he wants.

  15. His contract isn’t guaranteed so he can be and will be cut at years end. Problem he will get hurt and his contract is too big to fit under a lot of contenders cap.

  16. OMG, yet another reason I don’t like LeBron.
    OBJ worked his way outta NY ad well.

  17. If the NBA would still call traveling and palming the ball we never would have heard of LeBron.

  18. Welcome to the new world where disgruntled athletes let everyone else talk for them via social media.

  19. This is only proving that Beckham is a diva who will cause problems in any locker room. I can’t imagine any team taking this headache and contract off of Cleveland’s hands.

  20. “Why is the most overrated player in NBA history opening his yap about another sport?”

    When you go to and win as many Championships as LBJ, get back to us. I don’t like LeBron, but if you have eyes and tell the truth, he’s one of the best.

  21. Browns ought to trade OBJ to Lebron for a singed basketball that they could then sell on Ebay. OBJ is too much of a cancer as his daddy pointed out to be dumb enough to trade anything even a bag of used balls.

  22. Ugh. Both of his NFL teams were better without him than with him.

    Unprofessional, sad, narcissistic behavior.

  23. The only videos I’ve seen are the ones when Beckham dropped passes right in his hands. Why didn’t pops include those clips? The guy is much more trouble than he’s worth. He’s the poster boy for talent and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee. There are a lot of “talented” guys on the streets. Desire, determination, mental toughness. Those are what make great football players, when combined with talent. Not just raw talent.

  24. Trade him to the Patriots. Like Joe Burrow, Mac Jones is not intimidated by a superstar receiver, he played with a couple of superstars at Alabama. He will be just fine with OBJ.

  25. I used to love it when OBJ was with the Giants. It seemed that every time they played WFT he’d have a big catch, then a bigger penalty or other screw up. Now he’s just another agine wide receiver who thinks he’s both a stud and a diva. Pass.

  26. 2 facts: LeBron is a blow-hard & it’s undeniable the Browns play better without OBJ. Has he ever been a real part of a winning team?

    11-12 with OBJ in the lineup. 8-5 without.

  27. Attention hungry LeBron

    This is what happens when you get coddled and surrounded by yes-men your whole life. Every idea you come up with seems great!

  28. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    November 2, 2021 at 1:22 pm
    Trade him to the Patriots. Like Joe Burrow, Mac Jones is not intimidated by a superstar receiver, he played with a couple of superstars at Alabama. He will be just fine with OBJ.


    No thanks.

  29. I challenge Lebron to watch an entire Cleveland Browns game and not just the cliff note highlights like he doesn’t even bother to do with his books. Stick to being the C.O.A.T (that’s cringiest of all time for the non intellectuals

  30. Well if this was an organized effort, seems pretty stupid. He should be man enough to demand a trade or sit out. The Browns are going to trade him because LeBron tweeted? I don’t think so.

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