Manningcast draws biggest audience yet, with 1.96 million


After the three-week break, the Manningcast dipped to 1.61 million viewers for the Saints-Seahawks game. On Monday night, however, it generated its biggest audience yet.

An average viewership of 1.96 million tuned in for the alternate telecast of Giants-Chiefs. With a full ESPN audience of 13.99 million, the Manningcast accounted for 14 percent of the total audience.

In Week Seven, the Manningcast’s 1.61 million viewers accounted for 12.4 percent of the total crowd.

The Mannings will be off for Bears-Steelers in Week Nine, but they’ll return for Rams-49ers in Week 10 and Giants-Bucs in Week 11.

Speaking of the Giants, Sports Business Daily noted that Eli avoided criticizing the Giants on Monday night. And for good reason. Beyond spending his full career with the Giants, he now works for the team. It’s fair to ask, frankly, whether Eli’s current employment connection to the Giants should be disclosed repeatedly when the Mannings do a Giants game. While most fans know he played for the team, not nearly as many know he’s currently getting a paycheck from them.

Finally, it’s fair to wonder whether some who are watching the Mannings otherwise wouldn’t watch the game. If so, they’re adding to the total audience.

Here’s another way they’re helping. Some may be watching both. The Manningcast distracts me from watching the game, so I focus on the main broadcast live and then, on Tuesday morning, I play the Manningcast while working on PFT. So ESPN and its advertisers are getting six hours from me when they otherwise would be getting only three.

16 responses to “Manningcast draws biggest audience yet, with 1.96 million

  1. I love the Manningcast. So much better than Steve Levy.

    My only complaint is I wish they didn’t have guests. I could listen to Peyton and Eli break down defenses all day. Or work in another defensive member of the team like Aqib Talib to talk about what the secondary is thinking.

  2. I’m gonna watch football regardless but when the Mannings are on I won’t shut off a bad game early.

  3. I watched for a bit but the giant bias was a little much. Other then that it’s enjoyable.

  4. Manning cast makes it feel like I’m hanging out with my buddies drinking beer watching the game, but my buddies are Super Bowl winning QB’s who know what they’re talking about

  5. Manning and Manning are more entertaining than the ESPN crew, though I do like Riddick. I also love the Aqib Talib suggestion above.

  6. Peyton is obviously a football smart nerd, Eli is hilarious the way he constantly pokes his brother, now only if they would add Cooper, the guests are hit/miss..lets whittle down to 2, Beastmode and Gronk every week

  7. This is not sportscasting with a need to be impartial. Go ahead and play favorites. Its part of the reason to tune in.

  8. Switched over to the “Manningcast” a few weeks ago and won’t go back to the regular broadcast. The only broadcasting pair I’ve enjoyed more in my 55 years is when the late greats Jack Buck and Hank Stram were a tandem on radio.

  9. The biases of the “professional” sportscasters are usually evident. Therefore, Eli’s arrangement is no concern since it is public knowledge. East coast bias, big city bias, hometown bias…even, “hope the game stays close so people watch me” bias.

  10. I have to admit listening to Steve Levy is tough. He’s pretty clueless on his play by play calls.

  11. After a rocky start, Eli has settled in and has shown his intelligence and ability to break down plays. And, as someone mentioned above, his constant needling of his big brother is actually kind of funny.

  12. This is because of everyone’s need to be entertained constantly like children. YES they are funny but I want to watch the game not listen to people talk. They actually had an experiment once that they broadcast a game with NO announcers and the ratings were actually really high…. interesting. Love the Manning brothers I said I want to watch the game not listen to people talk.

  13. It’s kind of like watching a game with no play-by-play announcer, just the color commentary. I didn’t need someone to tell me that Mahomes was stinking it up- I could see that while listening to the Mannings.
    By the way, is it just me or does Eli look more like Brett Favre’s little brother than Peyton’s?

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