NFL: We have not identified an issue with Giants headsets on Monday night

Carolina Panthers v New York Giants
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After Monday night’s 20-17 loss to the Chiefs, Giants head coach Joe Judge was asked about burning timeouts early in the game and pointed to communications problems as the cause.

Judge said that “we had to call two timeouts today because we’re trying to send the deals in personnel-wise and we have half the headsets aren’t getting any reception.” He said that the team has had issues with the headsets in every game this season and that “the people involved with that had better get it fixed fast.”

Judge said he didn’t know if those people worked for the team or the league, but the NFL said in a statement that it has found no issues with the headsets that are used by the Giants and the other 31 teams in the league.

“We are looking into the matter with all involved parties; however, we are confident that nothing is attributable to the Bose headset,” the statement said. “We have not been able to identify an issue in last night’s game with the Giants’ communication system. We were not made aware of any issues during the game from the club through our standard communication channels that are used to identify gameday issues.”

Whatever the cause of the Giants’ communication issues, it’s something a 2-6 team doesn’t need to deal with on top of their on-field struggles so finding a solution should be a priority heading into this week’s game against the Raiders.

10 responses to “NFL: We have not identified an issue with Giants headsets on Monday night

  1. Some other coach is going to come in and agree with Judge to at least save face for him. Bogus excuse.

  2. Not surprising… They also didnt find anything in the WFT 600,000 emails except for Gruden.

  3. For a fee of $127000…

    I will gladly fly to Washington and show the staff where the “on” button is on their headsets.

  4. I’m telling you – either they don’t know how to turn them on, how to charge them, or how to plug them in. This is happening regardless of where they play. The team is incompetently run and coached.

  5. If you have the same problems wherever you go, chances are good that you might be the problem.

  6. Lame excuse Judge teams have played football without headsets before …. and if it’s been an issue for weeks FIRE your IT people.

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