Other teams called about Von Miller, but offered “nothing substantial”

Baltimore Ravens v Denver Broncos
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Simms and I wondered aloud on PFT Live whether other NFC teams (like, say, the Packers) tried to get in on the Von Miller trade action, in order to keep him from joining the Teddy KGB Rams.

As it turns out, the Rams were the primary suitors for Miller.

Per a league source, the Broncos had other calls for Miller, but there was “nothing substantial” offered by any other team. Indeed, the talks with other teams never got very serious. The value proposed by other teams was “nowhere near as high” as the offer made by the Rams.

That’s no surprise. Other teams place far greater value in their draft picks than the Rams do. The Rams, at this point, view the picks merely as vehicles for getting established players.

It’s not a bad approach. Plenty of those lottery tickets become losers. Why not trade them in for winners?

Regardless, the Broncos could have gotten more for Miller if they had sparked a bidding war. The only problem is that the only team bidding was the Rams.

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  1. The thing about older players like this is that the coach is looking for the rockstar that’s going to recapture something from his youth. They are hoping for high-level consitency which they won’t get in a rookie. But… old bodies break and get fatigued faster and they end up with a J.J. Watt on their roster trying to heal up for one more game. This trade is fool’s gold.

  2. Stan Kroenke is running the Rams like he ran the Colorado Avalanche before the NHL lockout. He picks up developed and veteran talent to compete for championships. He is truly a great owner and I wish Bowlen would’ve sold the Broncos to him before we were left with the current ownership fiasco.

  3. Miller was AFC defensive player of the month in September so it looks like he still has something left in the tank. If injury doesn’t derail him he could make the defense, which has taken a step back from last year, back to one of the best. Now they have to figure how to keep him for a couple more years

  4. I love how people who dont even watch Broncos games say Miller is a has-been. If you watch their games, and watch him every play you will clearly see he is just fine…he is double/triple teamed every play since Chubb is out. Mark my words, he is going to be wrecking some games with the Rams

  5. Other teams place far greater value in their draft picks than the Rams do. The Rams, at this point, view the picks merely as vehicles for getting established players.

    In the Rams defense it’s not a bad strategy. Washington did that in the 70s–trade their first round picks away for an established player. It’s a safe way to go. However, there wasn’t a salary cap in the 70s. They likely will not be able to sign him when his contract is up at the end of the season. However, if he pushes them over the top and they win the Super Bowl it was a great move. You have to at least give the Rams credit for wanting to win unlike the Packers who traded up to draft a QB who hasn’t done anything.

    However, if they don’t make a serious run at the Super Bowl this trade may backfire on them.

  6. This was a win for both teams. Miller is a legend here in Denver. Hate seeing him go but I’m happy for him. Now he has a chance at a ring and having Aaron Donald on the other end is going to be scary! I’m not sure how aware Ram fans are of just how good a player Miller is. But…time to move on and I believe the Broncos got good value at this stage in his career.

  7. People talk like trading for Veterans is getting a proven player but that is only the case if they are young enough to still be in their prime. Trade for a guy over 28 and you are now asking him to be something he hasn’t been in a long time. Otherwise a GM and coach on the hot seat wouldn’t be willing to unload him. Could work out or he could end up injured and the Rams window to win it all doesn’t go beyond much past 2021. They are Super Bowl or Bust this year cause Donald will start to age as well.

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