Texans, Dolphins won’t do Deshaun Watson deal

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Last week, they were closing in on getting it done. This week, the Dolphins have pulled the plug.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN.com (i.e., the Dolphins specifically selected him to receive the leaked announcement), the Dolphins won’t trade for Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Here’s his tweet: “Although the Dolphins did due diligence on Deshaun Watson and had conversations with Houston, Miami will not make a trade for the QB, per source. Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross, who had contingencies that needed to be met for any deal, made the final decision to not move forward.”

(I thought Ross didn’t make football decisions. Oh wait, that was and is and always will be BS, whenever any owner tries to say it.)

What Schefter doesn’t say is that the “contingencies” were settlements of the 22 civil lawsuits. Watson was only going to settle the cases if a trade happened. Since there’s no settlement, there’s no trade.

Schefter adds this: “While Miami considered bringing in Deshaun Watson, no deal ever was in place and the Dolphins will stick with Tua Tagovailoa, a young QB who has shown improvement this year.”

Of course no deal was in place; otherwise, it would have been done. Last week, the two sides were close. As PFT has reported, once the Texans caught wind of the possibility of a settlement of the cases, the Texans drove up the price, and the talks cratered.

As explained on Sunday’s Football Night in America, a trade and the settlement went hand in hand. Although the Dolphins can try to make it look like Ross took a stand on principle, if the Texans and Dolphins had reached a deal, Watson would have gotten the cases settled. They didn’t, so he didn’t. And now Watson will continue to get paid by the Texans to not play.

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  1. So as anyone with a pulse has known for months, there was and is no deal. Watson will not be moved, if at all, until after his legal woes have been cleared up. Can we please put this to bed now?

  2. Sure, some owners meddle in football decisions far more than they should. This one has implications beyond football, and should have owner involvement.

  3. Never mind the civil lawsuits, what about the criminal charges? Watson is a long way off from being cleared from anything. Miami didn’t lose anything from walking away, they gained from it. Watch the Russel Wilson to Miami narrative start soon.

  4. Watson is such a fool over this settlement issue. The damage is done. It only goes downhill from here Bro. Take the L and move on. When you find yourself in a hole, quit digging.

  5. He should go on the owners ‘untouchable’ list!
    In a ‘cancel culture’, bad character like this is what needs to be cancelled…

  6. I hope Tua plays well. When contract time rolls around, I hope he tells the Dolphins to take a hike.

  7. patsfan4lifedynasty says:

    November 2, 2021 at 2:34 pm

    Tua should ask for a trade anyway. Miami is clearly not all in on him.

    What has he shown that they should be all in on him? Hes a young qb with potential but he hasnt reached it and his ceiling is looking lower than when they drafted him, all that adds up to it being foolish to be “all in on him”. Its not like their trying to throw tua overboard for just anything they can get, their trying to acquire a qb who before the accusations at worst was considered a top 10 qb. Seems so many want to be entitled and given the job and then given free reign no matter if they see an upgrade, that just shows a fragile ego.

  8. Grier and Flores were kept from pulling a Bill O’Brien. No reason those 2 should have any say with all those picks and the results we are currently seeing in year 3.

    If the Phins don’t right the ship, both guys and their staffs should be fired. Not trading crucial picks that could be used to jump in for another QB, in 2023.

  9. The only way a team would deal for him now is to get him on the cheap. The only reason the Texans would deal him now is to get full value. Ergo, no deal will be done this season.

  10. Ross making football decisions is the major reason why the team has been a dumpster fire under his ownership.

  11. Lol. Now you guys can stop talking about it. Zero chance this was ever close. Too many legal questions. Too much baggage right now.

  12. Houston is starting to make the Jets look like a great organization in comparison. In the long-run the Dolphins will be much better off holding onto those draft picks. Watson won’t be playing any time soon.

  13. I’m not sure that the Texans didn’t make a mistake here. Right now Watson is making $617k a week to ride the pine, next season it’s $2 million a week. They are going to be highly motivated to trade him before the draft (knowing the exact draft value) and a deal may come then, trade partners will be more willing to make a move then as well. But if the price is still too high and he’s on the team in September any trading partners will have better leverage over the Texans due to his salary, regardless of his legal troubles.

  14. Good for Ross. He has been the majority owner since 2010. And in the last 12 seasons he has made a bunch of decisions. So far, to the best of my knowledge all of them have been wrong.
    The flying across the country to get Harbaugh. The appointment of Joe Philbin (nice guy, no head coach), the appointment of Mike Tannebaum as director of operations, the hiring of Adam Gase (nice insane guy), no head coach and finally the appointment of Grier who had a lot to do with who the Dolphins drafted during the Tannebaum years.
    But this deal would have made all the record of ineptitude above a minor footnote.
    Leaving aside the ethical and legal considerations- which are considerable, this deal would have brought Watson to a team worse than the Texans and made a team who is short of at least 10 starters bereft of draft picks while consuming half of the salary cap.
    The deal is predicated upon the fact that a great QB makes the team a SB contender. And any Dolphin fan who saw Marino play knows that this is not the case.
    Hope Watson makes amends, solves his legal issues and continues his football career. As far away from Miami as possible.

  15. Thank God! Can we now move on! This trade was never going to happen. Hopefully the obsession over this non starter possibility has ended and move on to more football relevant subjects.

  16. Get that money! Stay loose stay active . Bradys 44 couple of years off comeback and feel like a rookie again! I’m not a Houston fan but I am a Watson Fan! Houston let the parade pass em by again. Now they will have to pay for it! Close to 25 mil over the cap for team that has no body already! Bad contract negotiations and bad money management!

  17. cdngatorfan says:
    Watch the Russel Wilson to Miami narrative start soon.

    Russell Wilson has a no-trade clause in his contract.
    If he still wants out of Seattle it’s because he wants to land with a contender that has a solid offensive line.
    That isn’t Miami.

  18. Texans are playing a tricky game here. They are literally paying their best player to sit. I personally would’ve tried to get whatever I could for him at this point even if it’s just one 1st rounder. What happens if his legal woes aren’t buttoned up by the draft? You’re prolonging your rebuild to prove a point. Making the fans, players, and coaches suffer while you play hardball. Watching these two bungling franchises try and figure out which one has the worst front office has been an embarrassment. One is paying a top 5 QB to sit while the other one alienates their previous top pick. This is why these teams are horrible.

  19. Shouldn’t the Texans tell him to suit up, He’s playing this Sunday, get pre pared? I mean then the ball is in his court and if he says no I’m not playing, cant they then stop paying him. The league cant possibly have an agreement that says you must pay someone who refuses to play.
    Texans are getting real screwed on this for sure.

  20. I’ve felt like Watson was guilty from the start of this nonsense, but the fact that he actually wants to let it play out and has refused to settle, makes me think that maybe he’s being truthful?

    Regardless, Miami is constantly doing “Miami Things.” The Dolphins haven’t had a franchise QB since Marino and haven’t been relevant since Marino. Tua is NOT a franchise QB, but Watson is. The Texans were right to ask for the moon and they’ll still be right when Watson’s legal issues are settled and the draft approaches.

    If I’m the Texans, at this point, I fully re-instate Watson and put him in the starting lineup. If he wants to get paid, play him. If he refuses and holds out, start fining him and getting your money back.

    For once, I’m actually proud of the Texans for not just giving away a franchise player for nothing.

  21. The Texans need to make him active for their next game. If Watson refuses to play at that point suspend him the 4 games a team is allowed to for conduct detrimental to the team. That way they don’t have to pay him to sit.

    After the 4 game unpaid suspension is up activate him again. If he continues to refuse to play that’s another 4 games of not getting paid for conduct detrimental. The Texans should play hardball with Watson. He took that huge signing bonus not long ago and they’ve gotten nothing for it.

  22. If I were the Texans, I would just sit back and let the legal issues resolve themselves. A course of action I would take is that this guy has voluntarily stated he would not play for the team. Any time he spends on the roster from that point forward should be paid back to the team should he be charged with any legal offense. Let him ride the bench. Then sue the bloody mary out of him and have him buy back his contract and set him free. The team has done nothing wrong here – he has. The team has lost draft picks that they fully deserved. He took the Ferrari out of the garage and wrecked it. He needs to make the team whole. He’ll change his tune when he is forced to pay millions back to gain his freedom. And then ColonK can do a sequel to his latest video equating the NFL with forced labor and kidnapping.

  23. Remember all last week we were told there was a deal coming? For a guy with 22 “complaints” stemming from odd encounters from women/masseuse’s. Take out the part where there were 22 formal complaints and there might be a trade. But why anyone thought it would actually go down was nonsense. Who is taking that risk? Clearly no one…

  24. Watson still has all the leverage. He is getting the same amount he was if he were playing or not. He is young. There will be NO criminal charges. They simply do not take this long. What additional ‘evidence’ is out there? This is purely civil he/said she/said that will eventually settle or be tried. Houston is not going to let him simply walk away. So he is good. He will continue to get paid handsomely while this drags on and when it finishes he may receive a few games from the league but that is it, and then the young stud will continue his NFL career elsewhere with another handsome contract. Bookmark this.

  25. Two good reasons to wait on a deal – one for the Dolphina, one for the Texans.

    Dolphins: need to know what kind of punishment the NFL will levy. You’re not going to pay through the nose for a QB who is under a long-term suspension.

    Texans: when everyone else sees what slim pickings there are for QBs in the draft in 2022, perhaps they can elicit a bidding war – all you need is one extra interested party.

  26. Not a surprise, the trade would have crippled Miami for FOUR YEARS. They need picks more than ONE player.

  27. Is there any wonder why these are the 2 worse football teams in the NFL from top to bottom.

  28. Mike, every signing is a football decision. Signing Watson has far reaching implications beyond the gridiron. Any owner should be involved in approving it if the football guys recommend it.

  29. Both teams, at least the Dolphins, will have a new head coach next year and probably a new GM for Miami too (should never ever higher a BB assistant they usually really suck as head coaches). Both teams should have high enough draft picks to take another stab at finding the “Franchise QB.” And it looks like Watson is going to ride this ship to the bottom, it is almost impossible for him to win the civil cases with his entire personal life being featured every night on the news during those court sessions (might even be live TV since it is a civil case) though he is likely to avoid the criminal cases, which means a lot of money out of those pockets and pretty much with the Texans keeping him in-active he will still owe Roger a suspension so it could be late 2022 to 2023 before he actually sees the field again, further reducing his trade price.

  30. tgsot says:
    November 2, 2021 at 2:59 pm
    Houston is starting to make the Jets look like a great organization in comparison. In the long-run the Dolphins will be much better off holding onto those draft picks. Watson won’t be playing any time soon.

    Glad the Dolphins didn’t trade for Watson. Maybe the Dolphins front office can convert those draft picks to more players that are injury prone or players that don’t dress for the game🤷

  31. Like I said, there was no deal and there would be no deal. There just isn’t a trade market for 4 win QB’s.

  32. “Watson was only going to settle the cases if a trade happened.”

    Let me get this straight:

    None of his victims are going to receive any compensation for his reprehensible conduct until he’s traded? What a dirtbag.

  33. Without Miami owning what is looking to be a top 3 pick in 2022 and anything that is offered having to be plastered with conditions, texas would be wise to cut ties with Watson for anything and move on.

  34. Did anyone win this? It seems almost every single angle can view this as a negative it seems to me?

  35. Tua was an under sized QB coming off hip surgery. They deserve him and also deserve the PR nightmare Watson w,ould generate.

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