Aaron Rodgers can’t return until one day before Week 10 vs. Seahawks, at earliest

Houston Texans v Green Bay Packers
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The 7-1 Packers won’t have Aaron Rodgers for Sunday’s showdown with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Green Bay also may be missing Rodgers a week later.

Due to Rodgers’s unvaccinated test, Wednesday’s positive test means that he must miss at least 10 days. The earliest he can return is Saturday, November 13.

That’s one day before a home game against the Seahawks. If he plays, he will have missed the full week of practice in advance of that game.

Seattle, in contrast, has two weeks to prepare for the game at Lambeau Field. And quarterback Russell Wilson hopes to return from a finger injury for that game.

Bottom line? That 7-1 record could end up being 7-3, quickly. Or maybe they’ll win both games after Jordan Love shows that he’s ready to roll.


15 responses to “Aaron Rodgers can’t return until one day before Week 10 vs. Seahawks, at earliest

  1. Rodgers violated numerous rules for players that are unvaccinated. Is the nfl going to make an exception for him just because he is Aaron Rodgers? He should get full punishment for every violation of the rules including not wearing masks, etc. he thinks he is above the rules that all the other unvaccinated players in the league must follow.

  2. We do have a strong run game. And I’m looking forward to seeing what Love can do with a full(ish) week of practice with the 1 team. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Pack’s new and future QB!

  3. The reason for the “strong run game” is because Aaron is at QB and defenses have to respect that. Now Love is going to have to prove those receivers are just as valuable without #12 on the field. If he does, then this really is The Last Dance for Rodgers.

  4. And that is exactly why you like to have a 1st round draft pick as your back up. The previous years the Pack had has-beens as fillers and that didn’t work. Luckily Green Bay has great young depth in the QB position now thanks to thoughtful planning by the front office.

  5. Roger needs to step up here and be a just commissioner and suspend Rodgers. Problem is all that guy cares about is money and Rodgers draws in viewership.

  6. Nobody has said whether or not he is ill. Is he symptomatic or not. If he is sick he might need to be quarantined and off longer before he is able to get a negative test. What a maroon. Totally just a macaroon.

  7. Is Rodgers gonna sue his doctor? The doctor apparently treated him with homeopathic remedies to ‘boost his antibodies’…

  8. Davante Adams and Allen Lazard had Covid last week. While you can never know 100%, you have to bet solid money it came from their unvaccinated QB.

  9. No Rogers, no Adams; suddenly this game got a lot more winnable for KC. Don’t mess this up Andy.

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