Aaron Rodgers tests positive for COVID, won’t play Sunday


When the Packers and Chiefs met in 2019, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes missed a chance to match up with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers because of an injury.

The two teams are set to meet again this Sunday, but Mahomes and Rodgers still won’t be meeting up. It’s COVID-19 rather than an injury that will keep the two past MVPs from sharing the field.

According to multiple reports, Rodgers has tested positive for COVID-19 and will miss his first matchup with Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. 2020 first-round pick Jordan Love will make his first NFL start in place of Rodgers.

The Packers placed practice squad quarterback Kurt Benkert on the COVID-19 reserve list on Tuesday and there’s no other quarterbacks currently in the organization, so the team will have to find someone else to back up Love against Kansas City.

69 responses to “Aaron Rodgers tests positive for COVID, won’t play Sunday

  1. Rodgers it probably licking his chomps and laughing his BUTT OFF. If love sucks, it plays right into Rodgers’ hand.

  2. The people happiest about this are the ones who already placed their bets on KC. Terrible news. Just sucked all the joy out of my weekend.

  3. As tempting and opportunistic as it is to post a negative comment now, it won’t happen. No more teasing, taunting, or being mean to fans of other teams and players. It’s not worth it. The world is pretty crappy as it is so instead of retaliating and keeping fires burning, why not take a stand to extinguish those flames by being nice to each other. That being said, although not a fan of his, I am retiring the name ‘Rodgers The One Hit Blunder’ and hope for his sake and that of his fiancé and loved ones, the man a complete and speedy recovery.

  4. This is a best case scenario. The Packers can get a grea look at Love without Rodgers throwing a tantrum. If Love plays good they can ship Rodgers to The Texans, Panthers or Dolphins next year.

  5. Didn’t he say he was vaxxed earlier in the year? If so, wouldn’t he still have time to get 2 negative tests in?

  6. Created the impression he was fully vaccinated when he was not.
    Inexcusable if he let those surrounding him believe the false narrative.

  7. The way the Chiefs Defense has been playing the Pakers aren’t going to be too worried. This comment is coming from A Bears Fan

  8. Oh no…….not that………please, God….anything but that.

    In all seriousness I hope he comes out of it without further issues.

  9. Oh the drama that will ensue! Win or lose there will be lots of Love questions after this week.

  10. It has also come out that he is UNVACCINATED. So even if he starts feeling better, he’s still likely not going to be able to test negative for close to two weeks at the earliest. Likely to miss TWO games. His body, his choice fine, but he’s hurting his team.

    Huge implications for the NFC playoff picture. Hope the dude doesn’t have a bad case, but this is great news the other NFC playoff contenders.

  11. Jordan Love will be ready. And Cobb played a lot of QB at UK. He throws the ball well, and we may see some option looks.

  12. There is a bright side to this I suppose. If Love comes out and just absolutely sucks, it’s more likely the Packers give AR a new contract. If he balls out, well, that’s a good problem to have. Either way it will give us a glimpse at what could be coming.

  13. LMAO…


  14. crapsand says:
    November 3, 2021 at 11:04 am

    He’s unvaxed so these comments will be fun!!!!😆😆😆😆😆


    In August he said he was vaccinated.

  15. Created the impression he was fully vaccinated when he was not.
    Inexcusable if he let those surrounding him believe the false narrative.
    He’s vaccinated. Said so in August. What makes you think differently?

  16. As a Packers fan this is terrible news and shows there is clearly a problem within the team.

    BUT, how many people who love the NFL said vaccinated teams and players would have a major advantage by the end of the season, well about half way through it’s happeneing and it won’t be the last.

    Get the jabs NFL players and everyone and protect yourselves, your team and each other……Simple….

  17. I’m interested to know if Rodgers is vaccinated. If he is, they can retest until Sunday. Most likely they have already tested him a couple times or blood work confirmed he does have it. Chiefs really lucked out. Time to change my pick.

  18. Everyone’s gut reaction to this news: disappointed he won’t play a football game Sunday. Nobody concerned about his well-being or health.

    Doesn’t that reveal a lot about this “pandemic”? Not to make light of it or anything. Also Rodgers is unvaccinated.

  19. Only a fool remains unvaccinated. I didn’t think he was a fool but I guess he is. Still too many like him out there which is why this crap doesn’t stop spreading.

  20. Yes, the matchup all NFL fans want to see, Jordan Love vs. The Chiefs defense. Should be interesting but every time you take an all time great out of the equation it hurts no matter what, and Rodgers is an all time great. Just sad we don’t get to see that matchup.

  21. Coming from a Chiefs fan, KC’s defense sucks… That’s not something a random fan from another team has some secret insight on, it laid out for everyone to see every week. They’re paying 3.5 high profile guys on that defense about 70 million a year to do nothing. The 3 worst are Mathieu, Clark, and Hitchens. Jones is the half because he’ll actually try hard for 8-10 games a season.

  22. And here we go….. we are never going to hear the end of this. Especially if Rapsheet and friends are reporting he’s unvaxxed. Long road to Sunday already.

  23. downtoearth1972 says:
    November 3, 2021 at 11:15 am
    Didn’t he say he was vaxxed earlier in the year? If so, wouldn’t he still have time to get 2 negative tests in?
    If he’s asymptomatic, yes. If he’s sick, no.

  24. Tough break. I don’t care for Rodgers, but as a Raiders fan, I was going to be rooting for the Pack. Crossing my fingers that Jordan Love can take care of business.

  25. I think we could make an exception here. Even with Melvin Ingram no Chiefs defender will get within 6 feet of him.

  26. So, are we saying the Chiefs have aa chance? I count myself among the bandwagon fans, and if Daniel Jones can run an offense that gives us fits, the balance of the Packers teams left in the absence of Aaron Rogers will too.

  27. Should be suspended for lying and cheating through the protocols. No wonder they are having a huge break-out in Green Bay. They’ve been cheating the system all year, they need to be made an example of, but we all know that won’t happen.

  28. Let the Jordan Love era begin. One game was all it took Brady to unseat Bledsoe and his huge contract.

  29. Rodgers IS vaccinated. He clearly stated such in a press conference earlier in the season. That being said, with millions of dollars being paid out you would think they would be more careful. Preston Smith has to be next. Rodgers was at his house getting his Halloween costume picture taken with Preston’s dog. Stupid.

  30. As a Rams fan this is great news. What an imbecile. Home field here we come. I hope he enjoys the silent count at Sofi with Donald, Miller Floyd and Lewis bearing down on him He is a pure selfish narcissist doesn’t talk to his family and hangs out with Uber imbecile Miles Teller, who cost his studio millions by not getting tested or vaccinated what a jerk

  31. Frazier28/7 says:
    November 3, 2021 at 11:22 am
    I thought he’s vaccinated and needs two negatives 48 hours apart.>>>

    Nope, turns out he lied about being Vaccinated. When I had it, it took 16 days to test negative, even though I felt better after a week. He has really screwed his team over.

  32. As a Chiefs fan I think I hate this. I’m sure this isn’t accurate, but it seems like every first time starting qb has that one great game in them. Pair that with our crappy defense and Love will probably go 29 for 30 for 450 yards and 5 tds.

  33. Boy I hope Love impresses. I have faith in MLF putting together the right game plan and I think the brass must be so tired of #12’s selfishness.

    Rodgers’ stance is telling. Time to move on.

  34. Just look at him complain to the ref about being tackled while the play was still active. Clearly on some level, Rodgers believes he is above it all and maybe he has been even more “above it all” behind the scenes and that’s why the GB Brass doesn’t want to include him in personnel decisions.

  35. If he is vaccinated, there is such a thing as a breakthrough case. It could also be a false positive too, there’s still time between now & Sunday. It sucks that Benkert tested positive too, he looked more ready to play than Love in the preseason.

  36. What a moron. Thought this dude was smart. Certainly hope he gets through it unscathed, but talk about rolling the dice with your health and the team’s success.

  37. now it’s a game r-e-l-a-x…
    it’s more probable than not, the league won’t do a damn thing – ted wells

  38. if he’s unvaccinated, he needs to face all the penalties he should have faced for not masking all season. And at what point does it become a suspendable offense? Lying about being vaccinated so he didn’t have to wear a mask needs to have some consequences besides missing one game.

  39. Dammit, I needed them to beat the Chefs this week! Thanks for nothing Rodgers. I hope they fine him or something

  40. And the Packers miss out on having home field advantage through out the playoffs because of Aaron not playing and losing to the Chiefs. Not that would end the choking they always do in the playoffs each year. So I guess it does not matter.

  41. 7-11-1 in the Rodgers-era when he’s missed starts. (1-4 in games he left due to injury)

    Lets see if Love fares any better.

  42. The script called for the Chiefs to win this game anyway, so the Chiefs can begin their revival this year.

    Rodgers gets an extra week off. Packers at 7-2 will be just fine, plus it’ll be nice to get a look at Jordan Love

  43. Packer fan here. There is no excuse. He was unvaccinated and reckless. Now the team will pay for his stupid decision.

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