Aaron Rodgers was secretly unvaccinated


In the preseason, some quarterbacks made no bones about their unvaccinated status. Others hid it.

Most notably, Aaron Rodgers managed to conceal that he is not vaccinated (until he tested positive for COVID on Wednesday). According to NFL Media, Rodgers is indeed not vaccinated.

Rodgers led reporters to believe in August that he’s vaccinated. Technically, he said he’s been “immunized.” But he clearly implied that he’s been vaccinated, because he said in the next breath that he won’t chastise teammates who aren’t vaccinated.

“Yeah, I’ve been immunized,” Rodgers said in August. “There’s guys on the team that haven’t been vaccinated. I think it’s a personal decision, I’m not gonna judge those guys.”

So, basically, he lied. He lied in order to hide the fact that he’s not vaccinated.

And it wasn’t just his cagey use of the term “immunized,” followed by his vow to not judge a group to which he secretly belonged. A G.M. with another team tried to tell me weeks ago that Rodgers isn’t vaccinated. I looked up photos of Rodgers from the preseason, standing on the sideline in street clothes. (The photo attached to this article comes from one of those games.) He wasn’t wearing a mask. I told my source that this means that Rodgers was vaccinated. In actuality, it means that he was deliberately and flagrantly violating COVID policies to create the impression that he’s vaccinated.

What other protocols did he violate? Was he fined for it? How often was he fined? What other consequences were imposed or threatened?

And why? Why not just be openly unvaccinated?

Here’s why. Rodgers abhors criticism. If he’d been open about his unvaccinated status, he would have heard about it from the media. And so the guy who is so sensitive that he’s sensitive about being called sensitive chose to create the false impression that he’s vaccinated, all because he didn’t want anyone to call him out for not being vaccinated.

That makes it much worse. He deliberately violated COVID protocols in order to keep secret his status — in order to avoid being criticized. And he surely will now use his various platforms to argue that people like me shouldn’t have a platform to criticize him for not being vaccinated, and for endangering others in order to perpetrate his ruse. Which is exactly what he did.

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  1. I like teams that take care of business so any one game in mid-season won’t make or break their playoff chances.

  2. His actions in the offseason made it clear he’s only about himself, and himself only. Is this actually surprising news?

    How ya’ll “experts” have the Packers ranked going forward?

  3. Why was he free to play against the Cardinals? He wasn’t a close contact for his number one receiver?? Sounds highly suspect

  4. What is wrong with people? It’s an easily preventable disease with a proven safe and effective FDA approved vaccine. I swear that ignorance is becoming a bigger pandemic than the virus….

  5. Well for starters he shouldn’t be allowed back on a football field.

    This is major, despite so many American’s who think it’s the opposite. Thankfully those people aren’t in charge.

    Aaron in some deep doo doo here. Major doo doo.

  6. Hope J Lo takes his job now. Even as a life long GB fan. Not a team guy, what a fraud, how much else of his persona is a huge fraud?. Much more respect for Kirk Cousins and that hillbilly on the Bills for not hiding their vax status.

  7. Good for him. It’s his own private health history. Don’t care if he lied to me, the fans or the media…none of us have a right to know

  8. I’ve never liked Rodgers much (I’m a Cowboys fan), but I like him more now. Giving the media and the league the middle finger on this stuff makes him borderline likable.

  9. Should be suspended for lying and cheating through the protocols. No wonder they are having a huge break-out in Green Bay. They’ve been cheating the system all year, they need to be made an example of, but we all know that won’t happen.

  10. It’s one thing if people don’t care about their own health, but to endanger those around you is just unforgivable. Sorry, but I’d cut Rodgers over this, star player or not.

  11. That is weak. I hope he doesn’t get paid while he’s out. Not that it really matters to his bank account.

  12. I am all for their own options with the vax. I got vaxed for health issues of a close relative.

    But cmon Rodgers – what if this is the freaking playoffs? You would have let a fanbase, a state, teammates, and everyone down that puts money towards this game.

    And thanks for lying about it – you said you were immunized, which means vaccinated by definition.

  13. Not vaccinated? Don’t care.

    Not following the protocols for unvaccinated individuals while all others are required to do so or the player and team face repercussions? That is some high and mighty selfishness right there.

    Oh, A-A-Ron…..

  14. I’ve been saying all along that players and coaches who say they are vaccinated and get “breakthrough” cases of COVID are way too common in the NFL. #suspicious

  15. Wow! If Rodgers wasn’t such a primadona, and so passive aggressive he’d be a very likable person. Now Rodgers will really flip out. Can’t wait to see the circus.

  16. The clincher here is that if other QBs on the team test positive the NFL may force them to play short handed like Denver last year. Denver’s QB room intentionally flaunted the rules (taking off trackers so they could meet in the room) much as Rodgers has. If the other QBs have done the same it could be a long week for Green Bay

  17. If Rodgers doesnt get punished, then no one else should get punished for violating the leagues rules on Covid.

  18. By “immunized” maybe he had COVID. If that is the case, he should be treated like vaccinated. MANY studies are proving that natural immunity is better than being vaccinated.

  19. As a Packers fan, I would be 100% on board if the NFL went back and looked through tapes of all his appearances since reporting for camp and fined him for every single infraction. So sick of #12’s endless special pleading. I don’t think even Jordan or Ali at their peak ever had this guy’s sheer arrogance.

  20. Immunization: A process by which a person becomes protected against a disease through vaccination. This term is often used interchangeably with vaccination .

  21. Perhaps he had the ‘rona at some point prior to his “immunized” statement. Naturally acquired immunity is the best immunity.

  22. So, he lied. Is that not conduct detrimental to the team? Yes, it’s his personal choice, but tell the truth and keep others safe. He’s been a close contact to a lot of team mates and staff, no doubt.

  23. Years ago I had a ton of respect for Aaron, and it has eroded away little by little over the years. Today it hit ZERO!

  24. Selfish. Not only put self before team but risked his teammates’ health as well. GB should cut him. Be done with crap.

  25. it may not be anyone else’s business but it is their concern when his preventable unavailability affects the team’s chances of success

  26. Look… if you don’t want the Vaccine…its absolutely your choice…

    But remember… if you die, cost your company money, or cripple the team you are on…

    It is YOUR Choice.

  27. Rodgers has proven that he’s not a team player. Instead of protecting himself and making sure that he would be available to the team, he decided to be selfish and not get vaccinated.

    Now, the Packers will lose to the Chiefs, and may start a downward spiral since their next 3 games are against the Seahawks, Rams and Vikings.

  28. Cam Newton lost his chance to keep his job, because he accidentally violated protocols. And Rodgers has been doing it all season. He needs to be suspended for a while, or no one should be punished.

  29. It’s not about him being unvaccinated, it’s about him being a leader of the team and outright lying to everyone. He has proven to be untrustworthy and now he has put his team in a distinctly disadvantaged position for a playoff run. Who knows how he will feel coming back from a Covid 19 infection. Will he have lung issues like Myles Garrett or will he come back like Lamar Jackson. How can a leader of men let his team down like this? I have lost a lot of respect for this lying misleading character.

  30. “Hey good for Rodgers! No one else’s business!”

    Actually its the team’s business under the CBA for one thing. And any employer has the right know if you’re vaxed or not and putting others at a bigger risk than they otherwise would be. And of course having a higher likelihood of not being available for work.

  31. Regardless of the divide in the country regarding masks/vaccinations, NFL policy is unvaxxed players wear masks as I understand it, Rodgers didn’t.

    That will be interesting to see what happens but regardless, it’ll be interesting to see how Love performs. #GPG!

  32. Was waiting for an issue with Kurt Benkert being positive yesterday. They all are in the same QB room. Was wondering if Rodgers was not vaccinated given his new buddy M Teller shutdown a movie set with a positive / unvaccinated test – guess now we know. Truly unfortunate with his pre-season posture that a reasonable person would have taken as Rodgers being vaccinated. Super disappointing as completely avoidable.

  33. Now the question becomes whether he was following the protocols for unvaccinated players. Presumably he was because the Packers should have known his status.

  34. Endangering yourself and others unnecessarily. Great leadership qualities there, Aaron.

  35. That’s really crappy. Just lost respect for the man. What’s sad is that a bunch of idiots just gained respect for him. This country man…I don’t know.

  36. I’m not to old to remember celebrating Jordan’s dominant performance with the flu and when Magic played with full-blown HIV…

  37. How can any of the Packer qbs not be considered close contacts like Lazard for the Arizona game?

  38. Big Rodgers and Packers fan here and this really pisses me off. Seems to be a pattern in the NFL. Throw the book at the regular players but when teams, owners or stars do something – totally different standard. Did the NFL do anything about the Bucs not disclosing Brady’s knee injury? The NFL is actively covering up the issues with Daniel Snyder in Washington and now, through presumably the NFL knows which players are and are not vaccinated, no one enforced any protocols on Rodgers. I’ve always thought he was a really smart player but this choice makes me think he’s an idiot.

  39. My father dying from Covid now. Contracted it from an unvaxxed individual. It’s proven that the vaccines, at different points in time, have slowed the spread. And so, it’s difficult for me to think of the anti-vaxxers etc as humane. In fact, they’re spreading virus unfettered. All because their “freedoms” are more important than the lives of others.

  40. Did LaFleur know he was unvaxxed? Of course he did!
    Did he allow Rodgers to ignore Covid protocol? Allow him to go maskless?
    Everyone is saying, “Ooooh, that wasn’t very nice of Aaron,” but this goes WAAYYYYY deeper than that!
    You’ve got liars and cheaters putting their team and teammates at risk!
    This little charade will grow some legs, mark my words!

  41. I lost a lot of respect for Rodgers after pretending to be vaccinated and going mask less. The other stuff never really bothered me but now he proved to actually be narcissistic, lacking common sense, and an awful leader. He deserves harsh punishment.

  42. That essentially sidelines him for 2 games right? Plus the fact he’s been putting others in danger even if he is asymptomatic.

    They also need to fine the crap out of him for every day he didn’t wear a mask since the latest rules were agreed upon by the NFLPA. $14,650 x number of days. They would do it for a fringe player, they should do it for a star player who can more than afford it.

  43. No big deal. The rules are different for guys like Rodgers.
    He’s been no more misleading than any US Government official about this issue

  44. Do we know how many other Packers players/coaches were exposed to Rodgers & now have to sit out?

    How many games does Rodgers have to sit out because he’s not vaccinated?

    Must say, Rodgers has looked old & a bit strung out recently. How often do they get tested?

  45. If he wants to lie to the media, fine. Intentionally violating safety protocols around his teammates is where he loses me (even if you don’t agree with the rules). Does he think because he guest hosted Jeopardy he’s smarter than the medical professionals advising everyone get vaccinated? I’ll take “Morons” for $500 please, Alex.

  46. Kyler Murray will probably test positive now – they had a pretty close conversation after the game. And probably lafleur and Cobb too! Selfish act, not exactly a team player, and I’m a Rodgers fan

  47. I truly believe everyone is entitled to their choices and opinions… As well as their privacy.

    It’s one thing to lie to the media (everyone top down does in the NFL), but totally another to lie to your employer and putting everyone around him at risk for not following non vaxx protocols.

    Evander Kane of the NHL received a pretty big suspension.

    The nfl has to make an example to deter others.

  48. I’m sure that Aaron’s ZEN lifestyle will help to heal him. This is the guy who thinks he’s such an intellectual. I hope that he hasn’t infected others.

  49. Rogers will have plenty of time to R…E…L…A…X and watch someone else host Jeopardy after Goodell goes all John Wick on him.

  50. He has to be suspended for the rest of the season for breaking the rules right? This seals his diva status for life, what a selfish too-bag. So unlikable but his hair looks great

  51. Actually the most shocking thing in all this were folks believing in the first place that not only Aaron Rodgers got Vaccinated, but he did so freely biting his tongue by not giving us the Aaron Rodgers 2cents on the matter. Since if you were to ask me to guess which NFL player would be the last to get vaccinated, I would have put all my Life savings that player would be Aaron Rodgers, And for that to happen i picture him getting drag to the needle in chains. When will folks learn that there is nothing ever SIMPLE or EASY with this guy.

  52. Years ago I had a ton of respect for Aaron, and it has eroded away little by little over the years.

    Today it hit ZERO!

  53. He is damn right its a PERSONAL decision. Stop testing people every damn day and you won’t have positive I mean false positive tests. The NFL is an absolute dictatorship on this issue. I know my comment will get downvoted and it just goes to show how many of have been brainwashed and hypnotized by the mass media.

  54. He can definitely have his “rights” to not get vaccinated but he should also change his occupation.

  55. Sounds like people are mad because Rodgers exercised his freedom — and got away with it. Vaccinated coaches are missing games and nobody is complaining. But when an unvaccinated player tests positive, it’s an assault on our safety. Why is there a double standard?

  56. Now wait a minute people they are not going to do anything to him. We are talking about Aaron Rogers here. He is special like Tom Brady.

  57. I have zero sympathy for Rodgers. He brought this on himself. And being rich, and considered a valuable asset to people even richer than himself, he’ll get all the best treatments and care. Who I do have sympathy and concern for is all the people he might have exposed who were unaware he wasn’t vaccinated. I can’t say who knew his status and who didn’t but if Rodgers flat out lied to someone and that led to them getting covid, there should be lawsuits involved.

  58. Double secretly unvaccinated?

    Uh, depending upon the severity of symptoms and the unpredictability of Covid-19 on any particular individual, this could be very bad administratively and physiologically for ‘Rodgahs!’.

    Very bad.

  59. BTW.. The NHL handed out a 21 game suspension to San Jose sharks star Evander Kane for lying about his vaccination status, and this all went down before he touch the ICE with his teammates to play in actual games.

  60. Every unvaxed player standing with him on the sidelines is now a close contact and needs to be dealt as such.

  61. Why lie about your status ? Now, whatever comes out of his mouth you never know if he’s lying. Just like when he said this offseason that he wasn’t going play for the Packers again. This guy is the ultimate liar.

  62. I hope he is out 10 weeks….2 weeks from Covid and 8 weeks for punishment for violating Covid protocols. Whah a moron.

  63. dickroy says:
    November 3, 2021 at 12:29 pm
    Now wait a minute people they are not going to do anything to him. We are talking about Aaron Rogers here. He is special like Tom Brady.
    Tom Brady was suspended 4 games because tires and footballs lose a little pressure in the cold.

    Rodgers needs at least a game suspension per game that has played this season. Cam lost his job because the team told him to go somewhere he wasnt supposed to go. Rodgers has knowingly violated protocols all season.

  64. This MUST be investigated and if the Packers, and Aaron are found to have been lying/manipulating the system then a suspension and loss of draft picks would be appropriate.

  65. Sounds like people are mad because Rodgers exercised his freedom — and got away with it. Vaccinated coaches are missing games and nobody is complaining. But when an unvaccinated player tests positive, it’s an assault on our safety. Why is there a double standard?

    There’s no glory in hiding it. That’s weak.

  66. anonymous135 says:
    November 3, 2021 at 12:18 pm
    I truly believe everyone is entitled to their choices and opinions… As well as their privacy.

    No one is entitled to a choice that endangers the health of others.

  67. Wow. As a Packer fan I’ve been tired of Rodgers needing to always be the smartest guy in the room. What a moron to think he’s outsmarted the system by being and saying he is “immunized”. Everyone has their reasons to be, or not to be, vaccinated. I absolutely respect that. Whatever your choice is it’s based on strong beliefs. But only a complete tool uses semantics to avoid being a man and stating what you believe.

  68. No matter what side of the vaccination debate you fall on, deception and lying is not acceptable.

  69. Rogers lied to his team, he lied to the NFL, that’s a map to suspension! But will the Packers or the NFL suspend him? If they can suspend Brady for “more probable than not,” for 4 games, how many should Rogers get?

  70. How is it possible that the team did not know his vax status? That’s the other crazy element to this. Did they go along because their star QB is not down. To me, just get the freakin’ shot. It is not a big deal. Or shouldn’t be.

  71. All this his body, his choice people…

    What about all the people he’s hugging after the games? Shouldn’t they have a choice to take the risk for close contact of an unvaxed player? Or don’t they get choices?

  72. Selfish, very selfish. Lost a tadbit of respect from this football fan. Plenty of proof here he was pretending to be something he was not. Meanwhile other players who openly said they were not vaccinated played by the rules and took the heat.
    Rodgers really looks bad IMHO.

  73. CDC director is on record as saying the viral load between vax’d and vax’d with covid is the same. So the vax doesn’t prevent transmission? Which one of the 59 covid tests was used here? Those who care about the science would like to know. I’m no ARod fan, but as many others have said…your body, your choice.

  74. What a Jerk. I have many reasons to dislike Mr.Rodgers being a Bears fan. But what a selfish egotistical Jerk. So what if I miss a couple of games and the team suffers. Or someone else get sick. If I were a Packers fan, I’d say what a Jerk.

  75. The deception seems to be by entire organization. There should be huge fines and loss of high draft picks for this charade. Hope the NFL offices weren’t in on it all.

  76. Newsflash: you can still get it if vaccinated! AND they still make players sit out who are vaccinated but test positive 🤦‍♂️

  77. sfwillis52 says:
    November 3, 2021 at 11:40 am
    Good for him. It’s his own private health history. Don’t care if he lied to me, the fans or the media…none of us have a right to know
    Your game availability and injury status are a required report to the NFL. It’s not private.

  78. IMHIM says:
    November 3, 2021 at 12:23 pm

    He is damn right its a PERSONAL decision. Stop testing people every damn day and you won’t have positive I mean false positive tests. The NFL is an absolute dictatorship on this issue. I know my comment will get downvoted and it just goes to show how many of have been brainwashed and hypnotized by the mass media.


    It is NOT a “personal decision” when you put others with whom you work in close quarters at heightened risk — then it’s a selfish decision.

  79. He should be suspended after he comes back. It’s not just the lying. There are protocols in place, like testing everyday, that he obviously wasn’t doing. And the HC should be fined. It’s his job to know. Being good at your job doesn’t make you a good person.

  80. Rodgers needs to be released by the Packers. His behavior is unethical and unacceptable

  81. jjackwagon says:
    November 3, 2021 at 1:32 pm

    Is it really a vaccine if you can still get COVID and still spread COVID?


    Yes, because they literally changed the definition a few weeks ago.

  82. Can’t pretend your the smartest guy in the room like he does from time to time and be a hypocrite, sorry. IMO

  83. mRNA shot or not you can still pass it along so they say. This is all is not about stopping covid.

  84. SMH. I was finally starting to come around on this guy a bit this year after many of not really caring for his approach to most things.

  85. Selfish and spoiled brats like rodgers who put their freeDUMB ahead of the good of others deserve what they get.

  86. When/if the Packers go belly-up, they can look back on this and wonder how many people in the organization were infected by close contact with the narcissist Rodgers.

  87. There’s a huge part of this story that’s missing: what proof is the NFL requiring vaccinated individuals to provide? If he’s not vaccinated, then the NFL surely knew.

  88. Personal decision. And no you aren’t putting others at risk because this jab doesn’t stop the spread anyway. Polio shot and the measles shot will stop the spread of the disease. This shot doesn’t stop the spread of COVID.

  89. Absolutely pathetic and inexcusable for him to not be vaccinated, and even worse that he concealed it this way. I questioned the character of the other “big names” who have pulled this garbage, now I add him to the list.

    One more reason to question why any of us actually support this league.

  90. You can be vaxxed and still test positive. Maybe he got it from a vaxxed player on the team. Can we move on from this nonsense.

  91. Dr. Fauci acknowledged that natural immunity from previous covid is as if not more effective than the vaccine. So why the outrage? Why is natural immunity ever part of the conversation? He said he was immunized. That is not a lie. That is scientific fact.

  92. Way to go Aaron. I just wish you would’ve admitted that you weren’t vaccinated and been open about it.
    No need to hide it. Stand up for what you believe in and show that you’re not going to be brainwashed.

  93. One of three things happened at the beginning:

    Rodgers tell the Packers he was vaccinated and they took his word for it

    Rodgers tells the packers he is unvaccinated and they worked with him to cover it up

    Rodgers provides a false vaxx card

    None of these is good btw

  94. Lets boot all the unvaccinated players out of the League for the remainder of the year.

    … think they’d be able to finish the season??

  95. Part of me hopes his *choices* which have now led to him missing at least one game, result in the consequence of him not making it to the Super Bowl.
    What a supreme jerk. Rules are only for the peasants.

  96. And to think it all could have been avoided if he had just been vaccinated. Almost no one would be criticizing him now, even if he tested positive. Is it that hard to take an hour out of your precious time and get vaccinated? Aside from lying, you also put those around you in danger. It’s just plain selfish. As a long time Green Bay fan, I can say with certainty, he is a loser. You disappointed us all.

  97. As a Packers season ticket holder and shareholder, I despise everything that Aaron Rodgers is about — off the field.

  98. Rodgers was asked a question, “Are you vaccinated?”. He answered correctly, he is immunized from Polio, Measles, etc. The question should have been, “Are you vaccinated for Covid-19?” Then he would either lie or tell the truth.

    The greater question is now. He has had COVID-19, he has the antibodies from the virus. Should he follow the protocols for unvaccinated persons? The answer should be “No.”

    If Rodgers didn’t follow the agreed protocols, he should be punished. Should he have to follow them, since he got COVID, the answer is NO.

    COVID-19 will turn out like Chicken Pox. Life time immunity. Won’t know for 30 years or so. 1.5 years can not be a deciding factor for effectiveness. #naturalimmunity

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