Baker Mayfield on Odell Beckham: If he’s back, we’ll work through it

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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was the target of criticism from Odell Beckham‘s father Tuesday. Odell Beckham Sr. blamed Mayfield for his son’s lack of production, showing plays of the receiver open but not getting targeted.

“I can’t exactly speculate as to who he was speaking on behalf of,” Mayfield said Wednesday, via Jake Trotter of ESPN. “I think a lot of it comes from a father perspective. He wants to see his son succeed. I can’t blame him for that. I want Odell to succeed. That’s where we were at, or at least so I thought. That’s all I have about that one.”

Mayfield said he was not hurt by the video but was “probably just about as surprised as all of you were.”

Mayfield last talked to his teammate Tuesday. The Browns excused Beckham from practice Wednesday as the team and Beckham’s representation discuss “a lot of things.”

The team’s — and Mayfield’s relationship — with the receiver may be too far gone for Beckham to return. The Browns talked to the Saints — and perhaps other teams — about a trade for Beckham, who makes $14.5 million in base salary this season and counts $15.75 million against the cap. But the trade deadline passed, and now the Browns can either cut Beckham or keep him.

Mayfield was asked whether he would accept an apology from Beckham.

“I think any sort of conversation would go a long way,” Mayfield said, via Mary Kay Cabot of “If he’s back, we’ll work through it. I can put my ego aside.”

Mayfield intimated that the social media posts from Beckham’s father and LeBron James are a distraction, which is just another reason the Browns probably need to cut their losses. They made the playoffs with Beckham playing only seven games, and they are 3-3 this season in the games Beckham has played.

“We’re having to multitask instead of being able to focus on winning,” Mayfield said.

26 responses to “Baker Mayfield on Odell Beckham: If he’s back, we’ll work through it

  1. Not a big vote of confidence there. Mayfield is clearly done with this guy. Surprising they couldn’t get something for him yesterday. Desperate teams and whatnot.

  2. On the one hand, Beckham can’t control what his dad does. Playing devil’s advocate, what wrong with just not talking about it and playing?

    Winning solves problems. Talking through the media never solves problems.

  3. Was wondering if Belichick might make a move at the trading deadline. OBJ getting cut would be a much more favorable situation for potential GM’s Even if it doesn’t work out, you either get a reduced contract or draft compensation for 2022.

  4. Beckham is focused on Beckham, the rest of the team are just appendages to his career. Sign a head case, get one. He may be able to fake being mature human being for a while but sooner or later, the spoiled child will emerge.

  5. At this point it’s clear: Beckham is an athlete, but not a football player.

    No character, no dedication to team, just one long slow-motion me-first drama show.

    He’s made both of his teams worse for his presence.

  6. Baker is great at intangibles, but not so great with hitting wide open receivers and moving through his progressions and hitting receivers in stride.

  7. Baker was a tool in college. He has seemed to grow up a bit. Make that a lot.

    Odell, not so much.

  8. Why is Baker getting a pass here? Watch the video, he’s wide open and this bozo still doesn’t throw him the football. For all you incompetent people that say Odell had one good catch years ago, get a clue. He’s the most talented receiver on that team and it’s not even close.

  9. Maybe if Baker didn’t spend the offseason shooting commercials, he could have been developing chemistry with OBJ and other receivers.

  10. Browns should be looking for a way to drop Barker too. Wasting that loaded roster window…

  11. I would never interfere with the lives of my sons like this guy. Embarrassing to do that and make yourself the story. He’s the one that should be calling Baker.

  12. I admire Baker for taking the high road. There’s a lot that he could have said about a guy who makes it hard to like him.

  13. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    November 3, 2021 at 6:08 pm
    Maybe if Baker didn’t spend the offseason shooting commercials, he could have been developing chemistry with OBJ and other receivers.
    /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Do you mean like when OBJ went to 1 day of OTAs?

  14. No matter what your feelings are about Baker, Beckham is a clown show. That stunt his dad pulled should be embarrassing to the player, trying to show up his team. The whole point of that video was to make the situation so toxic they couldn’t keep him.

    With or without that video the Browns were trying to trade him, the circus made it less likely they would do him a favor by taking less or sending him to a team of his choosing. It looks like the Saints were the only team to even inquire about him which should tell you how other teams view him.

  15. OBJ has pushed this narrative likes he’s a man and handles his business. Yet his father put out a video about him being open. I’m sure he gave the OK to post the video. As much as Mayfield gets trashed, dude is twice the man OBJ is. Which goes alot towards leadership. Even ESPN won’t call out OBJ for being a diva. They label him “polarizing”. He’s a trash teammate. Landry is the better WR anyhow. Dude has no quit in him. Two bad balls in a game and OBJ checks OK and starts screaming to himself on the sidelines. He’s no HOFer. He rode Eli’s coattails. I’m sure we’re all confident in admitting that.

  16. Didn’t John Dorsey bring both of these worthless clowns (Mayfield & OBJ) to the Browns?
    Genius, I tell you. Plain genius!

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