Browns coach Kevin Stefanski doesn’t deny that he told players OBJ is off the team


Browns coach Kevin Stefanski had to earn his coach of the year trophy after the fact on Wednesday, dealing with a flurry of questions from reporters about receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Here’s one specific question he was asked: Did you tell the players that Odell is not part of the team anymore?

Stefanski didn’t deny it, either with a perfunctory comment or a Mike Tomlin mic drop. Instead, here’s what Stefanski said: “I would just tell you, again, today he’s excused, and we’ll see where this goes.”

That’s telling. Very telling. Stefanski was asked whether he told the team that Odell is no longer part of it, and Stefanski didn’t deny it. That’s basically an admission. And, indeed, a league source tells PFT that Stefanski did indeed make that statement to the team today.

It’s also telling that Stefanski said he hasn’t spoken to Beckham in the last 24 hours. And Stefanski declined to say whether he tried to reach Beckham.

This means that Odell is done. The only question at the point is when they release him. The reality is that they can’t indefinitely “excuse” him from practice without violating the CBA.

48 responses to “Browns coach Kevin Stefanski doesn’t deny that he told players OBJ is off the team

  1. Who the hell would want Odell?? Head case trouble maker who doesn’t produce anymore and is never happy. And likely never will be.

  2. What happened to OBJ. I mean, he was a head case but that has not stopped other WR like T.O. and Moss from having long HOF careers. Is it injuries? Too many boat parties? What?

  3. I’m wondering why there’s a trade deadline? Maybe before the regular season finale but Something like this, or Kareem Hunt or many others, why can’t a team be compensated for ones teams supposed “trash”. Surely he’s worth a late round pick.

  4. OBj’s dad wasn’t helping things with his son’s Browns career like he thought he was doing. Browns fans- addition by subtraction? What do Browns fans feel about this? I don’t follow this team closely.

  5. Stefanski should learn how to call plays before anything. Hes another clueless Cleveland Browns HC

  6. The Browns will lose to the Bengals and then watch out for the locker room implosion.

  7. For gods sake just cut him already. Baker doesn’t even throw him the ball. What are they trying to salvage?

  8. This dude needs to be off that team. Two teams in a row he’s personally become a distraction to. He’s past his expiration date. He won’t reach 1000 yards in a season again. The funny thing is, Eli Manning made this dude. Yet all OBJ did was trash him. He deserves what he gets. LeVeon Bell status. Hope he has fun on a practice squad somewhere. Then his dad can complain some more that his son isn’t getting targets. No one is going to want to deal with the headache of this dude regardless of the minimal talent he has left. Maybe he can scream collusion! And get one last paycheck from the league.

  9. OBJ proves he is not a team player…. he isnt about winning.. if he was he would make the 3rd catches and 4th down catches that he has been dropping.. and this crap they were bad passes… they hit him square in both hands… and he said oh my shoulder popped out no it didnt he didnt fall or get hit on it,… he just wanted an excuse… Ive supported OBJ in CLE fully.. until YESTERDAY he put himself first and hius bum buddy LBJ and his dad were told to do what they did.. im sure!!! if your not for the team CYA!!!!

  10. Then release him so he can go play for a team that will actually throw him the football. Imagine being the best receiver on the team and you’re lucky to get one target a game. Meanwhile, mediocre receivers like Jarvis Landry constantly drop balls and get double digit targets a game. Yeah that makes sense. FREE OBJ!

  11. On the other hand, Stefanski doesn’t NOT deny telling players that Odell is not part of the team anymore, to paraphrase something Tua said about his own situation in Miami.

  12. Addition by subtraction. Huge mistake for the Browns to sign such a player that thinks he is 100 times better than he actually is. One 1-handed catch in 2016 does NOT make you a hall-of famer. Now Hollywood Higgins and Njoku can get more touches. The REAL impact players.

  13. Who would have thunk that his dad would post an 11 minute video showing Mayfield dissing his son by not throwing him the ball without OBJ’s approval. Obvious the coaching staff and Gm must think so.
    I hope they can keep him on the bench in limbo for a long time. Let him stir. Let him and his dad discover what being ignored is really about.

  14. The Saints tried to acquire him a few weeks ago and offered draft picks, but the Brown’s wouldn’t play ball. Instead, they chose to wait. Now, they may get nothing for him, or at least a lost less than the Saints would have offered. If released, he’s got to clear over 20 teams on waivers to even get to the Saints now.

  15. Well you trade for someone who was a malcontent on another team, what do you expect?


    Didn’t have to end this way. Could’ve gone the other way like Diggs flourishing in Buffalo after griping in Minnesota

  16. When Stefanski got hired he said he wanted players who were “tough, smart and accountable” When asked about how he’d handle “ big personalities” he said, “Personality is welcome but performance is expected”. OBJ failed himself and the team at so many levels. The outcome is not surprising.

  17. Nothing wrong with a boss firing a complete idiot either on a football team or main street employment.

    Lots of money and head cases = Train Wreck ahead.

  18. The Giants organization is like, “sounds like it took the Browns three years to meet the real Beckham & people wonder why we traded him, lololol”

  19. Browns could put him on IR and make the case that he needs to recover his shoulders. Guy has been on every injury report this year so it’s not a stretch.

  20. I wasn’t a fan of this signing, but there was always the hope that a change of scenery would be good for OBJ. The bottom line is he’s not a team player and he has a negative impact on his team.

    I like Baker – he’s far from perfect, but he’s not the sole cause of the Browns’ offensive problems. Getting rid of OBJ will be a big positive for the team.

  21. “Healthy Scratch” until four games left.

    “Suspend” for conduct detrimental to the team for the final four games of the season. IF there isn’t a substantiated reason already, there will be by then.

    Let him practice with the special teams unit.

    If for some reason he MUST play, let him return punts.

    Offseason: trade him to Detroit for a 2025 5th round pick.

    Addition by subtraction.

  22. Maybe he was just sick of questions and didn’t want to answer anymore. Doesn’t mean it was an admission. Just like when BeastMode answered every question with “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.”

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