Browns “discussing a lot of things” with Odell Beckham Jr.’s representatives

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Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is not practicing with the Browns on Wednesday and head coach Kevin Stefanski made it sound like there’s a chance he won’t be practicing with the team in the future either.

Stefanski said that General Manager Andrew Berry is continuing to talk to Beckham’s representatives a day after Beckham’s father and LeBron James sent messages pushing for Beckham to be moved to another team. There was a report that the Browns and Saints discussed a trade before the deadline, but nothing came to fruition.

Stefanski confirmed Josina Anderson’s report that the team excused Beckham from the session and said, via Zac Jackson of, that “they’re discussing a lot of things” when asked if releasing Beckham is a possibility.

If the relationship between the player and the team is beyond repair, that may be the likeliest one.

30 responses to “Browns “discussing a lot of things” with Odell Beckham Jr.’s representatives

  1. Suspend him or cut him. He’s a self centered, diva, me first individual, who isn’t worth much on a team.

  2. I could see them doing the same thing the Bucs did with Keyshawn Johnson when they realized he was more trouble than he was worth. They just told him to stay home and stay away from the team. Kiss goodbye that contract that called for $15M the next two years. One of the worst moves the Browns ever did–and there has been a bunch–was trade for this guy.

  3. It probably goes like this: AB: OBJ, terminate your guarantees in your contract and we’ll release you immediately. OBJ: No, release me anyways. AB: How about a healthy scratch for the rest of the year like Deshaun Watson.

  4. What I get from watching the Beckham video is how bad a quarterback Baker is; just terrible at finding the open receiver.

  5. This guy may be a head case, but if you put him with someone like Rogers or Brady he will shine once again. These young QBs dont know how to control him.
    Shocked he wasn’t traded. Now they are going to get a bag peanuts for him if they are lucky

  6. His guarantees have all tolled, make him sit out the rest of the year as an example of his selfishness and cut him before training camp and his roster bonus. Hopefully nobody else falls for his “talent” and we don’t have to always hear about how unhappy he is when he’s not injured.

  7. He has not been the same player since his injury. He is not getting out of his breaks with the same explosiveness. Put the drama on top of that and I can’t see a team giving him any significant $$$

  8. Beckham is about to join the post-career ranks of ‘I wish I had handled myself differently, man was I stupid’

  9. The Browns are not allowing obj to practice on the field with them however they have given the okay for him to do sit-ups in his driveway and take questions

  10. At one point…. Fans had already placed him in Canton, the narrative of him being a cancer was media lies, and the Giants were insane. Alas there are still some out there that will base his decline purely on QB play.

  11. Dude has been washed up for years. Not worth a fraction of what they’re paying him, let alone all the drama. I can’t for the life of me understand why they didn’t jump at the chance to send him packing before the trade deadline.

  12. Good riddance. ESPN said that he has no more guaranteed money left on his contract. If that’s true – cut him. Let him sign for $2-3 million somewhere, if anyone wants him.

  13. Browns should get a real QB that can read defenses and see over the offensive line and downfield and get the ball downfield, accurately.

  14. Make him a healthy(?) scratch for the rest of the season. He’ll need time to get his orange Bentley painted a different color.

  15. I have to laugh…just two short years ago we all were disgusted with Antonio Browns nonsense. Fast forward and AB is back in the league with a SB catch and ring …and could maybe get another. Teams keep giving these diva WR a chance to win.

  16. Could you imagine a Burrow type guy under center for the Browns right now. Guaranteed super bowl.

  17. Should have traded him to the Jags or lions for a 6-7th rd pick”or both picks”.
    they both could use A DIVA TO TALK ABOUT.

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