Browns, OBJ need to renew vows or divorce

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It undoubtedly will be an interesting day in Berea.

On Tuesday, Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. tried to social-media his way out of town, with his father and LeBron James jostling for a trade. It’s now clear that OBJ isn’t happy.

So what will the Browns do? Coach Kevin Stefanski meets with reporters later today, and Beckham undoubtedly will be the A topic. Before then, it’s likely that Stefanski and Beckham will have a conversation. It’s possible that others (like quarterback Baker Mayfield) will be involved.

Mayfield surely won’t be happy about the broadside he took from Odell Sr., who posted a lengthy video of all the times that Baker has failed to get the ball to an otherwise open OBJ. Then there’s the question of whether Mayfield and Beckham ever really meshed.

From the moment the trade happened in early 2019, I wondered aloud whether Cleveland is big enough for both Mayfield and Beckham. Then came the offseason program. Beckham showed up for the first day, then bolted. Mayfield, who was there all the time, likely would have appreciated the chance to develop the right chemistry with his new target. Once the season arrived, Beckham made his desire for the ball too obvious, putting extra pressure on Mayfield to wait for Beckham to get open, or to force it to him.

Last year, coach Kevin Stefanski tried to get Beckham involved in other ways. Bubble screens, jet sweeps, handoffs, and other devices can be used to get the ball in the hands of a playmaker. That happened in Week Four at Dallas. It hasn’t happened since.

Beckham has indeed been open. Defenses apparently aren’t blanketing him like they used to. And why should they, if he’s not going to get the ball?

Right now, the Browns need to decide whether to fully embrace Beckham or to release him and hope someone claims the balance of his 2021 salary on waivers. The risk in keeping him is that the dynamic could be an issue, especially if Mayfield is upset with Beckham’s tactics for forcing a trade. The risk in cutting him is that he could end up with an AFC rival, like the Bills or the Chiefs.

That’s why the best play would have been to either make him happy before it all exploded on Tuesday, or to trade him to a contender in the NFC. However it plays out from here, the 2020 NFL coach of the year will have an opportunity to prove that he deserves that trophy.

31 responses to “Browns, OBJ need to renew vows or divorce

  1. Not really. The damage is done. Don’t give in to his big baby temper tantrums. Honor your contract and play until we find a reasonable trading partner or sit out and we’ll suspend you for conduct detrimental. Enough with the enabling.

  2. Obviously talented, super talented, really, but a 2x malcontent. Sometimes it is just not worth it.

  3. Not really. You tell OBJ you can show up and play or get find. You will be cut at years end so your performance is on you. This is professional football. Every locker room has its drama and players that hate each other but they go out and take care of their chickens. It is up to OBJ to show the league he is worth his next deal.

  4. Don’t drop crucial 4th down pitch and catch balls, and you’ll get more targets out of trust. It’s really that simple.

  5. What’s the percentage of balls he’s caught that were thrown at him and was it his fault or the QB? You make the catch, you get more looks. It’s that simple.

  6. He’s never been happy anywhere. It’s always someone else’s problem. Cash your millions and pout then.

  7. Why would they worry that another AFC team would claim him ???

    If I throw a toaster away…. I’m not worried a neighbor will take it and his family will enjoy amazing toast…

    I’m throwing it away for a reason.

  8. OBJ is done and Baker is ordinary. I’m a Browns fan willing to state the unfortunate truth. OBJ will be gone this off-season and Baker the following, if not sooner.

  9. One highlight reel catch…and a bunch of injuries and excuses…

    [Keelan Cole of the NYJ made a one-hander just as good this past Sunday]

  10. Unless he’s willing to redo his contract to some reasonable level there is no renewing of vows going to happen. He’s massively overpaid right now. Constantly hurt and not very productive even when he plays. Some team will give him a shot on a bargain deal hoping he’ll do what Antonio Brown has with the Bucs but OBJ’s play had already dropped off at the end of his time with the Giants so it’s been YEARS since he’s been a difference maker. He wants to pretend it’s just Baker Mayfield but after his first 3 great seasons his play fell off a cliff.

  11. Jarvis Landry gets talked into joining the Browns by OBJ, then OBJ skips town. Nice!

  12. Mayfield sucks. This problem is not as complicated as you make it out to be. It’s simple: Mayfield sucks. Jarvis, OBJ, Hunt, Chubb, some decent TEs… this offense is loaded with weapons. Not to mention, the offensive line is top 5 in the NFL, no question. Yet, Mayfield has started 7 games and managed to throw only 6 TD passes. It isn’t a “chemistry” thing. Baker is surrounded with talent and can’t get it done. He never will. He ain’t got it. The eye in the sky doesn’t lie. Beckham should have 4-5 TDs by now. Mayfield is the problem.

  13. It looks more like they couldn’t even get a 7th rounder for him not even the really bad teams dearth of talent or a team making a run that needs a playmaker. Most likely they will give him another week or two then cut him. Next year he will have to be willing to work for some where around league minimum or plan on playing catch with Cam hoping for the call.

  14. You can literally make a video of every starting receiver open during games and not targeted. Social media is not judge and jury.

  15. In the only game I’ve seen the Browns play this year OBJ had a perfect first half. Targeted four times, he had two drops, slipped and fell on the third and the ball hit him in the chest and fell to the ground, then he committed a penalty, and then he left the field injured. Perfect, I say. I’m pretty sure this is all Baker’s fault.

  16. This guy’s entire career is one Sunday Night catch, literally. That’s it and if that game would have been on Sunday afternoon most fans wouldn’t know this guy. Cut bait, move on.

  17. When is OBJ every happy? He’s proving to be just a flash in the pan from his Giants days.

  18. Carlton Mitchell WR for the Browns was more productive. For all the true Browns fans, let me repeat that: CARLTON MITCHELL.

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