CeeDee Lamb says Harrison Smith choked him after a tackle

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings
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Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb says he was choked by Vikings safety Harrison Smith after a tackle on Sunday night, and the video appears to back Lamb up.

After Smith brought Lamb down at the sideline, Smith’s right arm was on the side of Lamb’s neck, while Smith used his left hand to grab Lamb under the chin.

A video on the Cowboys’ YouTube channel shows Lamb on the bench complaining to teammates about Smith.

“Man was choking the [bleeped] out of me on the sideline,” Lamb told his teammates.

The Cowboys’ website highlighted the issue and suggested Smith will get fined, but otherwise the play has largely gone overlooked. Lamb has every right to be unhappy with his treatment at the hands of Smith.

32 responses to “CeeDee Lamb says Harrison Smith choked him after a tackle

  1. godkingskovald says:
    November 3, 2021 at 4:59 am
    NFL officiating really wanted the Vikings to win that game.


    Well, that’s a first!

  2. Harrison Smith has been one of the dirtiest players in the NFL since he came into the League.

  3. Yet Cee Dee gets fined for his socks, jersey, and waiving bye. The NFL has become a joke on what they fine players for.

  4. He’s a dirty player.if the league lets that go without repercussions they are sending an awful message. It’s a tough enough game without condoning felonious assault

  5. I’m all for letting players being physical but at some point it crosses the line and becomes a criminal offence. In 1994 an Everton soccer player was jailed for three months after head-butting an opponent on the pitch and with everything on camera the victim doesn’t even need to make a complaint.

  6. Yup, it’s definitely a “move” for defensive players to brace their falls with their forearm/elbow to the ball carriers, ribs, neck, groin, or any other sensitive area where they can disguise it and try to give players pointers. It’s the next variation now to t the league got wise to the bodyboarding tackling technique

  7. I thought that was odd too.. looked obvious he was trying to choke him. WOW… sad really.

  8. godkingskovald says:
    November 3, 2021 at 4:59 am
    NFL officiating really wanted the Vikings to win that game.

    They wanted Arizona to win against Green Bay too. It wasn’t luck that Green didn’t turn around, it was justice.

  9. The Viking organization is about two weeks away from everybody going into survival mode.

  10. Maybe Smith was mad that he couldn’t stop Wilson on the long TD run… BTW WTF was Smith doing on that play, lol…

  11. No place in the game for that no matter situation or emotional state. I say 2 game suspension without pay and set the tone for all players that it will not be tolerated. We enjoy our violence in between the lines Sir!

  12. godkingskovald says:
    November 3, 2021 at 4:59 am
    NFL officiating really wanted the Vikings to win that game.
    Exactly, just like on the deciding moment of the game when the refs are "instructed to ignore the 2nd timeout" but flagged the Vikes anyway, making it 3rd and manageable?

  13. Vikings choke. That cracked me up. I know stuff goes on in a game, but that is just plain dirty. They fine a tackler for an accidental helmet on a offensive player lowering his head. This was clearly intentional.

  14. Saw it when it happened and couldn’t believe there was no flag. Then when you look at the penalties handed the Randy Gregory, it’s clear the officials have no sense of consistency in (or perhaps knowledge of) the definition of “unnecessary roughness”

  15. Tooth fairy…. Refs are instructed to ignore. Once they accidentally blow a whistle it becomes a delay of game. How about tell the coaches to know that isn’t allowed? Also, since when is 3rd and 11 manageable? Don’t call time out after then don’t give up 11 yards. That’s on the Vikings not the refs.

  16. CeeDee – trying playing rugby. You will understand what a real contact sport is without pads…

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