Chiefs move from 1-point favorites to 8-point favorites with Aaron Rodgers out

Detriot Lions v Green Bay Packers
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Las Vegas thinks the difference between Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love is about a touchdown.

Before today’s news that Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 and will not play for the Packers on Sunday against the Chiefs, Kansas City was a one-point favorite. After the news broke, the line shifted to Kansas City by eight.

The line can still move as more bets come in, but suffice to say that Love in the first start of his NFL career is not expected to be anywhere near the player that Rodgers is.

This sudden shift also points to how valuable inside information about the NFL can be. If anyone knew Rodgers tested positive before the betting public knew, that person could have placed a very big bet on the Chiefs with a very favorable point spread.

Last week, the point spread on the Cowboys-Vikings game shifted to the Cowboys by about five or six points because Dak Prescott was out and Cooper Rush replaced him. Rush managed to lead the Cowboys to an upset, as Packers fans — and Packers bettors — will hope Love can do.