Derek Carr received text from Henry Ruggs a few hours before fatal wreck

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Henry Ruggs texted Derek Carr and Hunter Renfrow late Monday night while playing Topgolf. Ruggs asked his then teammates to evaluate a video of his golf swing, Carr said.

When Carr woke up Tuesday morning, he learned Ruggs was in a serious car wreck. Ruggs since has been charged with DUI resulting in death and faces 2-20 years in prison.

Carr said during an emotional news conference Wednesday that he has questioned whether he could have “done anything to help” like letting Ruggs know the quarterback “could be there for him at 3 a.m.”

“I just wish I could have done something,” Carr said. “No one ever wants to see this, whether it’s a football player or not. You never want to see something like this happen.”

Prosecutor Eric Bauman announced Ruggs had a blood-alcohol concentration at twice the legal limit while driving his Corvette 156 mph only two seconds before an impact that killed the 23-year-old driver of another car, along with her dog.

“My heart first goes to the families that are involved,” Carr said. “There are things that happen in life for all of us that we don’t have control over, and you wish you did. I have a thousand questions I wish I could ask, but I don’t get those opportunities. I don’t understand everything and why certain things happen. I forever have relied on the foundation of who I am is my faith, and I’m going to stand on that when it’s hard, and I’m going to stand on that when it’s easy.”

While his former teammates practiced Wednesday in the face of a tragedy, Ruggs showed up in Las Vegas Justice Court in a wheelchair and wearing a neck brace. His bail was set at $150,000.

“With what we were told, I just didn’t know if we were able to (contact Ruggs, so) haven’t reached out,” Carr said. “I will always be here for him. That won’t change. I will prove that over the course of time to him, not to anybody else. But he needs people to love him right now. He’s probably feeling a certain type of way about himself right now, and he needs to be loved. If nobody else will do it, I will do it.”

Ruggs might never play football again, and frankly, he shouldn’t play football again. He won’t play for the Raiders, who released the former first-round choice only a few hours after details of the wreck emerged.

“I walked by, and I saw Henry’s locker today and for whatever reason that got me,” Carr said. “He’s not going to be there.”

The Raiders, though, still have a game in four days. They played the Giants at 1 p.m. ET Sunday. No one, Carr said, is going to care what the Raiders have gone through this week or this season.

“From a football aspect, we’re ready to go,” Carr said. “We had a great practice. We’re dealing with a lot of things this year, that’s for sure. What a crazy year. I heard that a few times. Can we please have nothing else (bad happen)? . . . At the end of the day, nobody cares (that the Raiders are hurting). We’ve got to do our job.”

27 responses to “Derek Carr received text from Henry Ruggs a few hours before fatal wreck

  1. People can say what they want about Derek Carr but he is a very good QB and an even better guy!

  2. He’s a great dude. I appreciate his honesty and put faith first these days is commendable

  3. What a horrifying event. Senseless.

    Good on Carr tho. He seems down to earth and genuine. I’m happy to root for him moving forward.

  4. Derek Carr has leadership written all over him. After football, he’ll be a leader in whatever he endeavors.

  5. Thats one of the nicest, most human things I’ve ever seen a human being say in a tragedy like this. We all could use a friend like Carr.

  6. Derek Carr is a class act and Ruggs is lucky to have a guy like him in his corner. A very sad and avoidable situation.

  7. Only $150,000 bail for killing a lady? So the judge is going to allow Ruggs back on the streets.

  8. Carr seems like a good guy. But let’s not get confused, he’s a mediocre quarterback. Riggs life is over. So sad

  9. Ruggs needs love? He just viciously murdered someone! These players are a joke, NFL morals are so backwards.

  10. knew Derek back in the days while his brother David was playing for the Texans. Very, very polite young man back then and would look you in the eye when he spoke to you. he even played catch with my daughter during practice. She was one grade ahead of him & had a very serious crush on Derek! I’m not surprised at all how he turned out. Great parents.

  11. “I walked by, and I saw Henry’s locker today and for whatever reason that got me,” Carr said. “He’s not going to be there.”
    Yeah that woman’s family is saying the same thing.

  12. I would rather hear about the 23 year old victim in this case and the dog. Condolences to the family

  13. Carr should be thinking about reaching out to the victim’s family, not the guy that killed her. Plus you kill somebody and only get a $150,000 bond? Drunk driving and killing somebody is no accident, we all know what driving drunk can lead to.

  14. Carr is incredibly classy with his words here. He didn’t endorse the behavior or the actions but just simply missed a teammate and will continue to support the teammate he thought he knew. That’s awesome leadership. It’s the only thing he can make a valid point on or comment on and it’s both sad, realistic and true.

  15. Who to punish? Start with Ruggs, who is obviously subhuman. Reading about the aftermath, this clearly couldn’t have been caused by a worse person. Then his girlfriend, who was with him, also subhuman. She should get some prison time. Then the employee at Top Golf who served a person to 2x the legal limit – he or she also should get prison time.

  16. If Riggs would have called or texted Derek Carr at 3 am, Carr’s response would have been “Where are you, and I’m on my way”.

    Prayers for the family who lost their loved one due to this stupid act.

  17. Use to think Carr was a bust. Ya know what he is a standup stud. Good luck Derek. Kick some butt this weekend for your team.

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