Giants had 13 positive COVID tests on Tuesday, RB coach Burton Burns had only positive retest

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Giants head coach Joe Judge met media members covering the team in the parking lot of the team’s facility on Wednesday because of enhanced COVID protocols put in place after a round of testing on Tuesday.

Judge told reporters that the team had 13 positive tests among those tested on Tuesday. Some of those positive tests included players and all 13 people were retested after the initial round of results.

Judge said that the only positive in that round of tests is running backs coach Burton Burns, but, because of the results on Tuesday, all players, Tier 1 and Tier 2 personnel are being retested on Wednesday. There is no word on new positives from that round of testing.

The team is scheduled to practice later in the day and Judge said some players will be held out of the session as a result of the testing situation.


6 responses to “Giants had 13 positive COVID tests on Tuesday, RB coach Burton Burns had only positive retest

  1. coachsemanko says:
    November 3, 2021 at 11:44 am
    Fully vaccinated?


    Well, you can say that you are, but that may not be the truth…right Aaron?

  2. There can be breakthrough cases, but 13 is an outbreak among the unvaccinated. Poor leadership on the Giants was not able to convince the players to get vaccinated or follow mask protocols. Terrible example for society

  3. The Giants are a one of the worst managed teams in the NFL. Their organization is filled with relatives and friends. Very few actual “football people”. It’s not a surprise that they’re pitiful year after year.

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