NFL reviewing whether Packers failed to enforce COVID-19 protocols

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals
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Aaron Rodgers could land the Packers in hot water, as the league is now looking into whether the team failed to enforce the league’s COVID-19 protocols for unvaccinated players.

A statement released by the NFL today acknowledged that the league office will investigate whether the Packers didn’t enforce the league’s rules about masking, distancing and other safety procedures. Rodgers wasn’t named in the NFL’s statement, but it was an obvious response to the revelation today that Rodgers is unvaccinated.

“The primary responsibility for the enforcement of Covid protocols within club facilities rests with each club,” the NFL said in its statement. “Failure to properly enforce the protocols has resulted in discipline being assessed against individual clubs in the past. The league is aware of the current situation in Green Bay and will be reviewing the matter with the Packers.”

Despite coach Matt LaFleur’s insistence that the Packers have followed the protocols, Rodgers was on the sideline at all three preseason games wearing street clothes without a mask, which is a violation of the rule that requires everyone except players who are active for the game to wear masks. If the NFL is serious about enforcing its rules, the Packers should be in serious trouble.

31 responses to “NFL reviewing whether Packers failed to enforce COVID-19 protocols

  1. Just my speculation, the media would have noticed if Rodgers had followed the Covid protocols for unvaccinated players. They are very restrictive, especially when travelling to away games. Unvaccinated players are not even allowed to travel with the team, and they cant leave their hotel when travelling.

  2. Where’s my popcorn?! This is going to be epic entertainment. Pretty obvious now that the truth is out the Pack are in for some disciplinary action. I hope they clarify his “Immunized” statement. I need a good laugh.

  3. When Rodgers stated he was immunized, was he referring to his childhood vaccinations or some sort of holistic method which has certainly not been approved by the CDC, FDA, or the grocery store clerk down the street. They looked the other way because he is who he is and
    now we’ll see if it costs Green Bay this game. Love him as a player, but he’s an arrogant, smug A hole of a person.

  4. Protocols? Rodgers was so enamoured with people talking about his Hallowwen costume he went out with it an infected all his teammates. LOL

  5. Commissioner Goodell has got to earn that huge salary and make some unpopular decisions to set the right example…..regardless of who gets hurt.

  6. Commissioner Goodell has got to earn that huge salary and start making some unpopular decisions….regardless of who it affects.

  7. It’ll be easy for the NFL to make an example out of the Packers. They don’t have an owner who’ll be upset with the Commissioner.

  8. the packers started bending over backwards for rodgers after he threatened not to return in the offseason. Now we see this included lying and cheating.

  9. If he’s not vaccinated of course they did. Shouldn’t take long to verify. But the NFL probably will take 6 to 9 months to verify. Mask-gate

  10. R-e-l-a-x. The league will find an issue and the Packers will get a paltry fine and life goes on.

  11. There is a difference between being vaccinated and being immunized. Being immunized means being in a state of immune. While being vaccinated is conduct a action to receive a vaccine.

  12. Obviously they did however the NFL will protect them to no end like they did the Ravens in 2020.

  13. The cover up has started with LaFeur’s comments the Packers have followed protocol which Rodgers clearly has not.
    Was Lafleur duped or not ?

  14. Umm, what is there to investigate? The rules
    are clear for the unvaxxed.

    Cover up underway.

  15. Imagine being on a seven game winning streak and a Super Bowl hopeful; then having to stop and deal with all this. Players having to adjust to a new QB, focus being disrupted by controversy.

    Aaron Rodgers may be a great talent and a HOFer; but I’ve never wanted him to play for my team.

  16. I hope the NFL slams all involved in this. I want some draft picks removed and a year ban for the Diva.

  17. Any second string player that BSed like this would have been released immediately of course…

  18. I hope that Rodgers and the Packers get MAX punishment for this. I have a feeling that Roger Goodell won’t do a thing about it,though.

  19. What a farce. Even if it’s found that the Packers didn’t enforce COVID protocol, all they’ll get is a slap on the wrist.

  20. We are talking out of both sides! We want the NFL back, but we want everyone vaccinated, but it’s your personal decision, but if you aren’t you are dead to us…. I can’t anymore. The only thing we’ve learned from all this is we’ve all lost our minds.

  21. Evander Kane in the NHL got what 21 games for a fake vaccine passport, NFL on the other hand have no backbone.

  22. The devil is in the details. Who knew what when? When did they rule on his exemption? When did the Packers know? Rodgers obviously lied or mislead about being vaccinated, did he also mislead the team.

    I’m for equal justice, the rules are the rules and if the Packers broke them, then they deserve to be punished. Rodgers as well. Let the chips fall where they may.

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