Prosecutor: Henry Ruggs was driving 156 mph, with BAC more than twice the legal limit

Las Vegas Raiders Wide Receiver Henry Ruggs III Involved in Fatal DUI Crash
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More facts are coming out regarding the Tuesday collision involving former Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs. And those details are very troubling.

According to Katelyn Newberg of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, prosecutor Eric Bauman said that Ruggs was traveling 156 miles per hour two seconds before the crash — and that his Corvette was going 127 mph when the airbags deployed.

Also, Ruggs’s BAC was more than twice the legal limit, and a loaded gun was found in the car. The legal limit in every state is 0.08 percent blood-alcohol concentration.

Bauman also said that, in addition to the driver of the other car, a dog was killed in the crash.

Ruggs faces two to 20 years for felony DUI resulting in death.

80 responses to “Prosecutor: Henry Ruggs was driving 156 mph, with BAC more than twice the legal limit

  1. 20 years isnt Someone died. entitled athlete thinks he can do whatever he wants

  2. How has anyone survived that? I’m assuming he must of had a permit for the gun as there was no charge for that, not American so not sure of the ins and outs of that

  3. Damn, not looking good on all fronts on this. Sad he killed someone in a senseless manner. Sad his career is over, sad he is going to jail for a long time. And all of it was preventable. Sad all around.

  4. Dude better get the proper punishment. Drunk at those kind of speeds in city limits also with a loaded gun in the car? People make mistakes but this guy is a complete idiot and now a murderer. Regardless of his standing as a professional athlete, the guy needs to be held accountable and do the necessary time. Hats off to the Raiders for cutting him loose.

  5. Ok, with this new info I hope we see no plea bargaining, and that the sentence after a guilty verdict is on the stronger end of the 2-20 under Nevada statute.
    156 mph, on a street with TRAFFIC LIGHtS.
    If I was a family member of the deceased this would just infuriate me. That person had no shot when they were hit at that speed and they burned to death if unlucky. If lucky it was over quick. What a senseless loss

  6. With the Performance Data recorder, and a bunch of other logs on the new corvette, I am sure they know everything he was doing prior to the crash. Assuming the recording device still has readable data.

  7. Yesterday I wondered if Ruggs would even go to jail, but today? Drunk and doing 156MPH?

    This guy’s going to prison, his football career is 100% done. Whatever assets he has will go to legal fees and payments to the victim’s families. Numerous lives forever altered.

    Call a damn Uber, people.

  8. Twice the legal limit, traveling 156mph, loaded gun in the car, putting himself, his girlfriend and obviously others in serious danger AND in addition to killing a completely innocent woman he killed a dog. I think we see why the Raiders cut him loose as soon as they did. If this kid doesn’t have his “come to Jesus” moment with this, he never will.

  9. Wow.
    Why is it that celebrities and athletea think they can do whatever they want no matter how illegal or stupid?

  10. His poor judgement took an innocent life. Driving intoxicated and speeding (excessively). He will be in jail for a very long time. My condolences to the victim’s family… After the Stallworth incident the NFL was very public about the driver service they provide to every player, no matter location, time of day, or circumstances. No excuse for him not to use it or any other number of safe ways to get home.

  11. This just keeps getting worse and worse.

    156mph while twice the legal limit?

    Ruggs is going away for a long time, and rightly so.

    Condolences to the family and friends of the young woman and her dog who were so tragically killed.

  12. Sadly it’s the drunk drivers that survive these horrific accidents. Then they get a slap on the wrist and out doing it again. Hopefully justice will be served…

  13. Throw him in for 20. I don’t want to hear any crap about how alcoholism is a disease. It’s a choice. He chose to drink. He chose to drive. No excuses.

  14. Stupid 22yo kid made a stupid choice and cost someone their life. He’s lucky to be alive.

    We can hammer him all day long, for making dumb choices and taking a life in the process.

    But, can some GOOD come of this? Will other young men who make similar stupid choices think twice now, and perhaps call that Uber?

  15. Lord have MERCY on the family of the young lady, I was in a similar accident when i was 18 and payed dearly and payed the consequences the judge gave me..It changed mty life to the better, I gave my life to the Navy and try my best to be a better man. Henry will change not only his life but the family of the woman..I just hope the NFL comes down more seriously on the people that commit these crimes..RIP young lady i hope God takes care of you.

  16. Geezus .. no point in posting bail.

    He’s going to be serving a lot of time.. might as well delay the trial and serve as much of the sentence in county as possible.

  17. The sad thing is the fact that Ruggs and his passenger easily survived a crash like will just encourage other new Corvette owners to drive even more recklessly.

    The origins of this insanity rest with the producers of the Fast and the Furious movies.

  18. Wow…It’s amazing that anyone survived at that speed. What a terrible situation. Ruggs deserves whatever he gets. You can only hope that the lady and her dog never knew what hit them. Don’t drink and drive!

  19. This isn’t even one of those cases where somebody gets drunk and thinks he can still drive home. If he was going 156mph on surface streets, it’s clear he decided it would be fun to see how fast he could get his sports car going. Acting like he’s in some action movie. Now lives are lost and ruined, and loved ones will be devastated forever.

  20. Geez. This is worse than I’d imagined. Horrific decision-making on Ruggs’ part. He merits whatever consequences he gets.

  21. Every single dollar he’s made or has coming to him should be given to the family of that woman. Sell all his stuff too and hand over the proceeds. Can’t tale your guns and cars with you to prison anyways…

  22. Well guess when the big guy gives out the athletic talent to some folks in order to balance it all out … they take away some brains huh ?? … as just wondering how many folks with lesser talent would give anything to play in the NFL while this guy has just made his life one big living hell which now of course he can relive over and over in a jail cell.

  23. Anyone missing the irony that his best buddy in HS was killed by a drunk driver? You’d think that such a “painful event” would have shaped your own behavior but I guess not.

  24. I normally give people a second chance when making dumb decisions. If what is reported is true (156mph, loaded gun, twice legal BAC limit), then this guy should get max prison time. He’s a danger to society. You just can’t fix stupid.

  25. It’s a shame that someone would be so stupid to kill someone and ruin his life by being an idiot. He’s going away for a long time.

  26. As a Raiders fan i’m glad they cut him early on. The Rams should have done that with Leonard Little years back.

    The poor lady who was killed, trapped in her car. Ruggs going at an utterly stupid stupid speed and being drunk. Just a crazy situation he put himiself in

  27. How he isn’t dead when driving and crashing at that speed is beyond me. Tragic that an innocent person had to pay the price with his stupidity and recklessness. I feel sorry for him for ruining his life as well as taking another, but he deserves the 20 year maximum on this. I hope the victim’s family takes all his money in a civil suit as well.

  28. It wouldn’t surprise me if he drove like that when he was sober, too. Charges need to be upgraded to vehicular manslaughter.

  29. So to me this is good news. Good lawyers can get around DUI’s a lot of the time. Whether he was drunk or not, those speeds will make it impossible to get past a vehicular manslaughter conviction at a minimum. There’s no way to explain away that speed. Also amazing that Ruggs and his passenger are alive. 156 to zero in no time at all, Corvettes are built pretty well I guess.

  30. Driving under the influence is a stupid thing to do to begin with and this takes it to another level. This makes me angry.

  31. I tend to say young adults can make a SIMPLE stupid decision in their lives BUT THIS WAS and Is criminal. If he serves less than 7.5 years in jail the courts have failed the family.

  32. Wow, my guess this happens all to often. This has not been a good month for Raider Nation. Alcohol and a car that can do that kind of speed? Just plain insane. Stop and think.

  33. At this point why would you even hire a lawyer? Dude you are toast just beg for mercy from the court.

  34. Regardless of how this shakes out, Ruggs should never be allowed to drive anything ever again.

  35. looks to be a new corvette. 156 is fast, but that car does make it seems a lot slower. either way, lock him up.

  36. The new Corvettes record everything about the car and even have a front facing camera that records which is probably why they know the speed and the exact speed he was going when air bags deployed.

  37. Stupid is as stupid does and you can’t fix stupid. This one was all kinds of stupid. Terrible tragedy for the victim. Maximum punishment should be adhered to in both civil and criminal cases.

  38. This is immaturity plain and simple. Call for a ride – use a ride sharing service, limo – whatever. It’s not worth it.

  39. Prayers for all those involved. Being clean and sober now for 30+ years, I know I made plenty of stupid decisions when I was drunk….so I wont cast any stones- Just offer my prayers for all those involved in this tragedy.

  40. At 156mph, the impact would have been like dropping a 23 million pound weight on the car. I haven’t seen pictures, but the car he hit much be obliterated.

  41. There is NO roadway in the entire United States where that speed can be driven legally. Why can GM make and sell a car for road use that is capable of that? The victim’s family should consider suing GM as well as Mr. Suggs. There is no Second Amendment to hide behind for auto manufacturers, no reasonable purpose served for a car to go that fast.

  42. Ruggs is 22 years old. I’m not excusing his actions, but when you are 22, you make some dumb choices, and this is one of those. He is going to have to live with all of the ramifications of this, for the rest of his life. Think about it. This will never go away. Tragic!

  43. Everyone talks tough but we were all stupid 22 year olds once. We weren’t nfl players with a new corvette but you have to feel sorry for a 22 yo who had it all and threw his life away. And I’m a chiefs fan

  44. If Ruggs has even an ounce of integrity, he’ll apologize, plead guilty and throw himself on the mercy of the court. If he tries to lawyer his way out of what he did, he should rot in jail for the rest of his life.

  45. Watched the hearing online. Prosecutor said Ruggs BAC was .161 two hours AFTER the accident.

    Per the NTSA people dissipate alcohol at about .015 per hour after drinking. So if my math is right his BAC was .164 at the time of the accident.

    They also said he may be charged with additional counts for injuring his girlfriend and being in possession of a loaded firearm while intoxicated. Total max years would be 46 if he gets the additional charges and is convicted.

    He received a bond of 150k and has to wear an ankle bracelet.

    All of this because he didn’t hop into a taxi, uber or lyft.

  46. A car is as much a weapon as a gun, especially if you are drunk behind the wheel. May this lady and her dog rest in peace.

  47. Saw the wreck and figured crazy speeds were involved. For a modern car to be rear ended and burst into flames they had to get hit extremely hard.

    Between the speeds and BAC he needs to go away for a long time.

    Whole bunch of lives ruined.

  48. The only possible silver lining in all this is maybe this will stop a couple of hundred people who now drive drunk to never do it agin. Ever. Other than that, tragic on every level.

  49. 2 to 20 years…. if doing 156 mph on city streets with a passenger in the car doesn’t get the max sentence, I’m not sure what the point of having it in the first is.

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