Report: Michael Thomas has a new, separate ankle injury, unclear when he’ll return

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Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas may not be close to returning to the field after all.

Thomas, who has not played at all this season after offseason ankle surgery, now has a new and separate ankle injury.

Thomas recently saw a specialist about the new ankle injury and the Saints don’t know when they’ll get him back.

The Saints looked into trading for a wide receiver before yesterday’s trade deadline because they think they’re going to need another player at the position, the report said.

Thomas has spent the entire season on the physically unable to perform list, and although he is eligible to practice, he has not yet done so.

The NFL’s offensive player of the year in 2019, Thomas missed most of the 2020 season and was nowhere near as productive as he used to be when he did play. Now the Saints, who just lost starting quarterback Jameis Winston for the season, are left wondering when Thomas will get back on the field, and whether he’ll ever again be the player he once was.

20 responses to “Report: Michael Thomas has a new, separate ankle injury, unclear when he’ll return

  1. I believe they call that the “I ain’t rushing back to play with THESE Qbs” injury.

  2. This is an unbelievable series of circumstances preventing Thomas from playing. He has had issues ever since being chastised for punching a teammate during practice. Would help credibility if the new injury diagnosis was coming from team physicians.

  3. Dude won me a championship in a dynasty league in 2019. Traded him away in 2020 to many jeers from my peers. Best trade I ever made, or so I thought. Traded him for……Deshaun Watson….

  4. Dude was on pace to statistically be one of the best ever, then he cashed in that singing bonus and mailed it in. Has a bad attitude as the cherry on top.

  5. Man what a fall from grace this guy had. He was a beast and seemed like a good team player but he got paid and turned into a sraight diva. Coach has about had enough of this guy.

  6. BuckyBadger says:
    You don’t pay WRs and RBs big money outside of maybe 2 or 3 guys in the last 30 years. They aren’t worth it and too easy to replace. He will be 29 next year and shell of the guy who would catch 110+ catches a year.

    You nailed it.
    Michael Thomas has and may still have considerable athletic skills. But it’s not unfair to wonder what percentage of his startling early production was at least partially a bi-product of Drew Brees and Sean Payton. Might he have appeared a little more ordinary had he been drafted by most other teams (see: Jimmy Graham)?
    Thomas’ age, injuries, high salary, his apparent disgruntlement, and the fact that he tailed off after he got paid all add up to one giant CAUTION! sign for any team thinking about rolling the dice on him.

  7. My guess is This was announced in the same team statement about losing Winston for the year

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