Report: Saints, Browns talked about a possible Odell Beckham Jr. deal

Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns
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The Saints don’t have, and apparently won’t have, receiver Michael Thomas. They considered having receiver Odell Beckham, Jr.

Kimberley Martin of reports that the Saints and Browns had discussions about a possible trade for Beckham. The two sides couldn’t work out the terms, however, given the magnitude of Beckham’s salary.

More and more teams pay a significant chunk of a player’s salary in order to facilitate a trade. It’s a sliding scale, with the compensation the player’s former team receives hinging on the financial obligation that team will retain.

And so Beckham remains with the Browns, even though yesterday’s events made it clear that he doesn’t want to be. Which means that the Browns, underachieving at 4-4, have a problem that needs to be resolved. Even if the only way to resolve it will be to release Beckham.

14 responses to “Report: Saints, Browns talked about a possible Odell Beckham Jr. deal

  1. Be who you can afford to be. With his major lack of production and his inability to stay healthy he can’t afford to be very much. If you are failing because your skills are diminshed don’t point fingers. Malcontents are going to malcontent.

  2. I’m still bitter about that stupid boat trip in Miami two days before a wild card game in GREEN BAY. Idiots couldn’t get their cleats off the ground. OBJ has always been a malcontent and it won’t be any different no matter where he goes. Buyer’s beware. Go fight a kicking net.

  3. tyreehelmetcatch says:
    I’m still bitter about that stupid boat trip in Miami two days before a wild card game in GREEN BAY.

    As a Packers fan I am of course not bitter about that boat trip. He defintely came up small in that, his only NFL playoff appearance.
    But I certainly understand why you and other Giants fans would be frustrated, and I wholeheartedly agree with your overall assessent of Mr. Beckham Jr.
    You guys were smart to cut bait sooner rather than later. Buyer beware, indeed.

  4. I would’ve paid half of Beckam’s salary and maybe asked for a decent backup O-lineman…or a crate of turnips. He’s made it clear that he doesn’t want to be in Cleveland and I don’t think his presence is good for Mayfield or the rest of the team.

    The money is whatever it is, but his presence will only have a negative impact on the team. They could also cut him. Not a great financial decision, but trading for him wasn’t a great decision in the first place.

  5. Time to release him. Maybe they get lucky and get a compensatory pick. Is he that much more talented than the other WRs they have?

  6. Makes sense that the selling team should pony up — after all, it’s their ridiculous contract that gave birth to the problem.

  7. Saints dropped the ball. Trade for Beckham and sign Cam Newton and you end up in the Super Bowl.

  8. He’s untraceable unless the Browns would agree to cover most of his salary. And even then he’d be shortly coming up for renewal with him no doubt expecting big money while the new team wouldn’t be interested in anything beyond a cheap “prove it” sort of deal. And how do you suppose he’d respond to that? His play has tanked but his attitude is his biggest problem.

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