Aaron Rodgers is “furious” about leak of his unvaccinated status


We haven’t heard from Aaron Rodgers about the fact that he lied about being vaccinated and ultimately was outed as being unvaccinated. When we do, we may hear about his frustration with the process that culminated in his ruse being exposed.

Per a league source (the same one who tried to tell me on October 5 that Rodgers wasn’t vaccinated), Rodgers is “furious” over the fact that his true status was leaked. Given his propensity to complain about the manner in which he’s treated by the media, it’s safe to wonder whether he’ll complain about the fact that NFL Media reported his status, despite his clear desire to hide it — and his ability to do it for weeks.

The league doesn’t disclose the names of players who are and aren’t vaccinated. However, portions of the daily transaction report often can be cross-referenced to determine that a player was placed on COVID reserve for being in close contact with an infected person. Since only the unvaccinated can be placed on COVID reserve as close contacts, that’s one way to identify unvaccinated players.

Another way, of course, comes from the player wearing a mask in certain settings. But Rodgers consistently did not wear a mask when in the public eye, even in circumstances when he should have. That also helped him hide the truth.

Frankly, Rodgers would have been outed as unvaccinated last week, if he’d been in sufficiently close contact with receiver Davante Adams to be shelved for five days after Adams tested positive. That’s how it became known that receiver Allen Lazard isn’t vaccinated.

That said, Rodgers could argue that there was nothing inherent in the fact that he tested positive that revealed his status, and that without the reporting from the league-owned media conglomerate, no one would know he wasn’t vaccinated. Although the original report regarding the positive included a clear statement that he’d miss Sunday’s game — an implicit acknowledgement that, as vaccinated players would be, he’s not eligible to generate two negative tests at least 24 hours apart and make it back by Sunday — it wasn’t entirely clear that he isn’t vaccinated until NFL Media reported it.

Given that the NFL has access to the truth when it comes to vaccine status, an unretracted report from NFL Media that he’s not vaccinated makes it 100 percent clear that he’s 100 percent not vaccinated.

Of course, the reporting from NFL Media went farther than that. The league’s media arm also reported that Rodgers had tried to secure an exemption that would regard him as vaccinated because of a homeopathic treatment that raised his COVID antibodies. (Others reported that, too.)

When Rodgers finally speaks again, he’ll get plenty of questions. We’ll be listening to all of his answers. And we’ll be paying close attention for any potential detour by Rodgers into the sharing of some thoughts about how his private medical information improperly came to light.

26 responses to “Aaron Rodgers is “furious” about leak of his unvaccinated status

  1. If I hear Rodgers say he’s furious, then I’ll believe he’s furious. Otherwise, it’s just more of the same…people saying whatever they want.

  2. Yes people who blatantly and regularly lie are often furious when they are caught and called out for their lies.

    That’s called playing the victim when in fact the people around him have been the victims.

  3. Can’t have it both ways there Aaron. Don’t try to pull a fast one on the public, proclaim publicly you are “immunized” and then misplace anger with the leak of supposedly private info when you’re public misrepresentations are found to be a big bundle of lies. If you want to be angry at someone, look in the mirror (if you can see past your bangs).

  4. He should be! After we win the Super Bowl I wouldn’t blame ARod if he to RG 2gfh and retire.

  5. Simple answer for this in the NFL. Mandate it already! No vaccination, no football. If doctors & nurses are not above having required, NFL players shouldn’t be either.

  6. Enough of this guy! I don’t know much about Jordan Love but I’m hoping he gets to play the next 2 weeks and plays extremely well.

  7. He’s a fool. You do something stupid then lie about it and you’re mad people found out? And don’t carry on about how this is no one else’s business. If you fail to get vaccinated and then appear unmasked in public, having lied about your status, you’ve made it our business.

  8. I don’t care if he is vaccinated or not. I just can’t stand the arrogance. The first word to his response to the the vaccination question was “Yeah” then he said I’m immunized. He could have just as easily said it was nobody’s business or that he wasn’t discussing it.

  9. Superstars don’t have consequences. The NFL will just change a rule so he doesn’t have to be suspended or fined.

  10. Rodgers went (unmasked, of course) to a big, crowded party on Sunday night. You know who should be furious? Anybody who went to that party and ends up with COVID.

  11. To be fair, everyone would already have known his vaccination status is he was following protocols.

  12. Oh… HE is furious ???

    Well… I guess that negates all the people furious with him… including his teammates, his fans and the rest of the league.

  13. Boo fricken hoo! 134 million dollars over 4 years. Surprise! It comes with expectations on how to behave.

  14. I would like to know how many Packers are not vaccinated. Sure seems like they have a lot who aren’t

  15. He’s furious that his big lie was exposed. He put many others at risk, but that’s okay?

  16. minime says:
    November 4, 2021 at 5:05 pm
    His body.
    His choice

    100% right.

    and part of that choice is having to follow the rules that are set out, and agreed to by the union and league

    as you said , He made a CHOICE, no one made him get vaxxed or not get vaxxed, he decided that for himself. what is not are choice are the rules that all the players have to follow

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