Cordarrelle Patterson: My mom worked three jobs, so I can play three positions

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Cordarrelle Patterson is in his ninth NFL season and playing for his fifth NFL team, and he’s on his way to the best season of his career. But he says what he’s doing now is easy compared to what his mom did while raising him.

Patterson, who is dividing his time between running back, wide receiver and kickoff returner, told Kris Rhim of that his mom taught him what hard work is all about.

If my mom could go out there and work three jobs, I can go out there and play three positions. Why can’t I do what she did for us?” Patterson said. “It’s like a big motivation, and every time I’m on the field, I don’t care where they put me; I’m gonna make a play. You can put me at safety; I’m getting an interception. You put me at D-End Ima get a sack. That’s just the mindset that I have, and nobody can take that confidence away from me.”

Patterson has 268 rushing yards this season, which is already a career high, plus 333 receiving yards and 267 kickoff return yards. If he keeps up his current pace over 17 games, he’ll finish the season with 651 rushing yards, 809 receiving yards and 648 kickoff return yards. No player in NFL history has ever had that a high total in all three of those categories. Patterson has a good role model for putting in work at three different jobs.

17 responses to “Cordarrelle Patterson: My mom worked three jobs, so I can play three positions

  1. Good job, Cordarrelle. Take care of that Momma!
    She helped get you there, but your help did it, too! Go get it, and always thank that Lady!

  2. As a Vikings fan, I will always have a place in my heart for him. He is a physical freak and has never given up. I love seeing him used this way and having an outstanding season. Please don’t get hurt!

  3. Good on ya CP. Take care of your momma.

    Miss seeing him in uniform for my Volunteers. Dude was lethal in the college game.

  4. Bravo! This is what a real man looks like. Great athlete but humble, respects his mother and appreciates her sacrifice for him.

  5. I would think any team would love an injection of that kind of attitude with all the prima donnas running around today’s NFL. Makes me want to pull for the guy.

  6. Nice to see a player who has the attitude that they will do what ever is needed and then backs it up with performance. Many players talk the talk but don’t actually walk the walk when things aren’t going as they had planned/hoped! Good job Mama Patterson!

  7. Another good player that Zimmer never appreciated who played a role the Vikings have yet to refill–

    Case Keenum, Dan Carlson, Kyle Rudolph..

  8. Patterson seems like he has HOF talent, surprises me he’s not more of a star with his skills.

  9. I don’t think anyone saw him as being capable of anything other than returning kicks. The fact he’s managed to prove himself as an offensive weapon at this point in his career deserves nothing but praise.

  10. Sure is cool to see this guy getting love and respect in these comments… WELL deserved. 100.

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