Joe Judge spoke to Kadarius Toney about tweet regarding Henry Ruggs car crash

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Former Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs is facing felony DUI charges after crashing his Corvette into another car at high speed and killing someone on Tuesday morning and many people around the football world have responded to the news in the last few days.

Giants wide receiver Kadarius Toney‘s response was among those to garner attention because it seemed to downplay the severity of what happened in Las Vegas.

“We young . . . everybody make mistakes. . . y’all lookin at the situation like “this or that” kuz it ain’t y’all . . . having so much too say . . . he know he messed up don’t drag em for it . . . that’s goofy to me . . . just pray for the families involved,” Toney wrote on Twitter.

On Thursday, Giants head coach Joe Judge said that he spoke to Toney about the tweet. Judge said he has “no questions about this guy’s character” while offering a reminder that it’s important to give thought to how you express yourself.

“It’s important that we understand how we articulate our words and put it out there,” Judge said, via Darryl Slater of “I know where his heart was with that. I think sometimes, it comes across that you read it and you say, ‘This doesn’t really sound the right way.’ I think it’s more about making sure we articulate our words. To me, it’s always important to understand someone’s heart. Sometimes, guys are going to make a mistake in terms of how they articulate or verbalize something. But when you understand the core of what someone is trying to say — and you talk to a guy and you understand the relationship — maybe he didn’t get the point across exactly, [but] you understand it’s coming from the right place.”

Judge said he also spoke to the whole team about the Ruggs situation because he has former teammates and friends in the locker room and sent the same message about how to share thoughts about the incident.

16 responses to “Joe Judge spoke to Kadarius Toney about tweet regarding Henry Ruggs car crash

  1. 150 miles an hour. Drunk with a loaded gun in his possession. Not feeling sorry for him. Only to the family that lost a loved one.

  2. Derek Carr expressed a similar sentiment in a much better way and has taken a LOT of heat for it.

    Sometimes it’s better just not to say anything. Hopefully Toney learns that.

  3. 156 mph
    On a service road
    Two times drinking limit
    In a city filled with ubers/taxis
    He’s 23 driving a high-end vehicle
    Killed a person and a dog
    Loaded gun in vehicle
    Gets out the car not really caring

  4. Eh coach, your player done just fine with his sentiments. Too many people usually go overboard with derogatory comments. Kadarias appears to be speaking from the heart about his peers, I don’t think his comment was out of place. Condolences to the family of the young lady that died and prayers to mr. Ruggs and his family.

  5. You’re right Kardarius it wasn’t me driving 156mph in my Corvette pass out drunk. It wasn’t me who crashed into an innocent person who’s car burst into flames and was burned alive. He’s young so it’s okay right. He’s 22 years old, he’s a grown man, another entitled brat athlete who was used to special treatment thinking he can do whatever he wants. I hope Ruggs rots in prison.

  6. This tweet was written by a college graduate. I would have guessed it to be from maybe a fourth grade educational level person. What does it say for our educational system? Or perhaps this is a result of “athletic privilege”.

  7. I read his tweet, it looks like it was written by a punk kid in the 4th grade. Kuz it’s like dat, yall heard me?

  8. What Judge wanted to say is Toney is illiterate, lucky to be born with the physical gifts to play a game that pays him & is required to use minimal thought processing to play said game…otherwise, Toney would be a very poor person, period.

  9. Can’t wait until this fool shoots himself in the leg at a club. Oh wait…. That happened?! To a Giants WR? N

  10. Drunk… 156 MPH, Killed a woman and her dog. You 100% deserve everything you get as it’s indefensible. Anyone trying to defend it or the reaction to it, is straight up immature and wrong.

  11. I don’t care how talented toney is , he is going to be a cancer on the team. Better trade him off the team . We need guys that are humble .

  12. I often wonder if teams do their homework on a guy before drafting him. This is nothing. There were plenty of red flags on Toney, and they’re usually pretty accurate with that stuff.

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