Mike White injures right forearm, Josh Johnson replaces him


Jets quarterback Mike White injured his right forearm on the team’s second drive. His hand hit DeForest Buckner on his follow through.

Backup Josh Johnson has replaced White, whom the Jets call questionable to return. Zach Wilson and Joe Flacco are inactive tonight, with Wilson still rehabbing a knee injury and Flacco having just arrived in a trade.

White came off the field and was checked by the team’s medical staff after his 19-yard touchdown pass to Elijah Moore. He winced as they touched his arm.

According to the Fox, White tried to throw the ball and couldn’t feel it on the sideline. He went into the blue medical tent to be examined and since has emerged and is trying to throw on the sideline.

White has completed 7 of 11 passes for 95 yards and a touchdown.

The Colts took a 14-7 lead on a 21-yard touchdown run by Jonathan Taylor. They scored their first touchdown on a 34-yard run by Nyheim Hines. Taylor has seven carries for 64 yards and Hines two for 37 yards.

20 responses to “Mike White injures right forearm, Josh Johnson replaces him

  1. Josh Johnson has still got it…..always thought he got the shaft as a young kid in Tampa , when they went with Freeman. But he’s STILL in the league!!

  2. Josh Johnson. Players like that fascinate me. Has been with half the teams in the league, in a bunch of different leagues like the XFL, and has played forever. Guys like him and Josh McCown, you’d forget they were in the league and with what team until they enter a game and you look him up and he’s been with like 4 teams since the last time you remembered he was in the league.

  3. I was really rooting for White. If something bad is going to happen it will happen to the Jets.

  4. supercharger says:
    November 4, 2021 at 9:54 pm
    Is Robert Saleh still a great defensive coach?
    Who knows? Until he has a couple of years to assemble some talent and tailor a system to that, we won’t really know. You can’t be a great defensive coach with nothing to work with.

  5. Mike White was the only reason to watch the game. When he went down the only entertaining thing was to see how many snaps Carson would play.

    4 more games for that 1st rnd pick

  6. What a terrible game from the Jets. Total and complete beatdown by a not very good Colts team. 560 in total offense given up, that has to be a record.

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