NFL’s investigation of Aaron Rodgers, Packers focuses on possible fines, not suspensions

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The league is investigating whether and to what extent quarterback Aaron Rodgers violated COVID protocols applicable to unvaccinated players — and whether and to what extent the Packers failed to discipline Rodgers for his transgressions.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports that the investigation would result in potential fines of Rodgers and/or the Packers, but not a suspension of Rodgers.

However it plays out, the league is buzzing regarding the violations that possibly were committed by Rodgers, and that possibly weren’t punished by the Packers. The next question is whether the NFL will take action after, frankly, being asleep at the switch while Rodgers, whom the league knew wasn’t vaccinated, repeatedly showed up for indoor press conferences at the facility without wearing a mask. He possibly committed other violations that only the team or the league would know about.

Then there’s the Halloween party that Rodgers attended maskless, another violation of the protocol for unvaccinated players.

If the league is serious about the COVID protocols, it follows that the league would be ensuring that the protocols are properly enforced. If the league hasn’t been doing that, it’s fair to conclude that the league isn’t really serious about COVID protocols, that it’s just words on paper aimed at creating the impression that 345 Park Avenue really cares, when in reality it really doesn’t.

54 responses to “NFL’s investigation of Aaron Rodgers, Packers focuses on possible fines, not suspensions

  1. I am a huge Packers fan and I have loved watching Aaron Rodgers play through the years. That said, I think he should be suspended for the balance of the season. Its his business if he wants to risk getting Covid, but re does not have the right to expose others to the risk that he will infect them, and its not his business to blow off mandatory league protocols. I am no longer an Aaron Rodgers fan.

  2. As expected. If it was Pats, it would be $1m fine and QB suspended for 4 games + 2 lost draft picks

  3. If Rodgers played for NO or NE he would already be suspended 4 games or more.

  4. He should never be allowed to play again. He should be fined his entire salary. He’s super bowl title should be revoked. State Farm should revoke the Rodgers rate.

  5. Oh the league is serious about COVID-19 protocol. Just as long as your name isn’t Rodgers, Brady, Mahomes or any other star player.

  6. I believe in people’s right to choose. Not a fan of not getting the shot but it’s thier right. That being said: what Rodgers did was unacceptable. He knowingly lied regarding his vax status and then blew off the protocols beacause they are beneath him, he is special and the rules only apply to everyone else. How the NFL can believe that no suspension is acceptable is beyond belief. The league is becoming more and more bias and discriminatory in its actions and lack of actions. What’s the saying?: rules for thee, but not for me!!

  7. Hey Aaron, we all want to put Covid behind us. But we can’t because people are still getting Civid, they are spreading it and people are still dying.

    He can’t even give a damn enough to wear a mask. Why the freakin drama? Why put other lives in possible danger?

  8. Roger Goodell is asleep at the switch again. Rodgers should have been suspended already

  9. I’m fine with a fair and adequate punishment.
    Just as long as the same is leveled at Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings.
    As well as any other unvaccinated NFL players, and their respective teams, who gave maskless, indoor pressers.
    Otherwise this has all been just another pointless witch-hunt.

  10. “If the league hasn’t been doing that, it’s fair to conclude that the league isn’t really serious about COVID protocols”

    I think that’s a fair conclusion. Reality is that most organizations set up COVID protocols that they aren’t serious about, but are meant to placate those that are scared. Where I work (major US corporation), masks are required all of time inside unless eating or drinking. No one wears them while alone in their office, and no one really cares. I’d guess that’s the way it is most everywhere other than healthcare settings.

  11. For those talking about preferential treatment, has the NFL issued any punishments related to Covid protocols this season at all? All of the punishment I’m aware of were last season. Have there been any player suspensions related to Covid? If I read the reporting correctly, Rodgers can be fined up to a little less than $15,000 for each violation, but no more than $50,000. Let’s just get it over with and have him write the $50,000 check.

  12. The inevitable fun of seeing his smug face disappear with another disappointing playoff run will have to suffice I guess, then hopefully, it really is the last dance. Least likeable man in all of sports.

  13. The NFL is beyond arbitrary in its handing out of discipline and fines. Some good comments by posters for n these forums today about the fines leveled for socks too low, Jersey not tucked in, god forbid the wrong color scheme of footwear!! All these are handled with stern rebukes or nothing at all and we see no reason or methodology on how the punishment has been arrived at. PR is no lower than 2nd behind $$$$ in what appears to be the driving force of all outcomes for the NFL. If suddenly you couldn’t see every game and every play like was the case a couple decades ago. And, as a result much less fervor on any bad situation every made it into the public forum I think the NFL would punish almost nothing. They’d swim around in gold like Scrooge McDuck and never even ask who won. They’d just lay on their back saying pay me!! Pay me!!

  14. Anything short of suspending him for the rest of the year. Will just prove how cowardly the NFL is make the punishment harsh and set the example.

  15. If I was an attendee at that party and tested positive 3 days later, I’d be thinking of a lawsuit, if not Rodgers then the Packers then the NFL.

    But here’s the thing………..I wouldn’t be stupid enough to trust a crowded party like that.

  16. Penalty for Rodgers starts at $14,650 per violation, but apparently goes up to $50K. Penalty for Packers could be a lot higher. Raiders were fined over a million, and lost a 6th round pick.

  17. Brady: Suspended 4 games for deflating footballs that later was largely disproven by physics experts finding/testing that the pressure decrease was within the norms for the ambient air temperature decrease. Rogers: No suspension for willfully and knowingly violated multiple COVID testing standards, and putting others on his own team at risk of infection as a result. It’s the NFL; it’s normal to expect double-standards. But this is beyond outrageous.

  18. NFL is a lie. The heck with
    The fans that support it. Its a all about the bucks. Done after 45 years of support. My hoe The league has changed!!!

  19. What? The NFL’s little darling being suspended? Oh my, that cant happen, he’s so innocent and we all love him. Shucks, we just have to find a way to let him off the hook, if for nothing else, than he is the reigning MVP. He would never lie, would he? Just look at his insurance ads, he’s perfect…..

  20. This is a total joke. The NFL will do nothing more than a slap on the wrist to Aaron or the Packers. The NFL investigated the WFT and the Raiders coach effectively got fired. My guess is the NFL will try to figure out how to punish the Raiders or the Saints for what Aaron and the Packers did.

    NFL is like a Mafia Organization.

  21. “Just as long as the same is leveled at Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings.”

    Trust me Vikings fans are with you 100% on that.

  22. Well this sets a precedent for all other unvaccinated players. Dont bother with following the protocols. Rodgers has violated the rules for weeks, and no suspension.

  23. The punishment should be no more preferential treatment by the officials for the remainder of the season.

  24. Funny how people get caught up on this when vaccinated players can pass on covid too but lets follow the science huh oh wait that is the science.

  25. Breaking news , Rodgers is a self centered jerk who thinks he’s smarter then everyone . My mistake this is old news .

  26. There are laws for drunk driving, not wearing a seat belt smoking inside if we didn’t have them people would still fo the wrong thing..Aaron Rodgers is just like most of those people..the Packers should be Severely punished by the league ,draft picks fines..the NFL should lose their anti trust exemption for failing their public trust..Rodgers should be fired for conduct detrimental to the team (he’s going to miss at least one game unnecessarily)..of course none of this will happen

  27. I don’t know… no suspension for such an egregious deception and flagrantly ignoring health and safety protocols just shows the NFL does not take Covid seriously…. and maybe they shouldn’t, but then don’t pretend like you do. It just fortifies the over the top rules being mandated on the public

  28. If the NFL wants people to believe that they take the Covid protocols seriously, Rodgers needs a lengthy suspension.

    Otherwise, they are signaling that the protocols are arbitrary and unnecessary.

  29. I’ve gone to bat for this guy so many times, I’ve lost count. The most annoying thing is his self-serving superiority-complex, presuming his methodologies were on top of something we couldn’t possibly appreciate or comprehend.

    Rodgers……play by the rules the rest (most) of us are required to play by. This is why mandates are required………there are too many selfish idiots like Rodgers walking around.

  30. Dude should be suspended. He got his time this year treated it like a joke.

    He risked the lives of everyone around him in the sport. The children of everyone from the equipment guys to the deliver guys that delivered booze to his party and the catering people. Dude is an idiot.

    He should be held accountable and that is not his check book writing a check that is in reality a tax write off.

    Suspension gets game checks that is a fine not to charity contribution like fines really are.

    I would like to see an insurance company drop him also.

  31. I am thinking that the NFL should confiscate his cell phone. That way they can see just how much he communicates with those extra antibodies.

  32. Was this due to his misconstrued perception he was front office material all along, and thereby allowed to call his own shots?

    There is no better evidence his decision-making skills are less than pedestrian than this brain-dead epiphany.

  33. All it would take for the faithful to forgive and embrace Rodgers is WINS. In the end it’s what most fans care about.

  34. I get it, the Rodgers haters want to see him suspended for the year. That’s not going to happen. The good news for the haters (I’m a packer fan, and have been a Rodgers defender to a point–this outrages me) is that A-Rog has already done enormous self-inflicted damage to himself. I’ll be surprised if State Farm doesn’t dump him, and his brand will forever carry this black mark. The Leader of his team, a first ballot HOF QB looked right into the camera’s and lied, and kept lying to preserve his BS story…..everyone knows it. If I were his agent or advisor I’d tell him the only way “out” of this for him is a complete sincere mea culpa and apology and some kind of offer of money or service to COVID healthcare workers. I think we all know Rodgers is not capable of anywhere near that sort of humility. My only curiousity is to see how he spins this when he does have to talk. Even as a packers fan I completely agree, he and the team should be punished.

  35. honestly, this juat shows rogers character and behavior.

    we have seen all the stuff that has come out in the last few seasons about him, and we have all read all the other stuff about his personality and behavior in his personal life.

    I think it’s fair to ask if this is indicative of how he has behaved and acted toward the team management that we have never heard.

    honestly, it’s all making sense now. people wonder why the team drafted his successor when he still had gas in the tank- maybe it’s because they are sick of his BS.

  36. buffman716 says:
    November 5, 2021 at 8:09 am
    Funny how people get caught up on this when vaccinated players can pass on covid too but lets follow the science huh oh wait that is the science.

    If one-hundred people wore raincoats and three still got wet, does that mean raincoats are a waste of time for the other ninety-seven? Small-brained people is the reason this pandemic won’t end.

  37. From everything I’ve read on this story, I don’t see where even a two dollar fine would be warranted, just a big ole nuttin burger.

    Move time to play football boys and girls.

  38. As a lifelong fan and owner of the Green Bay Packers I completely back Arron Rodgers he has my full support.

  39. Breaking News! Arron Rodgers doesn’t read PFT posts so all you bitter vikings fans might as well start crying about something else.
    Now back to the highlights from Super Bowl XI, there goes Willie Brown Touchdown!!!!!!!!!!!

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