Stephon Gilmore: I didn’t like how Patriots handled my quad injury

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons
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The Panthers play the Patriots this Sunday and that means cornerback Stephon Gilmore will face the team that traded him to Carolina earlier this season.

Gilmore was traded while on the physically unable to perform list due to the torn quad that ended his 2020 season and that injury came up during a conference call with Patriots reporters on Wednesday. The focus of the conversation was how the Patriots responded to the injury.

“I just didn’t like how they handled my situation, my injury. A lot went on with that I didn’t agree with,” Gilmore said, via Mike Reiss of “Now that I’m here, I’m able to do the things I have to do to get me back ready to where I need to be. I learned a lot there. I have a lot of friends there. A lot of great coaches. I just didn’t like how they handled my situation with my injury.

Gilmore declined to specify what he thinks the Patriots could have done differently and admitted that his desire for a new contract was also an issue that helped lead to his departure from New England. He did not get a new contract with the Panthers upon being traded, but said it is “better for both of us to be in this position and I’m happy I’m back home now.”

Gilmore played his first game with Carolina last weekend and had an interception in the fourth quarter of their 19-13 win over the Falcons.

19 responses to “Stephon Gilmore: I didn’t like how Patriots handled my quad injury

  1. He is a native Charlottean, so he’s at home, but the Panthers are a mess that was about 5 years ago in the making.

    Dave Gettleman has ruined 2 franchises in 5 years. Now to rebuild with a retread at QB and an offense predicated on a tiny RB who will never play a full season and who frankly may just retire the next time he’s injured.

  2. It’s been said for a long time, BB let’s go of players a year too soon rather than a year too late. Not a popular approach, but it’s helped sustain a competitive team for 20 years. SG will get a big contract from someone, but it was never going to be the Pats.

  3. What a little whining brat. His quad was fully healed quite some time ago. I hope he gets crushed on Sunday.

  4. He said he would be ready for training camp….if he got a new contract. He didn’t and wasn’t. He was never healed enough to come off IR for the Patriots but was fully healed when traded to the Panthers. It’s a Miracle! Not to mention the Patriots advanced him 5 million that the Panthers now don’t have to pay.

  5. This is a classic Gilmore representation.
    To look back at where you have been, throw your arms up, and wonder what the other guy could have done better.

  6. Translation: I was upset the Patriots wanted to get me back on the field to make sure I was healthy and capable of continuing to play at a high level before talking about an extension. So I decided to “hold in” to try and force their hand, and it didn’t work. Now I’m in Carolina at the same money. Yay?

  7. Raiders or Saints. Very dark horse-the Giants. Mara had a lot of family pissed that they traded him. Their wr’s can’t stay on the field; might piss Golladay off tho. Prodigal son back in the fold etc.?

  8. “admitted that his desire for a new contract was also an issue”… begining and end of the story…. how they treated his injury is just a convenient excuse… money grab that did not work out how Stephon thought it would. See you Sunday

  9. So you were injured the Patriots treated your injury and put you on PUP. What am I missing?

  10. The guy was unhappy, so it’s best he’s gone. I’m sure he’ll do well in Carolina–right up until he decides he’s not being respected with enough money.

  11. So what if you didn’t like the way you were treated at the end. You had already mentally checked out and you are asking the team to conduct themselves at a higher level than you were willing to commit? Fool.

  12. If CAR turned around and reworked his contract I’d get it….a little. But his deal is unchanged and he’s on a new team.

    No need to be bitter, Pats once traded for you and later made you highest paid DB at one point. Seems he played his best cards in a $ negotiation and didn’t get his way, the end.

  13. Gilly checked out and wanted to get paid for it no thanks he made plenty of money and won a ring he has nothing to complain about. if anyone should complain about how the injury was handled it’s the Pat’s.

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